Love hurts ( 12+ only )

Sarah is a normal girl who is living a normal life. But, on the last day of school One Direction was there. Could she run into one of the band members? But will this cause One Direction a lot of drama? Or could she know the one of the members already? And will a killer come? Soon you will find out.


1. The morning of the Last day of school

                           I woke up one morning then I realized it was May 21.  "Oh that's right its the last    day of school!" I said sadly.All of a sudden my little brother came in with only a cape and boxers on.

   "YAY! its the last day of school!" he yelled.

  " Max!! Get the hell out of my room! And put some clothes on too! " I said. 

" I know why you're mad!"     

  " Then why am I mad then!"        

  "Because you didn't get asked to the dance after school today!"           

"Who told you!"    

  " Nathan did!"           

"I'm going to get him!" I said stomping out of the room.  I ran into his room without knocking.   

"WHY DID YOU TELL MAX!" I yelled.      

"AH!!!!" He screamed.     


"One thing is you shouldn't be writing it in your diary." Nathan said.   

"You looked in my diary?!"      

 "Maybe or maybe not!" he said while giving it back to me.  "You really shouldn't trust any of your brothers."    

  "Now I don't!"     

  "Now if you excuse me I need to practice dancing!" he said before shoving me out the door.     

"Weirdo!" I said walking back to my room. " I hate my life." I said slamming my door. My phone rang.

  "Uh hello?"    

  "Hey bff did he ask you to the dance?" Tiffany asked in a perky voice.             

   "No Tiffany he didn't I think he doesn't like me. Because I'm not pretty enough." I said sadly.       

  "I'm coming over right now. Bye!"    

   "Wait Tiffany!" She hung up before I could finish.     There was a knock at my door.

  "Who is it?!"       

  "Its me sweetie can I come in?"      

  "Yes mom you can." I said sadly.      

   "Are you okay sweetie?" my mom asked.  

  "No I'm not. Now Nathan and Max knows now. I'm afraid he's going to tell Logan that I like him."                 

   "Its okay sweetheart. If he doesn't then that means he is a nobody!" 

   "Thanks mom don't try to cheer me up. By the way Tiffany will be over in about 5 minutes."          

   "Okay. You better get ready for the last day of school. When summer is over you will be a senior. I  wish you were a little baby again!" My mom said tearing up.

   "Well mom I need to get ready!"    

  "Okay I will make you breakfast."    

   "Is it enough time its 6:30"            

  "Yes there is enough time!"   

   "Bye! Mom!"  

   "Okay I'm leaving I'm leaving!"

    I was looking in my closet to see if there was any cute short dresses to wear for the school dance Then  there was a knock at the front  door. I went to answer the door but Max's boxers where all over the living room.

   "Max you need to pick all of this up!"

    "I can't hear you!" He yelled running around the living room. 

   "Come in!" I yelled from the living room. '

    Max was still in his boxers and still had his cape on too and Nathan was practicing dancing still. They were both in the living room too!   

     "UH...." Tiffany eyes where basically popping out of her head. 

   "Please don't freak out my family isn't always like this!"

    My mom came out of the kitchen and the smoke alarm went off. She burnt the biscuits, the whole entire kitchen was full smoke. Then she got ran to the laundry room  to get the fire extinguisher. She ran back quick then squirted it everywhere.

    "Whew!" My mom smelt really bad!  We were all coughing.     

  "What a good morning before the last day of school!" I said sadly. I ran into my room.

     "Are you okay?" Tiffany said running in behind me.  

    "This is the worst day of my life!" I yelled.  

      "NO its not! I brought make up! I'm going to give you a makeover!" Tiffany said excitedly.     

      "Really? You're the bestest friend anyone could have!" I said while hugging her tightly.    

       "O....OKAY!" She said gasping for air.    

     "OH! Sorry!"   

      "Its okay. Now lets get the make up on you!"  

      "WAIT!" I said.  


        "Do you know how to do make up?"   

     "Well, DUH my mom is a make up artist."

       "Okay if its bad I'm taking it off IMMETIATLY. Then I will do my own make up at school."  

      "Okay. I hope I don't disappoint you!"   She started to dig in her bag.

      "Hm... Aha!" She started with eyeliner.   "Perfect!" She said with a smile. She grabbed mascara, eye shadow, and lipstick. She was smiling.


   "Wow! I love it! You are the bestest friend ever!" I screamed. 

   "Whew! I'm glad I didn't disappoint you!"    My mom rushed in.  

   "I made sausage and biscuits!"        

     "But they're burnt." I said.   

     "I know... I will give the food to the dog." my mom said kind of sad.  

     "We'll just get breakfast from the vending machines at school."  

   "Okay I will see you after school then." My mom said. 

   "Bye mom!"   

      "Bye!  Ms. Jennifer!"  

    "Bye girls!"  We ran to my car and drove to the high school.

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