Sky. A young girl at high school. What is so strange about that? I mean, it’s not like it’s the SECOND time she’s been to high school is it? Well, actually, at the age of 14, Sky HAS been to high school twice! There’s only one reason for that. Sky has AMAZING powers.
She has lived alone with these powers since the age of 2. She witnessed her parent’s deaths, as have other people like her. These are people who can travel in time and space. Sky is a rare person and on top of those abilities she has many more. She has spent time perfecting them, all the while hiding her secret. Now, she needs to help some others with those abilities.
Two children disappeared from Sky's time zone which doesn’t seem too unusual. What IS unusual is the time traces left behind which Sky can follow. Using her superior perfected skill of mind reading and messaging, and of course her advanced technology which she uses to save the children who have been taken to the past. Her iPhone in her belt is always there


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2





Sky was dumped in a new looking flat, and her instincts told her she was somewhere in Victorian London. Normally her instincts were right. They had been for all her previous experiences, and she trusted her instincts. A door near to her opened, and a middle aged woman emerged. The woman came up to her and asked "Have you come to take some of her clothes too? You're more than welcome to. I don't mind." The lady took a good look at Sky then added, “You look like you need them. What you're wearing is not normal for this time. Follow me." With that the lady walked back towards the door she had come from, and held the door open for Sky. "Thanks" Sky whispered. It was quiet in the building, and Sky felt the need to whisper instead of talking loudly. As Sky walked into the lady's flat she was practically drowned in pictures of a young beautiful lady. Sky assumed that these where pictures of the lady's daughter, as they had similar features. Sky was led upstairs, and into a room full of clothes. There were dresses, tops, trousers, skirts, shoes, corsets, and many other different items of clothing. Sky looked at the lady to confirm that she could look through and take some clothes. The lady nodded at Sky. Sky walked towards the dresses, and saw a sparkling red dress with short sleeves. It also had a matching small see through cardigan with it. Sky pulled the dress out and put it over her arm. Sky walked along some more, then saw a beautiful deep purple strapless dress.


At the top it had small purple sequins sown in, and down the back was a row of buttons. At the front, it had a small diamond button holding two parts together to create an opening for the rest of the dress. Sky held it up to herself, and looked in a mirror. It was beautiful. Suddenly, the lady appeared behind her and told her, “That suits you, just like it suited my daughter. Here, take this." The lady gave Sky a small purple bag that went with the dress. "You have a look at the other clothes, I need to go and get something." The lady then exited the room, and Sky could tell the woman was quietly crying. Sky quickly dipped into the woman's mind, and found out that her daughter had died, well disappeared and suspected to have been killed recently, and that was why she was crying. Sky looked around the other clothes, picking out some tops, trousers and shoes. She preferred trousers to skirts, so she didn't take any skirts. She also wasn't very keen on the corsets as they looked tight. Sky then heard the door reopen and she swivelled round to see the lady entering with a small box. "You can take the clothes your holding, that's fine by me. Also I want you to have this." The lady told her, holding out the small box. Inside was a ring, with a sapphire embedded in it. "It represents the month she was born in, September." The lady told Sky. "I think it'll suit you. So please take it." Sky took the ring from the box and put it on. "It's lovely," Sky whispered, smiling. "Thank you so much."


The door behind them suddenly opened, creaking a tad just before, and a younger looking woman entered. The woman who had just entered saw Sky in the room, and studied her modern clothes. Sky turned to face the new woman, instinctively hiding her new Victorian clothes behind her back. Sky felt that it would be better if the woman didn't know about the clothes. The woman standing at the door then told Sky to follow her in a commanding tone of voice, and Sky could tell she wasn't going to get much of a choice in the matter. The woman who had just spoken had a tone of voice that suggested that she was used to being obeyed without question. Once the woman had left the room, Sky put the clothes in her rucksack, and checked her iPhone was attached to her belt.  She then took her wireless earplugs from a small pocket on her belt and put them in her ears. Sky then quietly whispered, "Wireless headphones on." She then heard static for a moment, and then it faded to silence. She turned to the lady who was still in the room, and thanked her. The lady smiled, and Sky could see a hint of sadness behind it. “Be careful, Marionette is not the nicest of people.” The lady said, then she turned back to the clothes. Sky decided that she should leave, and she finally she hurried after the woman.


The technology Sky had created for herself was amazing; she took what she needed from other electronic equipment and changed cool stuff to make it even better. She had created an extra part for her special iPhone which allowed it to produce hologram maps and pictures. It was also capable of scanning most things and many other things. It connected to her wireless headphones as well which was useful at times when silence or very quiet was needed. Also the iPhone was always connected to the internet as it connected to 4G in a time where there is 4G and where there is 4G, so it could connect to the internet whenever and wherever it is. "Scan the woman; does she have any weapons on her? Is she dangerous?" Sky asked her iPhone quietly. She remembered just after that her name was Marionette, as the lady with the clothes had told her. The iPhone quickly scanned the woman in front of Sky, and replied, "She has no weapons on her, but she does have some kind of sleeping draught in her pocket. It doesn’t seem to come from this time zone. I would say don't eat anything she gives you, and be careful what you drink as well as she will probably put the sleeping draught in it."


A few seconds later they reached the door to the lady's flat. It was also a two storey flat, like the other woman's. Marionette put her hand in her handbag and searched around in it for a few minutes, before producing a shiny new key. She unlocked the door to her flat then turned to face Sky. "Come on in. Oh, and by the way my name is Marionette." Sky then stepped into the flat, and Marionette followed, and locked the door behind them. She felt her iPhone buzzing in her belt and it told her that it had scanned the flat and could produce a holographic map of the place later if she wanted or needed it. It also told her there were two areas other than her and Marionette of higher heat, which suggested that there were other people, most likely two others. Marionette turned to face Sky after locking the door, and said, “I’m assuming you don't want to talk yet so I’m going to make some food. Have a look around but don't get lost while I cook" And Marionette walked off, in what Sky guessed must have been the direction of the kitchen. As Marionette walked away Sky thought she heard her mumbling under her breath. She could just make out what she was saying. “I told him to send only sleeping children who won't be missed. Not kids who are awake. I need to get them to obey me if I’m going to get lots of money."


After that Sky couldn’t hear the rest of what she said as Marionette had entered the kitchen and closed the door. Sky then turned and walked over to a darker area of the corridor. "Ok iPhone, it should be safe now. Show me a hologram of this place please." The area in front of Sky lit up as the hologram appeared. Then 3 rooms lit up, showing the areas of higher heat. Two of the rooms were upstairs, while one was downstairs. Thinking quickly, she decided to go upstairs and into the room closest to the stairs, assuming that the room downstairs was the kitchen, as Sky hadn’t heard Marionette going upstairs. Sky quietly crept along the corridor until she reached the stairs. They were covered in the same velvet blue carpet as the floor downstairs. Sky climbed the stairs, and turned right towards the room closest to the stairs with a heat signature. She stood at the door, debating whether she should go in or not. In her ear her iPhone told her that the room had one occupant, who was male. “He’s asleep and around the same height as you, a bit smaller actually. Other than that I don't know anything. You need to enter the room to find out more." It told her. Sky took hold of the handle, and opened the door.           


As Sky opened the door she realised there was no light in the room. Although some light came in from the corridor, the room was still very dark. "Can you turn on the torch function please?" Sky asked her iPhone. In reply a beam of light emerged from the iPhone and illuminated the bed and the room. She walked over to the bed and studied the figure residing in it. The only part of the boy not covered by the duvet was some of his brown hair, which was poking out the top. Suddenly the figure moved, and Sky heard him groaning. The boy was waking up. Sky freaked out a bit then still panicking, "Blast! Turn out the light!! Now!!!" Sky whispered almost screaming. The light switched off a moment before he woke. The boy then sat up, and was looking around. Sky could see quite well in the dark. "Err, is someone here?" he asked, sounding scared. She quickly delved into his mind. It was rather fuzzy, and Sky guessed this was because he had been given some of the sleeping draught. Even though his mind was fuzzy, Sky was an expert at reading minds, and she quickly found out that his name was Alex. Another bit of information she found that she thought was interesting was that he had never properly seen a girl. He had been to all boy schools since he had been old enough to go to schools, and never really went out. "Please, if someone is here, turn on the light." He said. Through her earphone her iPhone asked her “Do you want me to turn on a small beam on him?" Sky thought about this. Turning on the light would reveal that she was here, but he sounded scared without the light. "Might as well" She whispered in reply. A small beam of light appeared and engulfed the boy. "Thanks" He replied, rather sheepishly. "Who are you?" He asked, sounding more confident now there was light in the room. "I mean I know you're there, so why not show yourself?" He continued. Now he had some light he was feeling better, and was rather curious as to who owned the light. "Look Alex, do you really want to see me? I know you have never seen a girl before, and I am a girl."  


Once again Sky read his mind, seeing his thoughts. He was mostly wondering how she knew his name, and then what he should do. After about a minute of debating he spoke. “Well, I would like to know what a girl looks like, so please come into the light where I can see you" He pleaded. As Sky was thinking about this, well thinking how to say that she really didn't want to without offending him, her iPhone told her "I'll surround you with a light," and immediately after did so. Alex gasped when he saw what she looked like. As he was thinking, Sky whispered angrily at her iPhone "At least you warned me in advance. Next time let me tell you what to do you..." Sky then realised that Alex could probably hear her, so she stopped, but vowed to continue later. Alex was staring at her, and muttering things like, “You have a different body shape to boys, and longer hair ...." After a few minutes of him continuously staring Sky started to feel embarrassed. She preferred being alone, and she didn't like being stared at during good times, let alone now. "Have you finished staring at me yet?" Sky politely asked him, reminding him of his manners. Alex was about to reply feeling a tad bad about staring at her when he noticed her cheeks going red. "One thing. Why have your cheeks gone red?" He asked. He watched her cheeks as he spoke and noticed them getting even redder. She quickly turned to face the door, and replied a few minutes later. "Cause they have. Are you coming? Oh and you might want to see if there are any tops in this room. And make sure you're wearing trousers please" She finished, before opening the door and striding out. For a moment, she thought about him. He had been sitting up in the room without a top on. Overall she decided he looked kinda cute.


Sky felt her iPhone start to vibrate in her belt as she stood there. “What is it?" She questioned, still rather annoyed about earlier. Her iPhone projected a hologram which showed Marionette walking toward her. "What should I do?" She asked. "You’re next to the stairs, why don't you hide beneath them. Also check your necklace is on. Just in case." Sky’s hand went to the dolphin necklace around her neck. The dolphin on the chain was hollow, so Sky had inserted a tiny device she had created that allowed her to go unseen when activated. She quickly checked to see if Alex was ready. He was still getting dressed but did have trousers on. "Get into the bed and quick." She told him. Her tone of voice made him obey her quickly. She shut the door to the room and dived under the stairs.


Moments Marionette passed Alex's room without even looking at it, and walked past where Sky was hiding without noticing her. Once Marionette had entered another room, presumably the one with the other person in, Sky opened the door to Alex's room. "I advise you get dressed but stay in this room for now. Be careful, Marionette just came by." With that she walked further down the corridor. Her iPhone projected the map again at her request, and showed her that Marionette was in the room the other person was in as she had expected. Sky went up to the door of the room and got her iPhone to scan it. "I'll tell you what’s happening but you need to move in case Marionette decides to leave the room." It told her. Sky jogged to the last room on the right side of the stairs.  In the room was some furniture, but not much. There was an arm chair next to the door, and two sofas on opposite sides of the room. The room was quite dark, but Sky could see fine. Suddenly Sky felt a build-up of time power, which Sky guessed meant a portal was opening. Sky had never used portals, but she knew that they could be used. If anyone else had been in the room, it would have automatically transported them home, but not Sky.


There was a lot of power and Sky felt rather dizzy and collapsed onto her knees on the floor. She closed her eyes for a second as she tried to steady herself, and she saw who was on the other side of the portal. There was a boy in a bed, which was glowing orange, signifying a portal was beneath it. She gasped as she recognised who it was. "Joseph!?" She saw his body sink into the orange glow and opened her eyes. Using the lounge chair next to her, she stood up again. The roof of the room Sky was standing in was glowing the same orange that the bed had been glowing, and she could see Joseph coming through. She quickly realised that the portal didn't have as smooth a landing as she normally did, so she hoisted herself up using the arm chair next to her and she moved to the middle of the room. A moment later Joseph dropped from the portal, and Sky managed to kind of catch him. Well more like grab him and collapse with him on top of her. At least she managed to stop any broken bones. She wriggled out from her position underneath him and looked at him. He seemed to still be asleep, even after going through a portal. 'Amazing' Sky thought. 'Someone can sleep through that!' An idea popped into her head after thinking that. Maybe she should test how asleep he really was. She knew him as for the last few years she had been in the same school as him, and she rather liked him. A lot. So to test how awake he was, she kissed him.



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