It's Gotta Be You.

Olivia Grey and Emily Barrat have always wanted to meet their favourite boy band, one direction. What will happen when they finally get V.I.P tickets for their upcoming concert in London?


7. Sorting Things Out?

Emily's P.O.V

"WHAT? Why?" Olivia says sadly "Well, rumours are spreading that Zayns cheated." Louis says glumly. "He hasn't though! I know that. He loves Perrie!" Niall exclaims. "Anyway. I told him I'd pick him up, I'll get him now" Louis says leaving the room. "I can't believe it. We should try talking to Perrie?" I suggest nestling down into Niall. "Would you? Zayn will be crushed without her, she was his world." Niall says looking at the wall. "Of course." I try to smile. I haven't known Perrie long but she was lovely, and very talented. I hate knowing her and Zayn aren't together, I hope she believes him. She has to. If everyone believed what they heard, they'd all be very lonely. "Are you sure you're okay mate?" I hear Louis say to Zayn I'm guessing. Niall ran to the door and gave Zayn a huge hug. Then Harry, Olivia and me did the same. "We'll talk to Perrie, I'm sure she'll understand." Olivia says trying to be positive, I nod slowly. "Th-thanks guys" Zayn struggles to speak. "I'm going.. to bed" Zayn says not looking back at any of us on his way out. "Night" We all say quickly. "I've never seen him this sad." Harry looks down. "Do you wanna go up too?" Niall says noticing me yawn "Yeah, you can stay here though"   "No it's fine." Niall smiles. "Night guys" We both say and walk out the door to our room. "I love you Em" Niall says. "I love you too" I look him in the eyes and then go inside our room, I change into some green pyjama shorts and a white vest-top. I lay down on the bed next to Niall. 

Harry's P.O.V

"I texted Perrie" Olivia says. She always thinks positive. I don't know how she does it all the time. "Thanks babe" I say feeling sorry for Zayn. Then lean in and passionately kiss Olivia on the lips. "Oh sorry.. I didn't mean to.. interrupt anything here" Zayn struggles through tears. I pull away from Olivia and notice Zayn was heading outside. "One sec Liv" I say running after Zayn. "Zayn where are you going?" I ask him "I need to talk to Perrie!" He cries "Look Zayn, she'll be asleep. Its almost 2 o'clock! Maybe you should try talking to her in the morning" I suggest grabbing Zayn and dragging him inside. "Will you come with me to speak to her tomorrow?" Zayn was crying harder now. I felt so bad. He didn't cheat on her, he'd of told us, he'd have felt guilty and told us. "Of course. And we all know you didn't cheat mate. And so will Perrie soon." I try making him feel better but I feel useless. Zayn, Olivia and I all went to our rooms to bed.

Perrie's P.O.V

I can't believe it. I've heard so many stories. All on the magazine covers 'Zayn cheats on Perrie with waitress on tour' from Zayn 'I didn't cheat I swear. I love you and only you'. I just can't take this anymore. I need to find the truth, I want to believe Zayn, but I can't without any of the truth. BEEP! BEEP!  My phone beeps indicating that I have a message. 

From Olivia; I know that your going to be finding this hard. So do you want to talk? Ring me and I'll come over, or if you just want to talk that's fine. But I hate knowing your upset. I don't think Zayn cheated. He's devastated. He loves you and everyone knows it. Love LivvyXXX I burst into tears, and decide to ring Zayn. He immediately answered, "Hello? Perrie?" He asks quickly. "Yes it's me, I wanted to know if you were free to meet up tomorrow?" I ask unsure at the minute what I'll say to him then. "Yes, of course."   "Shall I come to the hotel at 11ish then?" I suggest. "Yeah that'll be great" "Night Zayn" I say crying because I already missed him. "Don't cry love, night Perrie, I love you so much you'll never understand. Night beautiful" He says and then I hang up. Did he cheat? Did he love me? I know I love him. A LOT. I go upstairs and go to bed. I can't sleep at all though. I needed Zayn.  I needed everything to be alright. It took me hours to sleep. I woke up at 10 the next morning. Shit! I need to get ready. I took a quick shower then brushed my teeth I grab my light denim skinny jeans and a white blouse, I brush my blonde hair and put it to the side, I quickly put some makeup on and go into the kitchen and get some toast. Here I go. I sigh loudly getting into the car. I drove off but I was hardly concentrating, Zayn was stuck in my mind. I saw a car come towards me, so I tried to quickly swerve out the way, but then I blacked out.

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