Behind The Scenes

Robin Sullivan lived life like Rock N' Roll. Loud, Fast and Out of Control. Something almost morbidly foreign to any other 16 year-old in the small town of Napa Valley, California.
She was different from other kids, she lived life to the fullest, believed in fairy tales, and never let any of her dreams be a mere dream. When Harry Styles moves in just down the street she finds herself almost attracted by his unique aura. Something about him made her want to journey into his brain and figure him out. But something else happens after the boy comes to her territory. Suddenly the area becomes dangerous. People aren't allowed out past 11, and police are patrolling the surrounding towns and further. Robin isn't exactly scared, more intrigued then fearful. Her and Harry become closer and closer
but does she know what happens Behind the Scenes?


2. Love song

Chapter 2

- Robin -




I'm not gonna write you a love song

Cuz' you asked for it

Cuz' you need one

You see



- 1 week later -


I hummed along to the tune, my feet crossed in the air, hair in a topknot and headphones plugged into my ears. I was browsing my laptop hastily, struggling to finish a project due in the following week. It was a normal Saturday for Southern California. The mountains stood high in the distance, sun rose above the jagged rock formations and scorched the land in its path, being half the globe. I shut the laptop letting a groan escape my lips. My brain was utterly fried, and I had to do something else in order to juice it up once again. I laid flat on the bed my eyes closed and thought about last week.


The way he walked, and talked, and acted was so very foreign. So very different from what I'd usually see in a 16 year old. Most 16 year old boys I knew were like, Danny Mellow or Zayn Malik. In it for the sex, or just to mess with your heart. But Harry seemed wholesome, new, unique and absolutely dreamy. 

I'd never felt the way I felt that day when I was with the curly haired mystery. He was like that new toy on TV that you had to wait to play with because it was for 5 year olds and up and you were only 3. He seemed mysterious and weird, how could an average boy dropkick someone so precisely and change his emotions so quickly.


 My eyes flutter open as I heard my mothers voice call my nickname, "Robby!" 


I got up groggily taking my hair out of its bobby pin, just incase there were visitors and let it draw a curtain across the side of my face.

"Yeah?" I said.


Suddenly she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the back door, where I'd usually exit for school and we looked past the clear glass. It was the typical scenery, mountains on end, hills, flowers, trees, Harry Styles mowing a lawn, the sun-


"Shit." I muttered, recognizing him just next door. I backed away from the door and tried to walk off but my mother kept on yapping.


"Him and his mom just moved in yesterday! But you were at school. So I assumed you guys haven't met." She informed me loudly, face pressed up against the glass, eyes staring at the beautiful boy as if he were going to vanish if she looked anywhere else. I rolled my eyes and nodded so she could see my reflection in the glass.


She turned with an evil grin and I raised my eyebrow at her. Her small legs ran over to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of water.


"NO, NO, NO Mom I am not!" I hissed at a moderate tone.


"Oh come on Rob, he's probably dying out there, and otherwise since you guys haven't met it's good right?" She suggested and begged. I whispered profanities under my breathe because of my urge to shake my head and lie about our encounters. But if I did say, Yes we did meet, she'd probably rip my heart out and purposely put it on my sleeve. She was always so obsessed with finding me a boyfriend, even if she knew I was an introvert.


I love to be loud, crazy and weird. Just not around people. I love to believe in things no one else did, but I'd rather do it alone. I was a normal teenager but I'd rather do most things on my own, independently. 


She shoved the bottle in my and order me to put on my shoes. I sighed slowly trudging up the steps and into my room. I took off my sweats and replaced them with jean shorts, I kept on tight navy blue tank and put on my navy converse to match. 


If I was going out, I was not just going out there for him, I thought I'd might as well head over to Penny's as well. I walked down stairs grabbed the bottle off the counter and walked out the back door snatching my skateboard out the corner of the patio.


My mom rushed me out the fence with her hand motions. I sucked in a deep breathe the smell of freshly cut grass filling my senses. It was extremely hot out as usual and I could feel the heat through my shoes. I saw him in his own backyard, dirty white t-shirt on, black sweatpants and his hair looked like he'd just had sex. Messy, but styled.


Which was pretty attractive. I noticed he always wore that same necklace, with the paper airplane pendant. I walked on the sidewalk and pretended to act cool. His back was turned to me, knees bent so he was leveled with the mower. His back looked so toned, and I could only imagine his chest. I wiggled out of my thoughts and cleared my throat.

He stopped what he was doing and turned around with one eye squinted, and a hand over his eye to block out the suns rays. He shot me a half smile, making a dimple indent his right cheek, and stood up fully. He was at least 6 feet, maybe taller but he like a giant compared to me. I smiled nervously my hands were sweating uncontrollably and my legs felt like they could have gave out at any moment.


"Is that for me?" He said casually, tapping on his iPhone, eyes never meeting mine. I stopped staring at my nails and looked up to meet his gaze suddenly. My heart slowed down a bit and I couldn't even mutter a word. 


"I, uh, y-yeah." I mumbled and slowly extended my arm to him. He smiled showing his perfectly straight teeth and gently took the water bottle from my hand.


"I bet your mom made you do this." He chuckled almost knowingly. I nodded my cheeks burning red at the thought. He'd probably seen her staring out the corner of eye. 


"She seems nice. How about next time she sends you to stalk me, bring cookies." He teased. I smiled lightly and nodded.


"Will do master Styles."

He laughed at the nickname and tossed the bottle between both his hands. The silence was comfortable. Our eyes locked together like a door to its hinge. Until he suddenly cleared his throat and looked down with pink cheeks.


"I meant to um ask you. Are you going to Niall's party?" He asked twisting the cap on and off. I remember Penny calling me yesterday to inform me of both our invitations to the blonde boys bash. He was going to hold it on White Marsh Mountain. It was a flattop, with railings all around and the space was huge. Mr. Rouse built up a bar and even paved out a pathway. It was for 18 year old's and up, but anyone really went. 


"At 11, next Saturday?" I questioned. Already knowing the answer just making sure he was for sure attending.


"You got it," He smiled. I didn't know what to do at the moment. He was simply staring into my eyes and slowly coming closer. I stayed still as he gradually approached. His face coming closely to mine, lips gliding down to my ear. His hot breathe tickled the sensitive spot beneath my earlobe as he whispered,


"See you there,"





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