I'm waiting

I'm I waiting, I'm waiting for a lot of things death, pain, happyness. I don't think it will ever come.


2. It lets the bad guy know your there



"Hey." Sarah said.

"Hey, thank you so much for yestarday!" I hugged her, it's hard to get other Angles to do your shift for you. But Sarahs my best friend. "So did you talk to him?"

"No." I said flatly.


"Coz I'm an Angle." She was waiting, she didn't understand. "I talk to no one at school, I say nothing. Then out of the blue I start talking. They will be staring and they was a Devil."

"Oh. When are you going to talk to him?"

"In about 5 minutes." I shrugged.

"Then go." She pushed me, I glided safety to ground making sure he wasn't all ready there. I'm pretty sure that seeing the girl that never talks with wings wont scare anyone at all. When my feet hit the ground, my wing hide them selfs. I sat on the floor. Got my note pad out of my bag and started to right about death I was death for an hour and half before god took me,  and gave me wings. "Hello?" I heard someone say. "You know saying hello lets the bad guy know your there." I said when I seen him.




I know small chapter but still I hope you like it xx

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