Summer '09

Hale Windsburg met Harry Styles on a vacation to England in the summer 2009. She fell in love with him instantly. It seemed like he did too. But then her vacation stopped and she was dragged back to America, California. She never heard of him since. But a lot of things had happened and Hale, better known as Anna Stacia, is now one of the most famous female singers in America. Then her manager gets an idea of making her do a song with the famous boyband One Direction. She refuses, knowing that she would have to face Harry, the guy who broke her heart, if she did. But her manager doesn't take a no for an answer and dragges her to Britain where she has to face the five hottest boys of Britain, probably also the world. And she even has to make a song with them. Hale get's thrown into old memories and new discorveries.


3. The Long Trip.

**Hale's POV**

I jumped up and down in my flight seat. Olivia, who sat beside me, sat a hand on my leg, trying to stop me from jumping up and down.

"Hale, calm down... We're landing in a minute so calm down." she said and I looked at her. I started to think. And that never helps.

"Mrs. Stacia, we're going to land in a minute. Please buckle your seatbelt and get ready to arrive." our captain said.

"Oh that's so typical! He says your name, but not mine? I'm on this plane too!" she exclaimed and leant back in her seat with her arms crossed. I somehow, totally out of the blue, got really worried.

"Olivia can't we run it over again?" I asked really worried. I was so nervous I literally just wanted to make the captain turn around the flight.

"Of course we can! Now Hale... Or Anna, whatever... What will you do when you see the boys?" she asked me and a little of the nervousness left me. I took a deep breath.

"I smile and says hi politely." I answered and smiled.

"Good, now what do you do when you see Harry?" she asked me. I took another deep breath.

"I says hi to him too, and acts like I've never seen him before." I answered and Olivia nodded.

"Okay, then what do you do if he remembers you." she asked. I froze.

"I still pretend like a don't know him." I answered and got calmer and calmer.

"Great! You know what to do." she said and I was now completely calm. I could do it... It was just one month... I think?

"Mrs. Stacia. We're arriving in five minutes." the captain said and Olivia sighed. I laughed at her.


***Five minutes later***


I took a deep breath and walked out of the plane, Oliva walked right behind me. When I came out I heard a lot of screams. Girls and boys stood around the plane with signs and crazy faces. There was fencing, so I could walk into the airport without being attacked. I smiled at my fans and walked, as calm as I could, to the minibus that would drive me to the hotel. Apperently I was too 'important' to just go through the airport. I got into the minibus and found a seat in it.

"How do you survive walking on the street?" Olivia exclaimed and found a seat too. I laughed at her and pointed at my Raybans.

"These guys can save lifes." I said and smirked at her. Olivia laughed and I laughed with her. The bus started moving and we laughed all the way to our hotel.

"Mrs. Stacia we have arrived." the driver said and I nodded. Olivia pouted. I laughed at her and was about to go out of the bus, but that when I remembered something important.

"My luggage!" I exclaimed and froze. The driver laughed at me. I raised one eyebrow at him. I couldn't manage to move the other eyebrow.

"Your luggage is already at the hotel Mrs. Stacia." the driver said and smiled at me. I breathed out in relief. Me and Olivia walked out of the minibus and instantly was being pulled away by two bodyguards. First I didn't understand why, but the I saw the crazy croud of people who had gathered at the intrance at the hotel. We got inside, unharmed, and walked to the reception.

"Hello. My names Anna Stacia and I've booked a room." I said and the receptionist quickly got up and walked to the wall with keys and found a gold key. She runned to me, on the other side of the counter, and handed me the keys.

"Welcome to hotel Hilton Mrs. Stacia, it's such a pleasure having you to stay here." the receptionist said and I smiled at her.

"The pleasure is on my side." I said and the receptionist smiled even wider.

"If there's anything I can do for you, just call. Anything." the receptionist said and I nodded.

"Em... Where's my room?" I asked, kind of lost. The receptionist froze.

"Yes of course. I totally forgot to tell you. It on the 20'th floor room number 567. Our master suite. Let me follow you up there." the receptionist said and began walking to the elevator. I followed her and so did Olivia and our two bodyguards. We stepped into the huge elevator and the receptionist pressed the 20 button. The doors closed and the elevator started moving. A very well known song came on the little elevator speakers.

"That's what's makes you beautiful!" five angelic boy voices sang, but I only noticed one of them. I tried to block out the song.

"PLING!" the elevator said and the doors opened. We all walked out and came into a luxury hall. I followed the receptionist to a door where there stood '567' and I unlocked the door. I opened the door and froze when I saw the inside of the room.

There was a pluffy red sofa and two pluffy (also red) armchairs. I lost my jaw when I saw the rest of the content. There was a huge tv, an indian carpet and everything was orginized perfectly.

I walked in with Olivia. We looked at eachother and instantly smiled. I turned around to face the receptionist.

"I'll call if I need anything. Kay?" I said and the receptionist nodded, smiled and walked away. I looked at the bodyguards.

"We'll be inhere. They nodded and I closed the door. I turned around and looked at an amazed Olivia. I laughed and walked to her.

"OMG!" we shrieked and jumped up and down holding eachothers arms. We stopped jumping up and down.

"I really can't believe this. We're in London and we're staying at the Hilton hotel!" Olivia shrieked. I nodded my head furiously.

"I know! I know! I can't believe it!" I shrieked and hugged Olivia.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" something sang in my pocket. I pulled up my phone and checked the caller ID. Zandra... I picked it up.

"It's me..." I said and waited for her response.

"Anna... I want you to go to sleep now and then I'll pick you up at 10 AM tomorrow? And then we're having a meeting with the boys. Okay?" she said and I got a bit confused by her blabring.

"Yeah... Okay?" I said and I could just feel Zandra's smirk in the other end.

"Good." she said and then hung up. I shook my head and put my phone back in my pocket.

"Zandra..." I said and sighed.

"What did she say?" Olivia asked me.

"I'm meeting the bastards tomorrow at 10 AM." I said and sighed heavily. Olivia sighed.

"I'm going to sleep." I stated and walked out of the livingroom to my bedroom. I closed the door behind me and jumped on my bed. I just wanted to sleep. Then I may be ready for my meeting with the bastards.

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