Love hurts ( 12+ only )

Sarah is a normal girl who is living a normal life. But, on the last day of school One Direction was there. Could she run into one of the band members? But will this cause One Direction a lot of drama? Or could she know the one of the members already? And will a killer come? Soon you will find out.


11. Dont Leave Me!

       I hurried and got into the car. I started it and drove twice the speed limit.

"I need luck so bad!!" I felt tears down my face.  "I cant lose Sarah! I love her!" I shouted

. Tears kept falling down. "Harry you're a man! Not a baby!" I said to myself.

   "I wish I wasn't famous! I wish I was a normal person.

So I can spend time with Sarah." I whispered.

I started to get mad at myself for all those things I did. When I got there I quickly found a handicap parking space. Without thinking I parked there.

  "I hope they let me through!" I said crying.

  I ran inside and looked for which flight to Hawaii was.

"Flight 32!" I said running down to the metal detector line.  I got to one of the workers.

"Can you let me through please?!"

 I could tell there was a lot of screaming around me.

    "Sorry! You have to wait your turn to pass through!"

   "Do YOU know who I am?!"

    "No! You're a normal person!"

   "NO! I'm Harry Edward Styles from One Direction!"

     "NO! You're a guy disguised as him!"

   "Please let me through!" I started to cry.

     "Oh! FINE! Don't tell anyone I told you, you can pass."

   "Thank you!" I hugged him and ran towards flight 32.

       (Sarah's POV)

          Just as I was giving my ticket to the woman Then, I heard someone.

   "Sarah! Don't leave me!" I turned around.


    "Please don't leave!"  I saw him running towards me crying.  He hugged me and picked me up.


      "Please! Don't leave!"


   "You're one of my best friends!"  He put me down and hugged me again.

  "I'm worthless to you! I really think you shouldn't care about me!"

   He let go of me. Then, he looked in my eyes sadly.

 "Why would you think that?" Harry asked.

    "Well.. You're Harry Edward Styles. You are famous and. I'm not. I think you should forget about me." I looked down at the ground. I didn't want Harry to see me cry.

      "FOR-Forget about you? I came here as fast as I can to make you stay!"

     "But, you're going to be gone at noon though."

   "I know. But we can spend time together!"

  I looked up at him weirdly.  "What?"

    "I mean in a friend way! "

    "But, I don't really know you."

   "Yes.. You do! We were best friends when we were little!"

   "So. My mom wasn't lying after all." I whispered to myself.


  "Oh.. Its nothing.''

     "Hey! Enough flirting and give me your ticket!" The woman yelled.

  "We aren't flirting..." I said giving it to her.

   "Bye Harry." I hugged him really tight

.   "Bye.. Sarah." He put his arms around me.

"All passengers need to board the flight 32 plane to Hawaii!" The same woman said. I let go of our hug and headed towards the plane.  I started to cry.

  "Bye.." I said to myself.  I looked behind me and Harry was already gone.

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