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Lilli Lloyd is a somewhat normal girl. Her parents got divorced after she was born. So her dad got custody of her, and her mom of Cher. Yes THE Cher lloyd, international pop star. Lilli's dad recently died, so she moved back to England with her mom. When she meets her mom's coworker's son, will they fall in love. Or will she go for one of his band mates

This us my first official Fanfic soo be nice. Pwetty pwease?!?!


5. 3 [srry so late]

. Lilli's mom's pov: I was talking to Karen and Liam waiting for my girls to come out. Ruth and Nicola were on their way. "So Liam, how is the band?" I asked. "Its going good, we just got back from our tour." Liam said "And I hope you don't mind, but I invited Liam's band mates to come." Karen explained "That is fine with me." I said right as the girls came in. Cher's pov: Lilli just finished helping me, so we were about to go inside "Oh, I forgot my phone. In your room and John was going to call me." Lilli said "Well go get it." I told her. John is lilli's boyfriend. I personally don't like him. Every one else does, but not me. One day he is going to break her heart. I walked into the house, and saw a very familiar looking lady. "Oh there you are Cher, what took you so long?" My mum asked "Oh, umm I didn't know what to wear so Lilli helped me." "Oh well this is Ms.Payne." my mum introduced "Ello Miss Payne, may I saw you look very familiar?" "Hi Cher, and you do too, just can't put my foot on it." Ms Payne said *diiinngg doonng* "I got it," "Hi I'm Nicola and this is my sister Ruth. Omg Cher!?!? Liam get over here." A girl said, I have know idea what she is talking about. "what do you want Nicki?" I heard a familiar voice say "Liam?" "Cher?" We said before hugging "oh my where are the rest of the boys?" "They're on their way." "Oh is that your mum inside?" "Yea, why?" "That's why she looked so familiar." "Well come inside." I said "Hi mum," Ruth said "Ello loves come meet Ms. Lloyd." Karen says "Mum we already met.' Nicola states Ms. Lloyd pov: "Mum we already met" one of Karen's girls say. Then it hits me Liam was on the X Factor with Cher. Good I can be so stupid at times. John's pov: Ughh why isn't Lilli answering. Just because her sister is home, doesn't mean she doesn't have to answer me. God she is gonna be in sooo much trouble next time I see her. Lilli's pov: "LILLIAN ANN LLOYD!!!! WHY HAVEN'T YOU BEEN ANSWERING MI CALLS!?!?!" John yelled. He yelled so loud I had to bring the phone away from mi ear. "I'm sowwy babwy. I had to helwp Cher." I exclaimed he's a sucker when I talk baby talk "Ugh fine. What are you doing tonight? I wanna take you anywhere that you like, [see what I did there] tonight." John said awwww he is so sweet. "I have to go to this stupid dinner thing with my mom's coworker and her kids today." I say kinda bummed. "HIIII. CHER!!!!!!!" I heard this boy yelled from inside the house. "What was THAT!! Lilli you better not be cheating on me. You will get punished
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