Behind The Scenes

Robin Sullivan lived life like Rock N' Roll. Loud, Fast and Out of Control. Something almost morbidly foreign to any other 16 year-old in the small town of Napa Valley, California.
She was different from other kids, she lived life to the fullest, believed in fairy tales, and never let any of her dreams be a mere dream. When Harry Styles moves in just down the street she finds herself almost attracted by his unique aura. Something about him made her want to journey into his brain and figure him out. But something else happens after the boy comes to her territory. Suddenly the area becomes dangerous. People aren't allowed out past 11, and police are patrolling the surrounding towns and further. Robin isn't exactly scared, more intrigued then fearful. Her and Harry become closer and closer
but does she know what happens Behind the Scenes?


1. His everything

   Chapter 1

- Robin -




 We're happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time.

It's miserable and magical, oh yeah

Tonight's the night we forget about the deadlines

It's time, uh uh..

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22


I danced around my room as 22 by Taylor Swift rang through my ears. A grinned wiggled on my deep pink lips. My blonde hair knotted across my forehead and descended down my face. I rhythmically danced into my bathroom and stared at my reflection. My light blue eyes, with deep blue bordering the iris' stared right back at me with the same smile I wore everyday. My curvy figure enduring high-waisted floral pattern shorts and a flowy white tank. I slid on my white vans after combing my hair to the side, like I always did. It was the first day back at school, the same school I have been going to since I was 14. Now a junior I was more then ready to graduate, next year of course.


My mind was blocked by the contagious lyrics that swirled around my brain continuously, making my lips move in sync. My bag was slung on my back as I tumbled down the wooden steps and spun my hand around the pier at the end to direct  my flimsy legs in the direction of the kitchen.


"Hola, senora." I said teasingly to my mother, as I grabbed an apple from the basket on the kitchen table. She chuckled, her deep black hair in a ponytail and blue eyes focused on the newspaper. 


"I'm off I guess." I voiced backing up to go through the back door.


"Have a great first day babe." She exclaimed as I shut the door behind me. The heat enveloped me fully as I grabbed my skateboard from the corner of the small patio. I walked across the grass and through the fence towards the poorly paved sidewalk outside my small apartment. 

I propelled myself down the sidewalks dodging various pedestrians and dog walkers as I neared the tall building labeled NVHS.


Napa Valley High School




"Robby! Rob!" I heard my best friend Penny screech from down the hallway. I had know clue why she seemed so excited to see me, I'd just slept over her house a week ago. my skateboard was tucked under my arm as I walked up to her.


"Hey Penny." I chuckled hugging her tightly as she ran into my outstreched arms.


"I've got Science 2, with Mrs. Bailey." She squealed. I smiled remembering I informed her of  my schedule before. We had first period together.


We walked to the front desk, receiving locker numbers, slips to take home, etc.. The hallways were filled with various highschoolers. People running down the halls to greet their friends they hadn't seen in forever, others getting their lockers situated. Over all it was loud. Penny was rambling about nothing, her brown hair swaying with her as she bounced down the hallways, weaving through cliques and loners. We finally reached the west wing. Where most of the lockers were located. 

"Oh yeah, and I hear there's a new kid." She said quickly continuing to bramble  That suddenly dragged me into her long spiral of words.


"New kid?" I interrupted. She stopped talking and nodded adjusting her book bags strap. "Yeah, I saw him earlier. He's hot!" She exclaimed. I chuckled reaching into my bag and taking out certain books we'd already received through mail. 


"You think so?"


"What's that supposed to mean?" She hissed.


"Well your definition of hot is kind of low, considering you dated Johnny Campbell."


"I'm serious. This guy is literal sex on legs." She whispered seductively into my free ear. I rolled my eyes but laughed at her choice of hyperbole. I ran a hand through my hair making sure it was still pushed off to the left so my one eye was covered. I never liked showing my left eye, I didn't know why I just wasn't into letting everyone see my face. my short blonde tendrils bounced as the energetic freak dragged me down the hallways. The first bell had rang and everyone was rushing to their first period class. The first class of the 3rd year.




"The books should be coming in by next Monday." The fat, stumpy teacher proclaimed. I was sat in the very back, where no one else was. It was the last period of class. I had at least 2 classes with Penny and the rest were with the many idiots that populated the building. 

I was blocking out Mr. Barns' lecture about preparedness and quality until I heard the door fly open and bang against the wall.


I stopped throwing pencils at the ceiling and froze in my spot when I saw the tall boy stood there with his books under his arm, pencil fitted between his ear and his head, white v-neck perfectly sat against his torso. My heart suddenly skipped a beat, as did many others. I could sense.


"Sorry, I'm a little late. I couldn't find my way here." He chuckled walking up to Mr. Barns with a outreached hand. Which I could see was fairly large, even from all the way back here. His golden brown curls were pushed back, but many still dripped down around his face. He had deep green eyes and beautiful smile that made my face burn red.


I didn't know why my breathing patterns were going off the charts, and my palms were sweaty but I knew one thing. And that was I didn't like it.


"Your perfectly fine, Mr. Styles. You must be new." The little man grinned obviously charmed by his new student. Who I still didn't know the name of. 


"Why not introduce yourself." 


"I, uh, well sure." he stuttered slightly.


All the girls around me were mesmorised by this boys features and the way he came across. He licked his lips before waving and speaking, 

"Hi, I'm Harry, Harry Styles." When he said this I finally recognized his accent, my aunt was fromm Cheshire as well. And their accents sounded morbidly identical.


This seemed to have the girls eyes shape shift into hearts as he walked into the sea of desks to find a seat. I heard girls whispering for him to sit next to them but he ignored them and kept on walking. He was getting closer and closer towards the back and I, without any further thought, put my head down into my arm. I hid my face as best as I could but I could still hear his feet getting closer as Mr. Barns continued on with his lecture.


And suddenly I heard the seat beside me screech against the floor and a body occupy the seat.


"Fuck." I whispered raising my head up slowly and keeping my vision, tunnel. I could feel his stare burning into my sides as I fiddled with my light green mechanical pencil. He flipped the pencil from behind his ear and began to doodle on a small piece of notebook paper. Any normal girl or even boy wouldn't care, or fuss about someone so perfect sitting beside them but I was the introvert of my school. Only talked to Penny and Penny only.

I thought about what was  inside my head, not what surrounding it. I was so into my memories and ideas and my world that I couldn't think of what was going on around me. 

I believed in the unknown, the weirdness of this planet and beyond earth. I was different from other girls.


The period ended faster then I thought and I quickly grabbed my things and got up. Harry seemed to be rushing to get out as much as I was. I walked out typing in a text to Penny and turning the corner instinctively. Harry was slower then me but I could still feel him looking. I was self conscious for a brief moment which never truly happened to me before. I was always so confident with my figure and look.


I hummed the lyrics to Taylor Swift as I unlocked my locker. I heard a hand smash to the opposing locker but I didn't flinch like you think I would. I looked up to see Danny Mellow towering over me. My facial expression stayed bored before I looked back down to my combination.


"Long time, no fuck." He said playfully. I rolled my eyes at his snide comment and ignored him as I packed my things and grabbed my board.


"We never fucked, Danny Mellow. And we never will." I said grabbing my bag and hoisting it on my shoulder. He still had that signature smirk, with his deep brown eyes and jet black hair. I shoved past him as the hallways began to clear and searched for Penny who didn't seem to be anywhere. I fell a strong hand grip my small wrist tightly and jerk me with them out the building and around the corner. I was screaming loudly but everyone seemed to be to busy or concerned with other things to notice. Plus, everyone was screaming.


"Never say never, Robin Sullivan." His deep voice bellowed in my ear. I looked up to see Danny with an evil grin on his face. I was shorter then most, so he bent down and put is hand on my face. I squeezed my eyes shut as his hot breath blew on my lips. 


"What's this?" I heard a familiar voice say in a sort of funny way. Danny turned and twisted his face up at the boy I knew as Harry.


"And you are?"


"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Harry. Harry Styles. And you?" He said with a massive smile on his plump lips. I raised an eyebrow at the curly haired boy and watched as he literally analyzed Danny's ever movement, almost as if he were a computer.


Before Danny could utter another word, Harry drop kicked him on the hot pavement. My eyes widened as Harry's eyes turned dark and cold. 


"Nice to meet you to." He said with smiling eyes. I backed away from Danny and grabbed Harry's arm dragging him down the sidewalk with me into the woods behind the school.


He was laughing, loudly, trying to keep up. I found it strange that he could change his emotions so quickly, almost magical.


"What the hell was that!" I exclaimed. My hair blocking half my vision. He smiled and waved me off.


"He'll live. But you must be Robin yeah?" He said changing the subject. "Uh, yeah." I said slowly. I wondered how he knew.


"I gotta go, but um, I'll see you in Geography." He said with a half smile. I nodded unable to say another word. He walked off, his white converse taking him far away. He literally just saved me from being, well raped by that creep. He had a unique way to him. His walk and his talk were so slow but fast, yet charming in a way I couldn't put my finger on.


I didn't know what it was about the green eyed boy, but I wanted to know his everything..






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