I'm waiting

I'm I waiting, I'm waiting for a lot of things death, pain, happyness. I don't think it will ever come.


1. Angle/Devil WTF



I sat there in class waiting to be put with someone to do the project. "Jay, you're with Diamond." NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I can't be they has to be mixtake. I don't say anything just walk over to Diamond. She looks up at me with long eyelashes, no expression at all. But somethig flickers in her eyes. She gurches her head to the left not looking at me. But a something else. Her brown striaght hair covers her face, but not well. I think she looks scared of what she's just seen. Then I see it too. A man watching her. She looks back at me. then gets a pen, and a piece of paper. She writes our names on the top of the paper. then writes what the projects about it's about Death. The teacher tolded us to write about death, she starts to write about it, Death is peace full a place to go it's everyone's destiney. Everyone dies. Some people die when there time comes. Some die when someone takes they life. She hesitatied, then started to write again. To some death is away out from the pain, from the pain that others cause. Some people die to save someone else. Is it god who says when we die. Yes, but some people get in the way and change it. I looked at her.  She looked so certain. Like...like...I don't know. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. Then I looked at the man, but he was gone. She seem like she knew he was gone, without looking. Her phone vibarted, she had a text. It said Every thing is all done meet me in the clouds! When she read it I could tell that she was happy. She texted back saying Hey, thanks! Was watching us from the window! Gtg Project with Jay. Remember not to text Angle/Devil shit!! xx Angle/Devil  WTF!! Her friend texted her back Diamond talk to the fuckin' boy already! No need to hide from the Humans!! DTB xx She put her phone way, shook her head. She wrote her phone number on a piece of paper, and give it to me. Weired girl I thought.

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