One Direction Imagines

Just let me know if you want an imagine


1. Imagine for Makayla and Zayn

You are from the states and you are done school and tommorow you are heading off to England for three months and you just finish your second year of college and you are staying in your parents vacation house in London and you are exicited your favorite band is from there and you are packing your things and then pack your car up and then you get in the shower and go to bed and you get up the next morning and you get changed into tan shorts and blue Nike high and a Beatles shirt. And you leave in your range rover and you get to the JFK airport because your from NYC and you get on your plane and you were playing on your iPhone texting your friend and your mum and after 14 hours it 8:00pm and you arrived to London and you got a taxi and you get to your parents flat and you get in and you go to bed and the next day you go for a run and then you come back and you get in the shower and you ware jean shorts and a tan tank top and tan sandal flats and sunglasses with your hair in a ponytail. And you get in your parents car and you go to the grocery store and you pick some food up and you are walking around and you then go unpack all your food and then you go and walk around London and you get a call from your friend Caroline Flack that you have not seen in like three years and she said I need you to do my show with my co host Olly Murs and you said okay when does it star and she says not till middle of July and you said okay and she asked you out to dinner and you said okay and so you go relax and take a nap and you get ready you ware a long black skirt with a tan tank top with brown sandal flats with your hair in a ponytail. And you leave and you texted her saying bed there in five and you get to the resturant and you see Caroline and you see Olly murs and five other guys and you see you they are it was your favorite band one direction and Caroline came up to you and gave you a hug and Olly and you meet the boys and louis comes up and says hello and Niall comes up and says hi and Liam says hello and Harry said hi and a kiss on the cheek and you see your favorite Zayn and he said hello babe. And you said hello Zayn and he says you look really pretty and you say thank you and Louis say were are you from and you say I am from New York City and then boys said how so you know Caroline you say my parents have flat here in London and I spend my summer vacations here and we became good friends and then you Zayn signed your iPhone case and with his number and you looked at him and smiled and you all hung out and you went out after that and you had a few drinks and you see Zayn looking at you and he see that he is biting his lip and you walk over to him and you say hey hot stuff and he says I am leaving and you say me to and he says let me walk you out. And you walk out and you go to your car and he leans you against the car and puts his hands on your waist and he kisses you and you kiss him and then you are making out and you then leave and the next you go running and you come back and you stop and you look up and you see Zayn at then window and your house was right next door and you see him and he sees you and comes down and opens and the door and he says come in and you go in and you says I didn’t you lived here. And then he was kissing you and you really liked it and you were laying on hip pecking at his lips and he said you are pretty and he says stay here and you say okay and then you relax and you then went to bed and you woke up in Zayn bed and he was stilling sleeping and you jump in the shower and you fell two strong arms and you turn around and it was Zayn and he kissed you and then you get changed and relaxed. A month you were doing Xtra-factor and you really like it and Zayn was on tour and and a few months later X factor was over but you were coming back next year and you go back NYC and you go back to school at NYU and you really like and Zayn texted you saying that he was in The city and you meet the boys up and you really missed them and you all went out to dinner and had fun a couple of months you and Zayn were you have done the X factor and you came out that you and Zayn were dating and that how you fell in love with the guy of your dreams.

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