about things we'd like to keep against all odds


1. Trash

let’s take a walk

down the memory lane

throughout yellowed pages covered

in ink looking like they’ve been

rapidly ripped out, right with your heart

wiping out the dust of your favourite books

trying to find the exact one

that will remind you

of what happened in the past

white and black photographs

scattered all over the floor

cracked frame

at the bottom of a drawer

some sketches, diaries, letters, birthday cards

awaiting for you to get rid of them

more and more notebooks you wanted to burn

a casket keeping your darkest secret

a poem that no longer makes sense

a pen for ages broken 

but you saved it just in case

a bottle of perfume on the shelf

a watch that stopped like time should have

a candle he gave you one day

a picture of you holding his hand

smiling and laughing

at what he said

a picture you painted to impress

things you no longer want to have

but you don’t have the heart to throw them away

trash that has no value whatsoever

but as it turns out it's

trash you can’t live without


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