Love hurts ( 12+ only )

Sarah is a normal girl who is living a normal life. But, on the last day of school One Direction was there. Could she run into one of the band members? But will this cause One Direction a lot of drama? Or could she know the one of the members already? And will a killer come? Soon you will find out.


2. The last day of school

                    We arrived at the high school. There I saw Nathan talking to my big time crush. I was so mad I went over there without noticing and said angrily    

      "Did you tell him I like him!"

    "She likes me?!" Logan said.

       "Dude. Did  You really think I would tell him? Even though I'm your brother. Because I would of told him. just to make you mad!"

    "I hate you!" I said running away.

     "Wait!" Tiffany said running to me.

     The intercom came on   "Intention students! For the school dance today we got a band for the dance. I bet you cant guess who it is. Its  One Direction!" The principal said. There was a lot of girls screaming.   "  I hope you have a good last day of school!" 

   Everyone was rushing to the office. But One Direction wasn't in there. But we stayed where we were.

      "So! Are you going to the dance?"  

     "Gabby! I might not go!" I said.

      "Well... I'm going to meet them!" Tiffany said excitedly. 

        "Me too I would do anything to meet them !" Gabby said

     "COME ON! You need to go Sarah! You never know you might meet them!" Tiffany said.

     "Well.. I don't know." I said sadly.   

     "Come on little sis you can go! Even though you don't have a date or meet One Direction!" Nathan said walking up to us.   

   "I sure cant wait until you graduate! If you graduate this year! If you are!" I yelled.

   "Wow! I never knew you were going to say that to your brother!" Gabby said.

        "I bet you a million of dollars that you wont meet them!!" Nathan said.    

   "Fine! The bet is on!" I said smiling.

    "What are you going to do if you lose! Are you going to give me your whole room little girl!" Nathan said amusingly.  

   I started to turn red of anger.

   "BYE!" Gabby and Tiffany said pushing Nathan away.

    "Don't worry we will beat the damn out of him!" Tiffany said.

   "My brother is right I might not get to meet them!"     

      "OH  but you will!" Gabby said.

     The bell rang for 1st hour. I hurried and grabbed my stuff and went to 1st hour. All we are doing is watching movies all day. The problem Is Logan is in my 1st hour, and I sit right next to him! He kept looking at me with a weird look. I wanted to say to stop looking at me but, when I talk to him I get nervous. I found myself staring at him.

   "What?!"He asked rudely.

    "Oh! Sorry its nothing."

    "O...K." He turned around.

    I'm so embarrassed!   The bell rang FINALLY! I ran out of the room. I wanted to get away from Logan so bad! While I was running I bumped into someone. All my stuff fell on the ground.

   "I'm so sorry!" I said trying to pick up my stuff.

   But the guy picked them up for me before I could.

    "No its my fault!" He said.   He looked at my shirt.    "So... You like Justin Bieber?

      "OH! I kind of but, I like One Direction better."

      "Are you going to wear that to the dance?"

       "Well.. I might not go."  

       "One Direction is going to perform! Didn't you say you liked them?!"


     "So go to the dance." 

     "Fine.. I guess I could go!"

       "Good! Well... I got to go!" he said turning around. 

    "Okay! Wait! What's your name?" 

   He turned back around.    "My name? My name is...... Fish! Uh.. Fish Washington!"    

     "Okay... my name Sarah. Sarah Taylor"

       "That's a pretty name!" Fish said running in the auditorium.

      "Lol why is Fish his name?" I said going to my locker.


       2nd and 3rd hour was the same as 1st but, Logan wasn't in my 2nd and 3rd hour classes. I'm so happy! Right before lunch I peeked in the auditorium . I saw , Fish. He took off his disguise. It was Harry! 

  "I just talk to Harry Styles!!" I thought. He looked over at me. 

    "Oh no!" I said running off.  I went to one of the lunch table's.

      I'm so glad I brought my own lunch. They were serving a hamburger. It didn't look like a hamburger or meat. Logan walk by he just gave me a weird look and sat at his I mean HIS table.

 Only cheerleaders and football players could sit there. He was A football player. I don't get how he is still popular. I was daydreaming about Harry for 10 minutes. Gabby kept calling my name. 

     "WHAT!" I said waking up fast. 

      "Its time for class." 

       "Oh. I better get my stuff!" I said running to my locker. I bumped into "Fish" again.

       "Did you see me take of my disguise?" he whispered.

       "Maybe. Maybe not Fish."  

     "That's a weird name, Fish." he said.  

      "I better get to class Fish."

      "Okay see you later!" He said walking off. 

      5th hour and 6th hour was the same as 1st 2nd and 3rd hour.  We didn't have 7th and 8th because of the dance. 

      "OMG! The dance  is about to start!!" Tiffany said screaming.

     "Come on! We better get ready for the dance!"

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