Faith Love and a little bit of Hope

My names Harry Styles. I recently just became famous because of xfactor UK. Now that I'm famous I'm supposed to be all about dedication and work. However, that's been kind of hard lately and because of one word. Hope.


3. Concert Crushing

Today I had rehersal for hours. I was exhausted by the time I got home so that leads me to where I am right now. Sitting on the sofa on my phone. I get an alert for DM's. I open twitter and open the first one from @EleanorJCalder

@EleanorJCalder: Hey cheeky boy, you coming to Louis' surprise party on Saturday?

@harry_styles: Of course wouldn't miss it for the world.

@EleanorJCalder: Great! See you then!

The next on came from Xfactor UK

@xfactorUK: Hello boys! It'd be wonderful to have you come perform on the show for the finale. Please lets us know if you are availabe.

@Harry_Styles: I'm not positive so I'd contact Simon

The last one is the one id been thinking about all day, Hope's


@Hopeloveschu: Hi harry!

@Harry_Styles: Hello love! How was your day?

@Hopeloveschu: it was amazing but just got better! ;) How bout you?

@Harry_Styles: Exhausting. Had rehersal all day.

@Hopeloveschu: Oh ya youre performing in LA arent you?

@Harry_Styles: Yes, tomorrow night we are.

@Hopeloveschu: I love in LA. I really wanted to see you guys but my mom lost her job and my dad cant make enough money to be able to send me.

@Harry_Styles: Come to the arena. Text me at 987-555-3728 when you get there. Ill come out and make sure you can come in.

@Hopeloveschu: I dont want to be a bother. Its not neessary really.

@Harry_Styles: No really come see us. I'd love to meet you and get to know you.

@Hopeloveschu: Ill be there. :)

@Harry_Styles: Good! Well nanite love. I gotta get some sleep. See you tomorrow.

@Hopeloveschu: Goodnight Harry!


I can talk to her for hours on end with out getting bored. I cant wait to meet her tomorrow. I know what's going to happen and to be honest I'm scared. Not for me but for Hope. The press will notice and then rumors will be spread. The fans while mostly nice also tend to hate on my friends and the other boys girlfriends. No matter this though I need to meet Hope. I need to know what shes like and I need to be with her. I may barely know her but I think i'm in love with her anyways.



A/N: I'm really sorry I like fell off the face of the Earth and havent updated in ages. I hope you like this! Leave some feedback bellow!!! Love you!

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