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Lilli Lloyd is a somewhat normal girl. Her parents got divorced after she was born. So her dad got custody of her, and her mom of Cher. Yes THE Cher lloyd, international pop star. Lilli's dad recently died, so she moved back to England with her mom. When she meets her mom's coworker's son, will they fall in love. Or will she go for one of his band mates

This us my first official Fanfic soo be nice. Pwetty pwease?!?!


2. 2 pwease read AN

Liam's pov: "Hi, Mrs. Lloyd." I said when I looked up I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. "Umm, Hi. I'm Lilli. Who are you?" she asked "Lilli don't be rude." I heard Mrs. Lloyd say "Hi Liam." mrs Lloyd said "Hi Ms. Lloyd." "Lilli, would you do get your sister?" "Ummm, yea." Lilli said before she walked towards the back. . Lilli's pov: "CHER!!!!" I yelled while walking to the pool house where my sister, Cher Lloyd, is staying before she is going back on tour. "CHER!!!" "What's wrong love?" Cher asked "Why aren't you dressed?!?!? Mom's gonna kill you." I whisper yelled "Dressed for what. By the way love your outfit." "We are going out with the payne's." "Oh shit, I forgot. Help me pick out my outfit." "ok" I said. Cher and I got really close since I moved from America. Cher is my real sister, but our parents divorced a little after I was born. So my dad took me, and my mom took Cher. "How 'bout this?" I asked Cher holding up a dress. The top was pink and green floral print, the skirt connected to it was white. "Yea, with this?" Cher said holding up a brown belt, same color pink purse. "Yep! Here" I said giving her the dressed "Go get changed." Cher came back out she looked stunning. I put on her belt and a light brown cross ring. Then she applied her bright pink lipstick. I did her eyeshadow. "kk, let's go" she said. *****AN**** Hey guise thnx for reading already started Ch 3 and I am working on it. If hav question my ig is @directioner_fanfics_1D
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