Love hurts ( 12+ only )

Sarah is a normal girl who is living a normal life. But, on the last day of school One Direction was there. Could she run into one of the band members? But will this cause One Direction a lot of drama? Or could she know the one of the members already? And will a killer come? Soon you will find out.


3. The dance

 We got ready for the dance. We were about to enter.  

   " I forgot to put on fresh make up!" I said walking back in the bathroom.

     I saw the three most popular girls in school. Their names were Courtney, Melissa, and Bethany.

    "This is the bathroom for pretty girls only!" Melissa said rudely.

    "HAH! You call yourself pretty?" I said.

    "Haha. Very funny!" Melissa said sarcastically. 

       "You better get away from Logan and One Direction or I will do something to you that will embarrass you!" Courtney said

             "Like how embarrassing?!" I said.

       "Remember that video of you singing!" Melissa said amusingly.

     "How do you know about that?"

       "Your brother told us it was on the internet." Melissa said   
 "Which is my boyfriend!" Bethany said real quick.

      "O....K...." I said kind of grossed out.

        " Bethany!"


   "Well got to go loser!" Melissa said while walking out of the bathroom with the others.

   I hurried to put my make up on.


  I texted "Coming!!"

   I ran into the auditorium.  One Direction was singing Kiss You.

     "Lets go over there!" I said pointing to the stage.

    "UH... I don't know I'm nervous to go over there!" Gabby said nervously.

     "We can tell them what song they will sing!" Tiffany said taking our hands a running over there.

  Harry saw me and stopped singing.    "Harry why did you stop singing?" Louis asked him quietly.

   "Oh.. sorry!"   A minute later the song was over.

       "What song would you like us to sing beautiful?" Harry said talking to me.

    I blushed a little.    "I would like you to sing What Makes You Beautiful!"

      "Good choice!"  Harry said with a wink.

      We walked away. Then the music started.

      "I told you to stay away from them!" Courtney said madly.

      "All she said to sing What Makes You Beautiful!" Gabby said annoyed.

       "You better run! I'm going to play it!"

       "NO! Please!"

     And she played it. I ran out of the auditorium. Everyone was laughing besides One Direction, Gabby, and Tiffany.

     "Come on! We need to find her!" Tiffany said taking Gabby' s arm.

 Louis whispered something to Harry. Then Harry came running over to Courtney. He took the remote away from her and smashed it on the ground.

  "You are such a jerk!" Harry said running out of the auditorium. He caught up with Tiffany and Gabby.

     "Hey!" He said.

     "OMG! Are you going to help us?" Tiffany asked.

     "Yes! Why else would I be over here?"

        "I don't know!" Tiffany said.

       "Was it okay?" Gabby asked walking. She stop.

     "What was okay?" Harry asked and stop walking too.

    "Are you okay about what happened in the video?"

        "Yeah. I guess. I didn't know she would do that to anyone. "

      "Well... She and Courtney used to be best friends. Courtney was .betting her $50 dollars if she would sing her favorite song. So, she did. But she didn't know Courtney was recording it on her IPod. . Then one day Courtney put it on facebook, Youtube, and twitter. After that they were NOT best friends anymore."

    "OH! I remember that video! It was number one on youtube."


      "I think I have seen her before..."

         "Really?... Anyway we better look for her! I will look in the.... Wait! Where is Tiffany?"

    "I'm in here! I found her!"

         "You probably should stay out here."

         "I will I'm not going in the girls bathroom!"

         "Bye Fish Washington!!!"

           "She told you!?"

         "Yes she told me and Tiffany" Gabby said laughing and walking in the bathroom.

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