My New Life

A girl named Passion who just moved to ATL from Texas. She lives with her older brother Mike who both watched their parents get murdered when they were little.


4. I'm Falling For Him

Passion's P.o.v.


I was on my way to the gym wearing this:

I was going to go play some basketball and also meet up with that one guy. He's kind of cute. He came to my house the other day because I left my Beats by Dre headphones

in the basketball court.  When I walked out of the locker room I bumped into that boy 



?-Oh I um didn't really get to introduce myself the other day. My name's Chresanto but you can call me Chres shakes hand

Me- Yeah either. My name's.Passion. returns the hand shake

Chres- Has anyone ever told you that you look very cute when you play basketball?

Me-blushes no and thank you, your not so cute yourself

Chres- I bet you i'll win if we play shirts or skins.

Me-Your on


I grabbed the basketball from him made 2 layups and then put my headband on and put my hair into a ponytail

Chres-If I get a point you strip one piece of clothing off and if you get a point I'll do the same.


We started to play, I got two points and all he.had on was his shoes, short, and socks. He just made three points and all I had on was my leggings, and my sports bra and my shoes. Finally, I was about to male the score point when he reached for my arm pulled close to him and kissed me. I pulled away and just looked at him while biting my lip.

Chres- laughs I wanted to do that from the minuet I saw you. 

Me-blushes yeah. turns around when she hears whistles

?- man I knew you would get someone Chres

Chres- man shut the f*** up and sit yo a** down somewhere

Me- laughed, then smile while looking at Chres and hugging him look bae, I got to go and finish some school work for college . oh... let me see your phone. 

Chres-hands her the phone umm ok

Me- Insert my phone number and takes a picture for his contact photo. All done. hands him back the phone, kiss him on the cheek and leave

Chres-Bites his lip man come on lets bounce

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