My New Life

A girl named Passion who just moved to ATL from Texas. She lives with her older brother Mike who both watched their parents get murdered when they were little.


2. Bad Dream

   When I was sleeping, I had the same dream I have been having since i was little. My parents murder. The way I dream of it everyday makes it seem like it happened yesterday, 


It all started when my brother I came home with a couple of friends. It was about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. It was a Friday and my friend Kylah and I were supposed to be going to go watch the new movie Honey 2.  We were all laughing and coming to the front  my door when I heard my parents scream for help. All us us ran to the door while  I  rushing to reach for my house key out of my purse. It took me exactly 2 minutes because I coudn't find it at first. When I did find it quickly unlocked the door and swung it open. All I saw was my mom getting raped by a man with a mask on and my dad getting shot. Of course I opened my mouth up and screamed stop. But nope, the suspects didn't en pay attention. I dropped everything. My bag, my phone, and my text books. I ran straight towards the man who was raping  mother while my r brother Mike, went to go save our dad. 

   Mike grabbed the gun out of  hand and began to one of men in the face with the gun itself. When the rapist finally realized what had happened, he took out his gun and shot our s d shot me in the stomach . He would have probably killed me  he could continue the  of 6 police cars came block each exit door . I then passed out and woke up in a hospital. When I woke up. My brother was in his chair with his head down crying and praying. " Mikey?" I said in discomfort. he heard my voice his head popped up and smiled. His eyes were red, his  face had stitches, and his voice was hoarse. " Oh thank you Jesus... Im so sorry I let you down. I-I tried my best. I really--. Mike began to cry " I really tried to save mom dad but i didn't. " Mikey grabbed my hand

"  It's ok Mike. we tried our best and we know that they're in a good, safe place. I love you. ok go get some rest... I will be ok." I kissed his hand and fell asleep.


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