Sky. A young girl at high school. What is so strange about that? I mean, it’s not like it’s the SECOND time she’s been to high school is it? Well, actually, at the age of 14, Sky HAS been to high school twice! There’s only one reason for that. Sky has AMAZING powers.
She has lived alone with these powers since the age of 2. She witnessed her parent’s deaths, as have other people like her. These are people who can travel in time and space. Sky is a rare person and on top of those abilities she has many more. She has spent time perfecting them, all the while hiding her secret. Now, she needs to help some others with those abilities.
Two children disappeared from Sky's time zone which doesn’t seem too unusual. What IS unusual is the time traces left behind which Sky can follow. Using her superior perfected skill of mind reading and messaging, and of course her advanced technology which she uses to save the children who have been taken to the past. Her iPhone in her belt is always there


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3






A moment later Joseph's eyes flicked open. For a few minutes he couldn't see much as the room was quite dark, and he wasn’t as good as Sky at seeing in the dark. Then he sat up and looked around the room and noticed Sky. "Where am I? And what are you doing here?" He asked obviously confused. He paused for a moment and thought back to what had just happened. Suddenly he obviously remembered as he blushed bright red and asked Sky, “Did you just kiss me?" Sky blushed a lot, but didn't say a word. "It’s always the quiet ones" He muttered to himself. "Are you going to talk to me?" He asked Sky. She shook her head. "Fine. How about this. Somehow tell me where we are." Sky shrugged and looked at him as if to say 'how should I know?' even though she knew when they were and had a good idea where they were. Sky's iPhone began to vibrate in her belt, and it quickly told her that Marionette was heading towards this room looking for her.


“What am I supposed to do?" She asked her iPhone. Joseph looked at her confused, thinking she was talking to him. "I thought you weren't talking to me?" Sky just ignored him and dragged him over to a dark corner of the room. She then lengthened the wire on her necklace and looped it round his neck as well. Joseph started to protest, "What ..." He started, but Sky put her lips to his and stopped him mid-sentence. His eyes widened in surprise, but he did nothing to stop her. Marionette entered the room and looked around, but didn't notice Joseph and Sky in the corner. She walked out the room, once again muttering. "What did they think they were doing when they sent that girl? She too intelligent for her own good..." She then slammed the door behind her. Sky broke the contact between herself and Joseph and whispered, "Sorry to surprise you but I had to shut your big mouth some way, and that seemed to work." While she whispered she thought, 'well, he didn't complain, and I have to say that wasn't too bad' and she smiled to herself. Sky got up off the floor and walked over to the door. She opened it walked out, leaving a dazed Joseph sitting on the floor.


Once Sky was out of the room she looked around for Alex. She went over to the room he was in and listened just in case Marionette was in there. It didn't sound like it so she entered the room. Alex was lying on the bed and Marionette wasn't in the room. Sky went over to him and shook him. He opened his eyes and looked up at Sky. "Are you the girl from earlier?" He asked. Sky got her iPhone to turn on the light before she answered so he would feel more comfortable. “Yes I am." She replied softly. "Oh and by the way my name is Sky." He smiled at her as Sky helped him to stand up. "You feeling ok? You look pale." She told him. He finally managed to stand up with Sky's help, and Sky let his arm go, but he started to sway so she quickly grabbed his arm to steady him. She then helped him over to the door and out. Joseph was standing on the other side of the door, obviously waiting for Sky. He looked a tad surprised when he saw Alex, but didn't mention it. For a minute they stood in silence. Finally Alex broke the silence by asking Sky, "Do you know him?" He could see the looks passing between them and was rather confused. "Yes Alex, I do know him" She told him, still looking at Joseph. “Joseph can you hold Alex for a minute. I need to check something and Alex is a bit dizzy. Probably a side effect of the sleeping draught.”  She then passed Alex over to Joseph and went over to the left side of the stairs.


Once she got there she made sure neither Alex nor Joseph could see her, then she got her iPhone to display the map again. She checked where Marionette was, and it turned out she was in the kitchen again. Then she got her iPhone to tell her what was going on in the other room earlier. “Marionette was in there with some food. She was giving it to the person who is in there, most likely a girl. It would be useful to get a sample of that sleeping draught, as I think it is rather unusual. Normally, when you wake up after having a sleeping draught you are very sleepy and still want to sleep. Alex was like this. However with the girl in that room, she was asleep before Marionette entered, and she suddenly woke up, perfectly fine.” Her iPhone told her.  Sky pondered on this new information for a moment, when her instincts told her someone was outside the flat and they should hide. However, before she could do anything she felt a pounding in her head and she felt faint. “S**t! Why does my low blood pressure have to kick in now?” She muttered, before fainting.


Alex and Joseph quickly turned around when they heard Sky’s head hit the floor.  They both hurried over to her, Alex forgetting all about feeling dizzy. Just as they got to Sky, they heard the doorbell ring, so they picked up Sky and moved her swiftly into the nearest room. It happened to be on the left side, and it had several beds in it. They carefully put her down on one. Joseph went to the door and shut it, just in case Marionette passed by.  Joseph then joined Alex, who was sitting on the next bed along, watching Sky. Joseph was rather worried about Sky, but he had a feeling that she would be ok. Meanwhile downstairs Marionette came out of the kitchen and walked over to the door. As Marionette was rather chubby, the door frame had been enlarged by a few inches each side.  It also had an enlarged door to fit the frame. Marionette opened the door, her shoulder length blond bob hair flinging back a bit. Standing at the door was a muscular intimidating man, who Marionette knew was the rent collector for the landlord. 


The rent was £1 a week, which was a bit more than most people earned per week. “I’m guessing you want the rent for this month. Hold on a minute and I’ll go get the money.” She told him. She then walked towards her bedroom on the ground floor. She liked it downstairs, as it took her some effort to go upstairs a lot.  Once she got to her room, she looked in her purse for some money. She had 5 modern £10 notes, 5 Victorian £5 notes which had changed when she came back in time, and around £50 in Victorian pounds and sovereigns. She got out one of the fivers and and £3. She then walked back to the waiting man. “Here” she said, putting the money in his waiting open palm. “This should cover this and next month.” She told him. She was about to close the door when he intervened. He leaned sideways on the door frame and told her, “Rents gone up by £1 a month. It’s a fiver a month. Go and get two more pounds from your stash or you’re done for.”


Marionette rolled her eyes and walked back to her room. She took £2 from her purse and hid it again. She turned to go back to the man when she saw him leaning against the doorframe to her room. “Nice room you have here. I’d hate to see you miss a payment and have to have some of this beautiful décor removed.” He complimented in his own weird way. She went over to him and gave him the £2. “Oh, and tell the landlord that £1 is more than most people earn a week. Does he really need the extra 60 pence a week?” She told him. She had enough brains to work out that 60 was a quarter of 240, which was how many pennies were in a pound in Victorian times. He had turned his back and was about to leave, but he stopped. “You live here. If you can’t afford the rent go live elsewhere. If you want to complain, go see the landlord. I am not a messenger.” He retorted before striding away.


While this was taking place, the two boys where upstairs staring at Sky. She was starting to wake up, so the boys stood either side of the bed and peered down at her. Sky was feeling rather groggy, but finally managed to prise her eyes open. For a moment she couldn’t see anything, but after a minute Joseph’s and Alex’s faces suddenly came into view. She blinked a few times, surprised. “I’m awake now; you can remove your big heads from my line of sight now.” She told them jokingly. Joseph smiled, obviously relieved that she was ok, while Alex seemed to take her words literally, believing that his head was massive.


When Sky and Joseph realised this from the look on his face, they both burst out laughing. Alex just stared at that wondering what was so funny. “The look on your face…” Sky started before bursting out laughing again. Joseph had doubled over and was laughing hard. It was several minutes before they could contain their laughter, and that was when Sky finally sat up. “You know what I said wasn’t true as such don’t you?” Sky inquired politely. A few giggles escaped Sky and Josephs lips, but they just about managed to contain it. “Alex, will you go check if Marionette is nearby?” She asked, still trying to stop giggling. Sky then motioned for Joseph to lean in closer. "That was funny wasn't it," She said, smiling. "I need you and Alex to do something for me." Sky told him. “In the room two doors down is a girl. I need you to go and get her and bring her here. She will probably be asleep under the effects of a sleeping draught, so you will need to carry her. I would help but I don't think I could in my present condition. You see, I have low blood pressure so at times I feel dizzy and light headed, and sometime I even faint like I did before." She continued.


Alex couldn't hear what they were talking about from the door, and Joseph understood that she trusted him more than the other guy Alex. For some reason, he felt in a way threatened by Alex, even though he had never met him before. He didn't really understand why so he just left the feeling alone. He was about to turn and get Alex and with his help retrieve the girl when he asked Sky a question. "Why did you tell me that you have low blood pressure? Wouldn't it have been safer not to tell me?" He then turned to get Alex where he received an answer. "I told you so someone knows if it happens again. There are many things you don't know about me, but I feel I can trust you with some information about me. I do know a lot about you so it seems fair that you find out a bit about me." Joseph pondered on her answer while he went with Alex to get the other girl.


While the two boys went to get the girl, Sky sighed in relief. It was good to be alone for a few minutes. Alex was a nice boy, he had short brown hair like Joseph and both had brown eyes, although Joseph's did seem brighter. Alex was shorter than Sky, while Joseph was basically the same height as her and possibly destined to grow taller. In her opinion Sky thought that Joseph's personality was nicer and funnier than Alex's. Overall she preferred Joseph, but she would never tell either boy anything she had just thought about. She relaxed on the bed for a few minutes, almost falling asleep. Just as she was about to fall asleep, her instincts told her that Alex and Joseph were almost at the door, and she probably needed to open it for them.


She got up to open the door, and although she still felt a little wobbly and dizzy, she made it over to the door without any incidents. She pulled the door open just as Joseph had leaded forward to knock on it, and he fell forward onto Sky. He stumbled forward a few steps then fell onto Sky's shoulder. "Oomph" was what she heard emitted from his mouth. She got hold of his shoulders and moved him to a standing position. He was obviously rather embarrassed as his face had gone rather red again. “You ok?” She asked laughing a bit. He realised she was ok with what happened and was relieved. “Yes, I’m ok. I did get a bit of a shock though.” He told her, then also began laughing, partly from shock, partly because it was funny.


 Once again Alex didn’t seem to understand why they were laughing and felt left out. “Hey, you two. Do you mind helping me get this girl into the room? I can’t hold her on my own for my longer.” Alex intervened, wanting some attention. He also did need some help with the girl. “Come on Joseph, we do need to help Alex. Well more like you do.” She managed to say. She then got Joseph to help Alex bring the girl into the room and put her down on a bed. They all stood over the girl for a minute, studying her. She had on Victorian girl’s clothes; however it was obvious to Sky that she was from her time. Also something seemed familiar about the girl. Sky felt she knew the girl, but couldn’t put a name to her face. Sky hoped that after thinking about it for a few minutes, she would be able to put a name to the girls face.


Sky went to the other side of the room and started to pace, thing about what the girls name was. It was like she knew it, but at the same time she didn't. The boys were wondering why the girl was wearing such old looking and odd clothes. “Hey, Sky,” Alex called. Sky stopped pacing, concentrated on the present rather than on the girls name and turned to face Alex and Joseph. “What is it Alex?” She asked, wondering what he was thinking. She dipped into his mind for a moment and realised that the girl’s clothes would look weird to them. She was about to answer his question but realised he hadn’t asked it yet. It would look weird if she answered an unasked question before it was asked. “Do you know why she is wearing such strange clothes?” he finally asked. “They look like they come from the Victorian era.” He finished. Sky knew she would have to tell them that they were in the Victorian era at some point, but not at the moment, she decided. It would be better to wait until the girl woke. “I don’t know for sure but I think I know.” She told them, and quickly continued before she could be interrupted by Alex, “I’m not going to say anything until the girl is awake.” It was then she remembered the name of the girl. She had met the girl quite a few times while out shopping. Her name was Emily and they had swapped mobile numbers and had become good friends. That was why she recognised the girl. They had met up a number of times and gone out for some food, visited each other’s houses and generally had a good time. Emily’s blonde hair was probably her nicest feature, but her face was quite cute as well.


While Sky recognised the girl, Marionette was on a rudimentary telephone to her friend in the far future. They didn’t have the intelligence of Sky, even in a future where they could time travel, so they couldn’t access the internet, and communication was hard. Sky was much more advanced than them in that respect, and she was more creative. They could talk to each other on a specialised telephone that could phone thorough time, but it was big, heavy, and looked similar to a brick. It also took about 5 rings to get to the other persons phone, so it took some time before you got an answer. Sky's iPhone connected automatically, and someone could pick up on the first ring. Marionette had just managed to get hold of the person she was working with.


“Hey, I told you to only send sleeping kids. You sent me an awake and intelligent girl who may wreak havoc on our scheme. Why the flip did you send that girl?” Marionette asked the other person, interrogating them. Marionette was rather angry, mad and felt as if she knew more than the other person. What Marionette didn’t know, was that Sky had been mind reading her, and listening in too her conversation so far. It may not have been much, but Sky had been listening since the beginning. Sky had sensed Marionette was up to something and had quickly dipped into her mind. Sky had listened to the conversation so far and decided to continue doing so. She felt that it might produce something interesting, especially as it could have something to do with the mutterings.


“You could have ruined the plan! I mean yes she’s from our past so she doesn’t know a thing about time travelling, but still, if they are asleep when they come, they wake up confused and trust the first person they see. Then I can control them. The first girl is under my control already, and the boy will be soon. Make sure you send more money next time. Remember fivers, pound coins and pennies only. Only some changes so send as many as you can.” She continued. Sky had smirked a bit when Marionette had assumed that she knew nothing about time travelling, and felt that it was a bit ironic, but she knew she needed to find out where Marionette came from. A more suitable question was when did Marionette come from? Sky was a little worried when Marionette had said that ‘the first girl is already under my control.’ This most likely meant that Emily was under Marionette’s control in some way. This was bad news. The other thing Sky found weird was that only some of their money changed, whereas all of Sky’s money changed to fit the time period. Also Sky was wondering how did they travel in time? They couldn’t travel like Sky, you had to be born with the ability, so how did they travel?


She quickly concentrated again as Marionette continued. “Also, how much of the stolen money is left? I mean we must have a lot left right? I know that my idea to hide in the Victorian era is great, but we need lots of money. We need about 10 or so more children to add to the three we have here.” She finished. ‘So,’ Sky thought, ‘They have stolen money from some time in the future and are hiding here so as not to get prosecuted. Also she doesn’t know that Joseph is here yet, which could be useful.’ Marionette had stopped talking for a minute and the other person must have figured out that if they wanted to talk they needed to talk now. “You do know I sent a boy over earlier with around 200 quid on him, in fivers,” the person started. “And there is still around £1M left of the money. I can send around nine more people, and after that I am coming, no matter what. And yes your idea to go to the Victorian era was ingenious, and so was your idea to transfer children from the past further into the past to work to earn us even more money. Hopefully they won’t be missed.” They finished. There was a beeping sound in the background which Sky assumed meant something important. “I have to go this annoying old looking brick is at low battery. And please ring me when you send people please. Bye” Marionette finished the conversation and hung up the phone. Sky left her mind and refocused on what was happening upstairs. She felt as if she needed to tell someone about the girls name being Emily.


“Alex, can you watch over Emily for a minute, that’s her name by the way I just remembered. And Joseph can you come over here a minute please.” She told them. Alex stayed where he was while Joseph went over to Sky. She put her hand on his shoulder and took him over to the corner of the room. “Joseph, something that Marionette said makes me think that somehow she can control Emily, so be careful around her.” She told him. “Also, I wanted to do this.” She finished, before kissing him on the lips. “Also Marionette is a thief; her and her friend stole money. I’m not sure where, or when for that matter, they stole the money from but they are still thieves so be careful.” She told him. She then started to pace up and down the room again, waiting for Emily to wake up. Joseph was standing in the corner, looking equally concerned and dazed and altogether a bit out of it. Suddenly she heard Alex gasp. Emily was awake, but obviously something was wrong. Sky could tell from the way that Alex had acted, added to the fact that she had immediately entered his mind and see what had happened. Sky was so used to going into people’s mind she did it reflexively and without much though, and because she was good at mind reading she immediately found out what was wrong. She quickly turned to face him and went up to Emily and Alex. She then saw what was wrong. Emily’s eyes were bright red.


“Yikes!!!”Alex almost shouted, scared. Luckily he managed not to shout out too loud, so Marionette didn't hear. Not that she would have because Sky had put a sound barrier around the room for a minute to stop any sound of shouts or exclamations being heard. Also it was likely that Emily would wake up soon and she might talk loud enough to give the game away. Joseph quickly came over to see what had happened. When he saw Emily’s eyes, he was rather freaked out, Sky could tell this easily as his eyes widened considerably and his hand covered his mouth, which had opened rather wide. Sky didn't really freak out at all, and for some reason she wasn’t even the slightest bit scared. It probably had something to do with the fact that her instincts were telling her that it was safe.


Emily sat up and looked at them, wondering why two boys were staring at her. She then saw Sky and seemed relieved. “Sky! It’s good to see you. Can you please tell me why these to strange boys are staring at me?” She asked, confused. After the boys heard Emily’s question they quickly looked away. Sky smiled and told her “Your eyes are red, that’s why.” She told Emily. “Don’t worry though, I think you’re fine.” She finished, reassuring Emily. Sky could tell that Emily didn’t really believe her, but at least she felt better.  Now Emily had recovered she began to wonder where she was. “Hey, Sky, when are we?” She asked, before realising what she had asked. She was about to correct herself when Sky replied without thinking.


“We’re in the Victorian era I believe. Also your clothes look Victorian so that seems to prove that I’m right.” As Sky finished speaking she realised what she had just said, and the others stared at her amazed, and scared. She was so used to thinking when am I that she forgot that Emily had asked and that she wasn’t asking herself. Because of that she had instinctively replied, and while Sky probably could take it back, that kind of shocking revelation tended to stick even when you weren’t told. She had found that out the hard way. “Oh s**t, s**t.” She muttered, before starting to pace up and down the room, repeating “s**t” under her breath. She was also avoiding their gazes. The boys and Emily were just getting over the shock of understanding that Sky had said that they were in the past. “Sky, what do you mean when you say we are in the Victorian era?” Asked Joseph. “I mean I swear I was at home asleep a few minutes ago before you woke me up.” He stated, going a tad red when he mentioned the waking up part.


Emily noticed this and looked at Sky as if to say ‘What happened?’, and Sky shot a look back saying ‘Don’t ask.’  “So how can this be the Victorian era? Sky? Will you answer me?” Sky stopped pacing and turned to face the trio. She was tempted to just shake her head and not say a thing, but she spoke anyway. “Look. If you want proof, open the curtain and look outside.” She told them before turning and pacing again. She really didn't want to talk about that right now. She turned her thoughts back to the phone call Marionette had made while the others decided what to do and whether to believe Sky.


 Alex went over to the nearest window and pulled the curtains apart. He looked outside then called the others over. All three started out the window for a minute. Outside was a road, but it had horse dung and other disgusting things on it. There were carts pulled by horses going along the road, some going very fast. Every now and then there was what would be antique car going past, in perfect new condition. There were also people on the pavements, all wearing Victorian clothes. As the trio started at the sight, think of ways that it could be a trick, Sky’s iPhone buzzed in her belt. She made sure that she was facing the opposite to the others, and only after that did she got her iPhone to tell her the problem. “Marionette is coming up to see Emily. I’m not sure what she wants from Emily, but you’re either going to have to get Emily back to the other room now, or escape from this house, and fast.” It told her. Sky paused Marionette while she decided. Basically Sky froze time for Marionette while time continued for everyone else. “Let’s think. If Emily is in the room she will think that I haven’t found her, and will probably give her orders to kill me. If Emily isn’t in the room, then she will know that I know Emily, and may somehow give orders to her remotely, and the others would probably still think that this is a big trick. Either option is bad news for me, so I’m going to flip a coin. Is there any chance you have an app for that?” She cheekily asked her iPhone. She heard what sounded like a sigh in her earphone, and then it told her it did. “Ok, heads for option 1, tails for option 2.” They decided and after that the iPhone virtually flipped a coin. It was heads. “Looks like Emily is going to possibly kill me through Marionette’s instructions, but I’d better get her back to the room soon. Marionette may be a thief, but she doesn’t deserve to be paused forever.” With that Sky turned to face the window.


Emily had disappeared from the trio, leaving just the two boys. “YOU TWO!” Sky shouted to get their attention. “Did either of you see Emily leave? Or are you both too stupid?” She asked, before walking out of the room and slamming the room door behind her, a tad annoyed at them for not noticing Emily leaving the room whenever she had. She used her mind to look around the house, and found that Emily was in the room she had been in before, on the bed, asleep. ‘She must have been told to do that at specific times.’  Sky thought. She darted back into the other room just as she released Marionette. Sky ran quietly over to the two slightly surprised boys and whispered “Shut up, Marionette is upstairs.” Next she dipped into Marionette’s mind to see what she was telling Emily. It was as Sky suspected. Marionette was telling Emily to befriend her, and in a hidden spot away from others, kill her. It would look like a beggar had killed by another beggar, as evidence that they would plant there would suggest this.


 Sky grabbed the two boy’s arms and dragged them out of the room. She dragged them down the stairs to the front door, and she felt Alex’s arm shaking when they got to the front door. Sky turned to face Alex. “What’s wrong?” She asked him. The closer they had got to the front door, the more he had started shaking. He was now shaking so badly that even Joseph could see. “I don’t know why I’m shaking, Sky. If I did, I would tell you. Sorry.” Sky thought about this for a minute, and looked to Joseph to get his opinion. Just as she was about to ask Joseph, her iPhone told her what was most likely the problem. “Marionette has somehow made him have agoraphobia, possibly through the sleeping draught. Get him outside for a few minutes and it will probably fade. Also have a look in the kitchen; let’s see if the sleeping draught is there.” Sky pulled Alex outside and Joseph followed. “Joseph, make sure Alex stays here. I’ll be a minute, I need to do something.” She then went back inside, closed the door and made her way to the kitchen. Once there, she got her iPhone to scan the room and find where Marionette was keeping the sleeping draught. It was in the top cupboard, which was reasonably high up. Sky quickly got out her hover board and used it to get high enough to reach the cupboard. She opened the door of the cupboard and grabbed the sleeping draught. She quickly came back to ground level and jumped off of her hover board, and reattached it to its home in the strap on her leg. She then ran to the front door and out, where Joseph and Alex were waiting, Alex had stopped shaking now and was looking better. “Come on you two, we need to leave. And Emily isn’t coming. If you see her tell me straight away, even if you only think it’s her, tell me. Don’t ask why, I may tell you soon, it depends on the circumstances.” She then walked over to the stairs leading down and out of the flats.


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