Love hurts ( 12+ only )

Sarah is a normal girl who is living a normal life. But, on the last day of school One Direction was there. Could she run into one of the band members? But will this cause One Direction a lot of drama? Or could she know the one of the members already? And will a killer come? Soon you will find out.


12. The flight to Hawaii.

            I sat down next to my mom on the plane.

  "What's wrong Sweetie?" She asked sadly.

   "Oh.. Its nothing." I said sniffling.

    "Is it Harry?"

   "Mom. I said it was nothing.."

   "Okay."  I heard people screaming on the plane. I looked out the window and Harry was waving at me with a sad look on his face.

Then, Tiffany and Gabby were next to him waving too.  I  waved back sadly. I could tell all three of them were crying. I saw Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn going towards them too.

"Mom!" I looked towards her.


    "Can I please stay?" I begged her.

"Well. Okay.."

  "Thanks mom you're the best!" I hugged her tightly. Just as I got up the plane started to move.

  "NO NO NO!" I said starting to cry again. I looked back outside. They were growing smaller and smaller.

  "I hate my life." I whispered madly.

    "Sarah.." I looked at my mom.

  "You shouldn't hate your life. You know I said that everyday when I was your age."

   "You did?"

   "Yes. I did. You will get over it. Because you are an adult now."

    "I don't think I will! ."

   "Yes you will..."

  I turned back around to look out the window.  "Why is dad in Hawaii?"

   "Well. You better promise not to tell Nathan and Max. Because I never told them"

   "I promise I wont tell."

    "Okay. Well.. First off he is your step father."


    "Well. He is but we're divorced. But before I knew him,  your other dad the one that I had you with, well he passed away from a plane crash. " 


 "Yes and I had Max with your step father."


   " And Sweetie. I'm just dropping you off at his house then I will stay at my sister's house."

    "Why cant I stay over with you and Aunt Mary?"

   "Your dad wants to see you though. The last time he saw you was when you were 7."  

"Fine!"  I turned my IPod on and it played One Direction. I started to cry. Then a suddenly I saw black everywhere.


         I woke up. I realized I cried myself to sleep. I looked over at my mom. She was crying.


   "Oh.. Hi sweetheart."

    "What's wrong?"

   "It makes me sad when you cry. Anyway what time is it?"

  "Uh.. It is... noon..."  I said sadly.

  "Why did you say it sadly?"

   "Well.. Harry and the others are leaving right now."


    One of the flight attendant's came over to us.

  "What shall you two what to drink with your lunch?"

  She looked over at me first.  "Uh.. I would like a Coke please."

   "I would like a glass of wine please."

   "Which kind?"   "Any kind that is white."

    "Okay."   She gave us our drinks.

"Thank you." I said before she left. 

"I love first class."  


Shortly after that our lunch came.

  "This looks really good." I said staring at my steak.

     "It sure does."

   We starting eating our steak slowly.

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