One Direction Imagines

Just let me know if you want an imagine


4. Imagine for De'Ajah And Zayn

You are from Bradford your 20 and your parents got divorce when you were 3 and your mum and stepdad live in Bradford and your dad and your stepmum live in Holmes Chapel and now you live in London and in 2009 you were the winner of the X Factor and the runner up was Olly Murs and its your good friend and you dated Zayn Malik when he was on the X factor 2010 and you dated him for a year. But he broke it off and he said it was hard for the two of you to date with your job and his job he broke it off when he was done the X factor and then now he dates Little Mixer Perrie Edwards and you are traveling with them around the UK, Australia then Ireland and the states and you are leaving tommorow and you are all packed and you go to bed. And you get up the next day around 5 and you Harry texted you saying out front and you left and you got in he car and you see Zayn and you say hi babe and he says hey babe and you then get Manchester and you get to the arena and there Paparazzi saying are you and Zayn back together and you walked by and Zayn said no we are not back together. And you go and you relax and Zayn came in your dressing room and he says hey and you say hey and h says want to get something to eat and you say yeah and you left and there fans and paparazzi all over you and you get to the place and you are talking and Zayn said I really miss you and you said I really miss you and you eat. And you leave and you go to the hotel and you get all your stuff in the room and Zayn texted you and said come to his room and you went to his door and you see him and he grabbes your hand and pulls you in and he says babe I miss you and he kissed you and you kissed him and he said I want to get back together. And you said what about Perrie and he said she broke it off and you kissed him and you laughed and you layed with him and he said I love you and you fell asleep and then you got up and you went to the arena holding Zayn hand and there paparazzi snapping pictures and you go in and up you tell the boys that you and Zayn are back together and then you are going on stage and there screaming fans and you ask twitter question and you see one that says are you and Zayn back together and you said maybe and they screamed and then boys came on and sang and then you went out to dinner and then a few months later its your last day in the states and you are in the bathroom and you are taking a pregant test and 20 mintues later you find out that you are pregant and you tell Zayn and he was happy and 6months later you found out that you are Zayn twins and you have twin boys and that was you life.

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