Summer '09

Hale Windsburg met Harry Styles on a vacation to England in the summer 2009. She fell in love with him instantly. It seemed like he did too. But then her vacation stopped and she was dragged back to America, California. She never heard of him since. But a lot of things had happened and Hale, better known as Anna Stacia, is now one of the most famous female singers in America. Then her manager gets an idea of making her do a song with the famous boyband One Direction. She refuses, knowing that she would have to face Harry, the guy who broke her heart, if she did. But her manager doesn't take a no for an answer and dragges her to Britain where she has to face the five hottest boys of Britain, probably also the world. And she even has to make a song with them. Hale get's thrown into old memories and new discorveries.


2. Not Those Bastards!


**Anna's POV**

"Anna!" my manager exclaimed when I walked through the door. I smiled and hugged her. She pulled away and walked to her desk. I walked with her and sat on the guest chair.

"So what's the emergency?" I asked getting right to the point. She sounded so excited when I talked to her on the phone. Zandra smiled at me, exposing her perfect white teeth.

"I have something to announce." she said smirking at me. I raised my eyebrow suspiciously. What had she arranged.

"You're doing a song with One Direction!" she shrieked and smiled like an idiot. I looked at her in complete shock. Me. Doing. A. Song. With. ONE DIRECTION!?

"Forget it! I'm never gonna make a song with those popboys!" I exclaimed and got up from the chair, banging my fist into the desk. You know just to make the hole dramatic effect.

"Oh yes you are. I've talked with their manager and he loves the idea. You're leaving in..." she looked at her watch, "two hours." She said and smiled at me. The anger boiled inside me. I refused to work with those bastards. Esspeacially that moran called 'Harry Styles'!

"I refuse." I said and crossed my arms. Zandra sighed.

"I don't want to force you to anything, but I have arranged it and a deal is a deal." she said and walked to the other side of the desk, where I stood.

"Now go to your apartment and get ready. I'll pick you up in an hour. Okay?" she said and waited for me to say okay. But hell no was I agreeing in working with those... Those boys!

"Not okay." I said and made a grimace to Zandra.

"I wont take no for an answer, so there's no point in denying it. You're going to London if you want it or not." she said. I pouted. I knew it was hopeless discussing anything with Zandra. She won every discussion. I might as well just accept it. Okay... I'm going to make ONE song with them. One song. I could do that. Just write the song and sing it. No more than that.

I nodded and walked out of the office. I'm so gonna regret this.

I walked out of the building and saw a limo parked outside the building. I sighed. I still wasn't really used to the hole famous thing. When I was halfway to the car someone stopped me.

"Um excuse me?" a tall boy, around my age, asked and walked to me. I looked confused at him.

"What?" I asked as kind as I could be at the moment. The boy smiled at me. He was pretty cute actually. He had brown curly hair and completely brown eyes. Those curls were way too familuar. I shook the thought of him away.

"Aren't you Anna Stacia?" he asked and I smiled.

"Yes I am." I said and kept smiling. The boy smiled immediatly and handed me a blog and a pen.

"Will you please sign this?" he asked and I nodded. I wrote my signature with the pen and gave him the blog and pen back.

"Thank you so much! Have a nice day." he said and walked away.

"You too!" I shouted after him he turned around smiling. I took my Rayban sunglasses out of my hair and took them on. I walked the to the car and got in. The driver in the front seat nodded at me as I entered.

"To my apartment please." I said and the driver nodded again. I leant back in the comfy seat. The car started and I sighed deeply.

This couldn't be real. And if it was, how was I going to face the only boy I ever loved. Even though it has been 4 years since I'd heard of him, I still wasn't over him. He stole my heart and now I really wanted it back. It's like I had forgotten something when I left London. And I had to find out what.

I deepened in my thoughts getting more and more depressed.

"Mrs. Stacia?" my driver asked me and ripped me out of my thoughts. I looked at him (as much as I could).

"We have arrived." he stated and I nodded. I climbed out of the car and quickly walked to entrance of my apartment. Even though I was famous and had a lot of money, I still lived in my old apartment with my best friend. I walked up the many stairs and breathed out when I finally reached our door. I took my keys from my pocket and unlocked the door.

"I'm home!" I shouted, a lot lesser entusiastic as I used to be. Oliva walked into the hallway, where I was taking off my Vans.

"What happened?" Oliva asked, clearily worried. I looked up after taking both my shoes off. I sighed and walked into my room, Olivia following me. I jumped on my bed and sighed dramatically.

"We're gonna get packing, Zandra'll be here in hour." I said and Olivia looked confused at me. I found a big suitcase under my bed and lay it on my bed.

"We're going to England." I stated, no sign of happiness in my voice. It sounded more like a complain, than a statement.

"For what reason?" Olivia asked again, really confused. I looked up at the ceiling before answering.

"I'm going to do a song with One Direction." I sighed and looked at Olivia. She was completely frozen.

"Oh god..." she said and I nodded my head. She walked to me and gave me a comforting hug. I refused to cry over him again. Olivia pulled away and studied me.

"Are you okay?" she asked and I nodded my head.

"Yeah... I-I'm fine." I said and shook my head. As if to shake the bad memories off my mind. Olivia nodded.

"Okay, then lets start packing." she said smiled a comforting smile. Olivia and I had been friends since we were 8. We both had a passion for Harry Potter and singing, so we quickly became friends. Olivia knew everything about me. Even the part about Harry. I could tell everything to her and she gave the most comforting hugs I've ever had.

I nodded my head and Olivia went into her room to pack her stuff. I shook my head and walked to my closet. How long should I be there? Maybe a little month. I took almost half of my closet and plopped it into my suitcase. I walked back into my closet and took a pair of slippers, a pair of black converse and ONE pair of a high heel. I hated going in high heels, but I knew Zandra would force me to buy some heels if I didn't bring some myself. I plopped the shoes in my suitcase too and pressed all the clothes and shoes down so that there was space for my bathroom stuff. I walked into my bathroom and found a little toiletbag hanging on a rem beside the sink. I took it and plopped all of my makeup (wich wasn't much) in it. I also added my shampoo and conditioner. I took my favorite perfume and plopped it into the bag too. I nodded at my toiletbag and walked back into my room. I plopped the toiletbag i to the suitcase and tried to zip it.

I finally had zipped it close and I sighed in relief. I took my suitcase and walked out of my room. I sat the suitcase in the hallway and walked to Olivia's room. I opened the door without knocking and froze when I saw what she was doing.

She was holding up a pair of red lacy underwear and I clearly knew how she thought of using them.

"Em... Might I ask what you're doing?" I asked her and Olivia turned around to face me. Her cheeks grew red and I saw a glimpse of guilt in her eyes.

"I-I-I... I'm sorry... Hale you know I love One Direction." she said and looked down. I sighed and walked to her.

"Don't feel guilty. I-I know you love them... And I know you want to bang Louis, so what's the deal." I said and patted her arm. Olivia started laughing, tiny tears in her eyes.


How in hell am I going to go through this?

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