It's Gotta Be You.

Olivia Grey and Emily Barrat have always wanted to meet their favourite boy band, one direction. What will happen when they finally get V.I.P tickets for their upcoming concert in London?


6. The Bad News

Emily's P.O.V

"I don't think i'll be able to handle all the hate. I've seen how much you get" i said to Olivia. "We're going to have to Emi, but at the end of the day we will be the ones with Harry and Niall by our sides" she grinned at me. Nobody knows about me and Niall yet. But I'm glad, it gives me time to avoid any hate. "yeah, i suppose" I sigh. "Shall we go back to the hotel?" She asks me. "Yeah" I reply.  I called a taxi and it came in about 5 minutes. We arrived at the hotel and we went to the boys room "Hello pretty lady's" Louis called from the kitchen. "Hello lou" Olivia and I called in unison. "How was the interview last night?" Asked olivia. "Yeah it was good"  "Lets get lunch?" Niall asks. "Yeah!" Harry said nodding. "Where?" Zayn asks  "Here?" Olivia suggests. We go downstairs and grab some lunch. When we finished Harry and Olivia went to take for a walk Loki. "Do you want to go ice skating?" Niall asks me. "Yes!" I nod excitedly. "We're going Ice skating! See you in a bit" Niall yells at the boys. We run outside trying to avoid the rain and get in Nialls car. We got to the ice skating rink and it was almost empty. We attempted skating but we both ended up falling over, a lot! "Do you think I should have told them about us in the interview last night?" Niall asks, to be honest I'm glad hardly anyone knows. I don't think I'm ready for the hate on twitter, paparazzi tracing my every move, and my whole life being open to the world. "I don't know Niall, I think with us and Olivia and Harry it might have been a bit too much too soon."  "Thats what I thought last night. But I didn't want you thinking that I didn't want to tell the public." Niall said softly. "I didn't think that, its not easy telling everyone. Your fans will find it hard enough getting used to Olivia and Harry dating now, let alone all of you boys taken now."   "Lets skate?" I nodded. I held his hand and skated round. At about 5 we decided to go home.

Harry's P.O.V

We had been walking for ages, and talking about almost everything. "Lets go back now?" I ask Olivia, "Okay, but where are we?" Olivia laughed. "Oh god, I thought you knew?"  "WHAT? NO!" Olivia panicked. "Only joking, just turn around and head straight!" I smile. "Your so mean Harry! I was really worried we were lost" Olivia sounded serious, but then I laughed at her and she started to smile back at me. Loki started to slow down "I think Loki's tired Liv" I say, "How long will it take to get back?" Olivia asks "half an hour?" I suggest unsure. "Is it okay that I said we were in a relationship in the interview?" I worry too much. But I don't want her to think I don't care about what she wants. " Yeah, it was just a bit of a.. surprise.. at first I guess, but know I'm fine with everyone knowing." She replies and I relax a little. Good, she doesn't seem to mind too much. "Good" I smile. We get home in about 25 more minutes "HELLO!" I shout to anyone in the hotels lounge. "Harry your back!" Louis shouts back at Harry. "Where's Niall and Emi?" I ask "Oh I think they went Ice Skating" Liam answered. "Okay" I say.  

Liam's P.O.V

We sat down and ordered some pizza, it was only me, Danielle, Louis Olivia and Harry. Zayn was out with Perrie and Niall was out with Emily. "What do you want guys?" I ask about to call Dominos. They told me what they wanted and I ordered it. "Lets watch a film?" Danielle asks everyone. "Yeah!" Louis says, "Okay" Olivia replies "Sure" Harry and I say in unison. We watched the first half of Unborn and then the pizza came. "Here you go" The delivery man says handing the pizzas over to me. "Thanks" I reply carrying them to the table. "Goodbye then. " The pizza man says shutting the door behind him on his way out. "I love pizza" Louis says happily grabbing 3 slices. Harry laughed at him whilst getting a slice for himself. We all got some pizza and carried on watching Unborn. Knock! Knock! Somebody knocked on our door at a scary part which caused Danielle, Olivia and Louis to scream. I laughed at them all and got up to see who it was. "Hey" Niall says his arm linked with Emily's. "Hey" I say laughing. Niall looked at the empty pizza boxes on the table "Who ordered pizza without me?" Niall says trying to act annoyed. "We just had Nandos Niall!" Emily laughed at him. We all finished Unborn and then me and Danielle went upstairs to bed.

Olivia's P.O.V

"Truth or Dare?" Louis shouted. "Okay" I reply "Yeah, whatever" Emily and Niall chorused. They all sat in a circle and I squeezed in between Harry and Louis. We spun a bottle to see who got to choose the Truth Or Dare, "Louis, oh god" Niall laughed. He spun the bottle a second time to see who had to do the Truth  or Dare, "No!" Emily squealed as it landed on her. "Truth or Dare Em?" I ask laughing at her. "Truth" She replied quickly "So its up to you now Louis" Harry says. "Hm, do you love Niall more than anyone else you've ever dated before?" Louis says with an evil grin. "Definitely" Emi smiles. Then leans in and kisses Niall "Alright, we heard you the first time Emi! Get a room guys!" Louis shouted. I burst out laughing, then Harry quickly kissed me and it was Louis' turn to choose a truth or dare. "DARE" Louis screams. "Okay, run out of the hotel and run round it in just your pants!" I laugh "Done." Louis says running out of the room taking his clothes of. He came back inside 2 minutes later shivering. "Aw little Lou all cold!" Niall teases. "Shut up Horan" Louis laughs back. Ring! Ring! "Thats my phone" Louis says pulling his phone from out of his pocket "Hello?     Oh hey Zayn everything okay?   What! No, I'm so sorry. Look come over to the hotel. We can talk properly then, shall I pick you up?      Okay, I'll be there in 10 minutes. Bye" Louis slid his phone back in his pocket looking kind of sad "What is it Louis?" Emily asks confused. "Perrie and Zayn.. they broke up."

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