My New Life

A girl named Passion who just moved to ATL from Texas. She lives with her older brother Mike who both watched their parents get murdered when they were little.


1. Ρlαγιη βαςkετbαll

Passion's P.o.v.


I walked into the gym locker room and sat my bag down. I opened up my locker the information desk assigned me to.I had trouble opening the locker because it was jammed. A girl with light skin and brown hair walked over to me. When she talked to me she had an spanish accent.

?- Do you need help?

Me- Umm. Yeah please. I'm new here. What's your name.

?- my name is Raquel. What's yours?

Me- Mines is Passion. Do you speak spanish?

Raquel- ¡ Si ! * Yes * Me- ¡ Bueno ! * good *

Raquel- Where you from?

Me- Im from Texas, you?

Raquel- I'm from the Dominican Republic.

Me- Cool.. Im part Dominican

Raquel- Really? What part?

Me- The Capital..

Raquel- ( opens locker ) well there you go. It was nice talking to you

Me- thanks and you too Raquel- ( waves and walks off )

When I got done changing, I headed straight for the basketball court. When I got there it was as empty as space. Before I started playing I stretched. Then I walked over to one side of the court and started doing basketball drills. I must have shot like 6 three pointers. Then a couple of guys walked in and sat dowm on the bleachers. I looked over there way smiled and shot my last three pointer. A cute boy walked over to me. I stopped dribbling my ball and held it.

?- Hey sweety.. Why don't you scoot off the court and let yah man do his job.

Me- ( whispered in his ear ) first of all you ain't my man and second of all, girls play basketball dirtier than boys. ( walks over to bleachers, grabs my bag and leaves )

?- Dang ( bites his lip )



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