One Direction Imagines

Just let me know if you want an imagine


3. Imagine for Mayte and Liam

#imagine that you and Liam are watching the stars on the beach. 
Mayte: “It’s so beautiful Liam! Thank you for bringing me here! the sky is so beautiful!” 
Liam: “So, do you like it?”
Mayte: “Yes! It’s the most perfect date we could never have!”
Then you two cuddle up together and after two minutes, you see a shooting star.
Mayte: “Hey Liam, look! A shooting star! Make a wish!”
Liam closes his eyes, takes your hand and says “I want to spend all my life with you, I want to have a wonderful family with you and I want to demonstrate to our future children how special and caring you are! I love you to the moon and back, Mayte!”
Then he kisses you and you two fall asleep in each other arms. ❤

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