Who To Pick

Lilli Lloyd is a somewhat normal girl. Her parents got divorced after she was born. So her dad got custody of her, and her mom of Cher. Yes THE Cher lloyd, international pop star. Lilli's dad recently died, so she moved back to England with her mom. When she meets her mom's coworker's son, will they fall in love. Or will she go for one of his band mates

This us my first official Fanfic soo be nice. Pwetty pwease?!?!


4. A/N

Sooooo I fucking hate my title. And if u guise have a better idea, well say it biatches. O yea soo I cuss. As my friends would say 2 fucking much but do I give a fuck nooo. So if my cussing bothers you tell me and I will tell u my opinion on wat u said. If ur some fucking prick that says "u cuss 2 damn much u should fucking stop" imma go da fuck off but if u say it in a nice way I will try (key word TRY) mm'kay byezz will update soon. Still on vakay and just got wifi. My grandma just turned 77 and she doesn't have wifi. So yea
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