It's Gotta Be You.

Olivia Grey and Emily Barrat have always wanted to meet their favourite boy band, one direction. What will happen when they finally get V.I.P tickets for their upcoming concert in London?


4. Little Things

Harry's P.O.V

The crowd was so loud. I mean screaming fans everywhere. It's unbelievable how famous we've become in these past few years. The concert went quite good I think, but I couldn't wait to see Livvy again. When tonight's concert finished, we got changed into more casual clothes then went backstage to meet Olivia and Emily again. It was only the second time they'd seen us all as a band and they seemed pretty excited. "Erm.. right Em we ought to go before it gets to late-" Olivia started "No! Why don't you stay at our hotel with us? It will save you driving back in the horrible rain. Look at it! I'll book you a room, it will be fun!" I said and pretended to be Olivia laughed at that and the boys nodded in agreement. Emily looked at her hopefully, "Sure, that'll be good.. Thanks!" Olivia grinned, I smiled back at her. She has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. We all got in a taxi and headed to the hotel. Fans surrounded the car and we waved at them. When we arrived at the hotel Olivia and Emily looked shocked at how nice it was. I booked them a room to share and then we all went into the hotels lounge, we were the only people in the hotel so we could get some privacy from the fans. I felt bad at this as if it weren't for the fans we wouldn't be a band but everyone needs space sometimes. The fire was lit and there were a few blankets that we all shared. I walked over and sat by Olivia. "Shall we watch a film?" Louis asked. I nodded, "Yeah! Can we watch Twilight?" Liam asked. " No The Ring!" Zayn said. Liam was outvoted so we watched The Ring.

Niall's P.O.V

Emily came and sat by the sofa nearest to the fire next to where I was sat. I gave her half my blanket and she had her eyes under it for most the film cause she was scared. "AHH" Olivia screamed which made everyone jump then start to laugh. "I'm going to bed." Liam said yawning when the film finished. "Me too." Louis said. Zayn went up to bed around half an hour later. Emi had fallen to sleep in my arms. Olivia was asleep in Harry's too, " Shall we wake them up?" Harry whispered. "Yeah. You go first!" I whispered back. Harry started stroking Olivia's arm, "Livvy, Livvy, wake up!" He whispered gently into Olivia's ear. She woke up and looked up at Harry and smiled. She must really like him. They both left the room to go upstairs. "Em, wake up." I whisper fussing with her hair. "huh?" She said still half asleep. I couldn't help laughing at her all confused. "You fell asleep." I say. "Do you want to go to your room now? Or you could stay in mine if you want. I think Livvy's in Harry's-" She lent in and kissed me, I kissed her back and then she went to her room to get some pyjamas. 10 minutes later she came knocking on my door. "Hey Niall, open your door!" She said, I opened it and she came in, I leaned in to kiss her and then we both got in the bed. We went to sleep pretty much straight away though.

Olivia's P.O.V

I woke up before Harry he was still sleeping while I was getting ready. I really like him, he was so cute sleeping. He looked like a 8 year old. "Thinking of me?" Harry teased  "No." I lied. "Shall we go get some breakfast?" I nodded and he quickly got changed and grabbed my hand then we walked out the room together to get some breakfast. "Hey, did you lot sleep well?" Harry asked Niall, Emily and Louis who were already eating their breakfast. "Have we got a concert tonight?" Louis asked, "Nope." Niall replied. "Do you wanna go shopping while we're in London Liv?" Emily asked. "Yes, I really need some new shoes! " I said. Harry sighed loudly when the word 'shopping' was mentioned. "Do we have to?" Harry sighed again but louder, "Nobody said you could come" I teased, but he looked upset. "Oh" He said confused. "She's only joking Harry." Emily laughed. I laughed to and then Harry joined in. "I'll come!" Niall smiled. I could tell Emily was happy he was coming. And I really did need some new shoes. "Harry you coming?" I asked, hoping he would come. "Yeah whatever" He said making it sound like a chore. 

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