Love hurts ( 12+ only )

Sarah is a normal girl who is living a normal life. But, on the last day of school One Direction was there. Could she run into one of the band members? But will this cause One Direction a lot of drama? Or could she know the one of the members already? And will a killer come? Soon you will find out.


24. Meeting Sarah again ( Harry's POV )

( Harry's POV )

     (3 hours later )

            We arrived at the right hospital in Honolulu.

      "We are Sarah Taylor's friends." I said to the lady in the front desk.

       "Uh.. Room 30 it will be on your right." She looked up at us.

        "Thanks!" I said walking.

        Nathan, Louis, Niall, Ted (our bus driver.) and Max came with me.

        "You guys know her?" she asked Zayn and Liam

          "Yep! Got to go." Liam and Zayn said at the same time

       We walked through the hallways.

         "Found it! Its up here." I pointed across the hall.

       We walked inside and saw Tiffany and Gabby there with Sarah.

    "Harry! What are you guys doing here?!" Sarah asked sniffling.

   "I don't care if we get in big time trouble but we wanted to see if you guys were okay."

    "Where's mom at?" Max asked worried.

     "They took her in another room."

      "Lets go over there then!"

    "Max! She dead.."

     "What?!" Max started crying.

    Tiffany and Gabby hugged Max.  "Its okay Max.." Gabby whispered.

  I couldn't believe it. She was the reason that Me and Sarah met. I turned around and saw the others sad too. The doctor came in.

   "Sorry.. About your mom." he said.  "But we looked at you x-rays and no damage to anything. So you are free to go. Have a good night." he walked back out.

   "Come on we better get going." I said.

  I helped Sarah out of bed.   "You ready?" I asked.

  "Yes. Where are we going to stay at though?"

   "We rented a beach house for a month so you can live in for a while."

     "Shut up!"

        Sarah hugged me tight. She let go and we were so close that we almost kissed each other.

      "Sorry.." Sarah said blushing.

     "What are we waiting for lets go to the beach house!" Niall said.

  We walked out of the hospital.


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