Love hurts ( 12+ only )

Sarah is a normal girl who is living a normal life. But, on the last day of school One Direction was there. Could she run into one of the band members? But will this cause One Direction a lot of drama? Or could she know the one of the members already? And will a killer come? Soon you will find out.


9. The airport

      ( Sarah's POV )

    "I should of told the truth."  I said sadly.

    "Its okay sweetie. I know you like him."

    "Mom! I don't like Harry!"

     "You told me that before you fell off the plane!"

     "Huh? I fell off the plane?"

    "Oh.. I thought you remembered.."

     "I don't! You should have told me!"

     "I'm sorry! I thought you knew."

    "So... I was friends with Harry?!"

     "Yes.. Before he was famous."

      "Can you tell me about the story?"


   When she was done telling the story we were at the airport.

  "Oh... So he WAS my best friend.."

   "Sweetie he still is your best friend.."

    "He probably doesn't care about me anymore.. Since he's famous now.."

       "I know he still cares about you. I mean Harry is one of the nicest person I know!"

     "So.. You really think he still cares about me?"

   "Yes. I do. Come on we need to go in."


We both got out of the car and went inside.  We went through the metal detectors. Then, we had to wait for the plane to get there.

  "Well.. At least its only for 5 months right?" I said.

   "Or it might be for a year."

    "What?! I wouldn't trust Max and Nathan!"

    "Well. If we find out that they are having a party, then we are grounding them for a month." 

"Okay. If you find out they had parties!"

    "You know our neighbor Mrs. Washington?"

   I started to remember about what Harry's pretend name was. I was about to laugh.

   "Hey! Sarah!" 

  "Oh! Sorry... I was thinking about something.."

    "Its okay.. But do you know her?"

    "Yes. I do."

   "She will check on them everyday."

    "Okay. I hope they won't get into my room!"

  Then the intercom came on.  "Will Flight 32 which are the people going to Hawaii go to the gate please. Thank you."

  I stood up slowly. I was about to give the woman my passport then.....

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