It's Gotta Be You.

Olivia Grey and Emily Barrat have always wanted to meet their favourite boy band, one direction. What will happen when they finally get V.I.P tickets for their upcoming concert in London?


5. Telling The World

Harry P.O.V

I didn't want to go shopping, but I couldn't say no to Olivia. The problem is Niall and I will get people saying we're not 'single' anymore and it's too soon for anyone to find out about us. Besides its me and Niall at the same time, management wouldn't be too happy. "Ready?" Niall asked me interrupting my thoughts. "em yeah, just need to get some shoes" I replied rummaging through my stuff. We walked outside the hotel and I sent Olivia a text; Outside the hotel now, hurry up! Love HarryX 

"where are they?" I asked impatiently " we've only been waiting 5 minutes, they'll be here soon." Niall replied quickly. I called a taxi for when they came. Emily came out the hotel doors "Where's Liv?" I ask confused "oh, she's looking for her phone." Ten minutes later Olivia came just before the taxi we all got inside. "Find your phone?" I asked her she nodded in reply. 

Emily's P.O.V

It toke about 5 minutes to get to the shopping mall, when we got there we got out of the car and straight away were crowded with fans. The boys some pictures with the fans and sign some autographs while be and Olivia hid behind a wall, after a few minutes Harry and Niall came to get us and we went inside. The boys, me and Olivia all had our hoods up and sunglasses on so no-one would notice us. "Where do you wanna go first?" I asked them. "Topshop" Olivia replied. "Well we'll meet you girls in nandos, im hungry" Niall complained. Me and Olivia walked into Topshop and tried on a few things and brought some clothes, we walked to nandos and saw Niall and Harry waiting for us, we walked over to them. I gave Niall a quick kiss and Olivia gave Harry a quick kiss." We've already ordered for you, sorry I was too hungry too wait." Niall said as we all started laughing at him. When we finished our food we went to jack wills. Then a few more shops and we eventually got bored and decided to go home.
Zayn's P.O.V

"Shall we watch a film?" I ask Liam, Louis, and Perrie "YES!" Louis shouted. "Sure" Liam and Perrie agree. Knock! Knock! "Hello?" Louis said whilst opening the door. "Heey!" Harry said as he Niall, Olivia and Emily came into Louis' room. We all chose to watch Ted. When it finished I realised I hadn't told them about tonight's interview. "Guys, you know tonight.." I started. "Why didn't you tell us!" Liam asked slightly annoyed when I'd finished telling them all. "I forgot. But we still have a couple of hours! I'm sorry guys." They all sighed loudly then went to their own rooms to get ready. "I've got to go Zayn" Perrie said kissing me goodbye. "Okay, I'll call you later" I reply then go and get ready for the interview.

Olivia's P.O.V

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and went on twitter. I couldn't believe how many times I was mentioned in peoples tweets. "@Olivia_GreyX I can't believe your Harry's girlfriend. You're too ugly."    "@Olivia_GreyX Why would Harry want to go out with you? EW.EW.EW"   "@Olivia_GreyX  should go die you don't deserve Harry" I sank down onto my bed and buried my head in my pillow. What had I done to them? "Liv, what's happened?" Emily asked walking over to me. I just passed her phone "Look" I said "Liv just ignore them. They're just jealous. You shouldn't go die. And you're not too ugly!" She said "I'll be right back" she told me leaving before I could reply. I went back on my phone and Harry had mentioned me "@Olivia_GreyX is beautiful. I can go out with anyone I like. And it's me that doesn't deserve her. If you were a real fan you wouldn't give hate to someone who makes me happy" I couldn't help smiling. He was always so nice. "Feeling better?" Emi said seeing my smile as she walked in "yeah did you tell him to tweet that?" I ask almost sad that it's not come from him. "he tweeted? no I didn't I just told him about the hate." she answered. I smiled again "Shall we go back home and get some more stuff?" Emily asked me. "Yeah okay" I reply.                                                                                                                                                 

Louis' P.O.V

"The cars here!" Niall shouted and we all went to it. "What are you going to say when they ask you about Emi?" I asked Niall. "I don't know. I just don't want to see her upset. I mean Olivia's already had hate on twitter for just being seen with us" He answered "Has Emi?" "She didn't want to check yet." I nodded. I remember Eleanor getting hate when we were first seen together. She still gets some now. But I don't think she minds anymore. "But it has to be announced at some point, they'll get hate whenever you announce it and it seems to have already started today with Olivia" I say. "I don't know. I need to ask her if shes okay with everyone knowing. I'll text her" he said sitting in the car in between Zayn and Liam. "HARRY" I shouted sitting next to him. "I like interviews" Liam said. "I don't" Harry and Niall said straight away. We got to the interview in about 10 minutes, we quickly got out of the car and walked into the building. The interviewer introduced us and we walked on stage. "Hello boys, how are you?" asked the interviewer whose name was Helen. "We're great thank you" Liam answered "Good, So when are you boys next on tour and where are you going?" Helen aksed. "Well we're not on tour for another 3 months and we'll be going to America." Zayn replied. "Oh nice. So Harry there's been a lot of you rumours about you and Niall speniding a lot of time with two girls lately, would you like to tell us about it?"  "Well, I'm actually in a relationship with a girl called Olivia Grey" Harry answered. "Well were just friends" Niall said. 

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