My New Life

A girl named Passion who just moved to ATL from Texas. She lives with her older brother Mike who both watched their parents get murdered when they were little.


3. School

Passion P.o.v.

Yay.. Today's my birthday.. I'm finally 19. I can't and I can't wait to go to school and show off what I got. Not in like a bragging way, more of a excited way. I woke up early and got dressed. I wanted to wear an outfit I got from online, it ust got in yesterday after like 2 weeks. 

i decided to wear my hair in a bun with a bow in on it

I went to the bathroom did my female hygiene was and did my hair. After I took my shower, my phone must have gotten like 80 text messages and 10 missed calls. Most of the messages were from my friends, and family. The calls were my brother and Grandparents either to wake me up for school or, say happy birthday to me. When I walked down stairs, I saw a present on my kitchen counter. Next to the present was a note. I opened up the note and it said:

  Dear Passion,

  Happy Birthday! Sorry I couldn't be there to wake you up to your surprise breakfast. On your credit card I put a couple hundreds on it so after school you can go to the mall.

~ Mike


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