Faith Love and a little bit of Hope

My names Harry Styles. I recently just became famous because of xfactor UK. Now that I'm famous I'm supposed to be all about dedication and work. However, that's been kind of hard lately and because of one word. Hope.


2. Daring Decisions

Hope posts a picture imediatly of her screaming and captions it "@harrystyles followed me! OMG OMG OMG! Ilysm babe". Aw thats so cute. "I love you too!" I comment. That wont be very suspicious because I tell all my fans I love them. And I do, just not in the way that I'm meaning it for Hope. "Have a twitter?" I comment immediatly after. She responds "Yes, @hopeloveschu" I double click my home button and scroll over to where the Twitter application is open. I tap on it and scroll up reading each of the updates. After getting caught up I tapped on the discover tab and entered hopeloveschu into the search bar. The profiile of Hope M. popped up. I clicked on the profile picture and sure enough it was Hope. Of course next to her name it says follows you but now next to my name it will say follows you for her. Since we followed each other I coul now DM her!

@harry_styles: Hey babe

@Hopeloveschu: Oh my gosh you called me babe! Sorry im fangirling!

@harry_styles: Its okay love i think its cute

@Hopeloveschu: Is this a dream?

@harry_styles: no babe this is real. Ah shoot Paul is coming I have to go.

@Hopeloveschu: Okay bye! Talk to you later maybe?

@harry_styles: for sure love! xx



A/N So sorry it's short but I felt bad not updating so here ya go! More to come later tonight maybe!

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