Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


30. Vine

Isabella's pov

And that's what we did. We cuddled watching movie after movie after movie. But after the 5th movie we realised it was getting really later and I had an early flight. "You wanna hit the hay? I asked as I looked up at him. I was laying on his chest. He nodded, yawning. I got up and then he did. "Come on, your sleeping with me" he said holding onto my waist as I was about to lay down again.


I shook my head, chuckling slightly. Boys will be Boys. "If you try anything, I swear to god" I muttered. Now it was his time to chuckle. I walked up stairs and into his room. Everything was so neat and organised especially since it's a boy's room. I flopped onto his bed as he set an alarm then laid next to me. "Goodnight Jay" I whispered, pecking his nose. "Goodnight Belle" he whispered back, pecking my nose.


I wriggled into his arms and wrapped my arms around his waist. I also mangled our legs together. Even though I couldn't really see, I could tell he was smiling. He pulled me in even closer if that was even possible. His arms traveled up my hoodie but not up my shirt. Smart. I put my hands in the back pockets of his sweat pants. Slowly, I began to fall asleep,


"Jason" I said, gently shaking him. I was straddling him. He had slept through the alarm but I didn't. His eyes fluttered open, smiling at me. "Good morning" he said, putting his hands behind his head. I leant down, kissed his cheek and whispered "morning" A smirk played on his lips as he put both hands behind me, pulling me closer. "What's going on in that little head of yours?" I asked, playing with his hair.


He chuckled. "Your mentally undressing me aren't you" I ask crossing my arms. "Maybe" he continued to smirk. "Okay come on. We need to go" I said holding his hand. I got off of him and pulled him up too.


His hands went inside my sweatpants and down my thighs, causing me to stop dead in my tracks. He left a trail of kisses from my cheek down the my lips. "Jason" I said blankly. "Stop" His hands released from my thigh.


"I'm sorry" "Jason. We're friends" "Just friends. Just friends. I'll try to control myself" "but I don't want you to control yourself" "so what do you want?" "I don't know. Justin means everything to me. But your my best friend." "it's fine" "it's not" "I'll wait" "for what?" "For you to know" "I love you Jason. That's what I know" "I love you too Belle"


He kiss the left corner of my lip and then the right. I smiled, looking down at my feet, fidgeting awkwardly. "So should we...uh" "yeah okay" he thumbed towards the front door. Walked to the table, grabbed my phone and followed him out. The sunlight blinded me as we began to walk to his car. As we got in he began to drive as I checked my phone for any messages. 2 from Justin. I clicked one of the videos, afraid of what I'll see. 


Loud music was in the background and I could tell he was at the club with a lot of people. Justin was shirtless, with his sunglasses on and dancing. I could tell he was having fun. I clicked on the other one. "FUCK YOU ISABELLA AND FUCK YOUR SHIT" he screamed above the music.I shut off my phone and looked out my window. I watched as the houses passed by until we finally got to our road and then our house. "Should I wait here or do you need help?" Jason asked wearily. "No I'll be okay. It's only 2 suit cases" I answered, smiling. 


I opened the door and got out. Letting out a breath as I got to the door, pulling the spare key out from under the doormat. Silently I unlocked the door to find a pair of black supras and black high heels. A whimper can out as I covered my mouth. Luckily I had memorised where all of the creaks where in the floor boards and on the stairs. I made my way up them silently.


Of course I had to leave the suitcases on the opposite side of the room from where the door is, meaning I'd have to walk past the bed. I opened the bedroom door without a sound. My eyes widened and gasped as I through my hands over my mouth one again as a tear rolled down my cheek. Why would he do this? How could he do this to me? There he was, laying there, a naked blonde girl next to him, the white bed sheets wrapped around them. The smell of sex lingered throughout the room.


I slowly stepped around the bed, not stepping on any creaks in the passing. I most certainly did not want to deal with him this early in the morning. I grabbed both suitcases, using all the strength I had to carry them. As I was. Carrying them past the bed, the corner of a suitcase whacked the dresser. Justin turned and fidgeted. His hands wrapped around her and pulled her closer. I let out a breath. I began to carry them down the stairs and the minute I got to the bottom, I let them hit the floor and rolled them out the front door.


I slammed the door shut and began rolling them to Jason's car letting the tears fall in the process. Jason's boot was currently open. Immediately he got out of the car. "What happened?" "I just wanna go" I said, wiping my tears. I lifted the suit cases and put them in the boot. "Isabella. What happened?" He asked, looking at me in the eyes. I shook my head yelling "I don't wanna talk about it. Can we please just fucking go" 


"Isabella" I heard him scream behind me. I turned around. The blonde was covering herself with the blanket in the doorway and he was in shorts beginning to run at me. "Fuck this shit" I yelled, closing the boot and getting in the passenger side. Jason ran inside and started the car just as Justin got to my window.

"Are you gonna cry?"
"I dunno"
"Do you wanna cry?"
"I dunno"
"You're gonna cry"
"I know"

Tears cascaded down my cheeks as I brought my legs up and cried into them. Immediately my phone blew up with texts. All from Justin. Obviously. My tears continued to fall. We sat there. Nobody talking. Just me crying my heart out. 


I sniffled one last time before I switched on my phone. I went onto Instagram and clicked onto his profile. Pictures of him and the blonde girl named @chanteljeffries popped up. I let out a another sniffle and scrolled through them. I watched the only video he posted. It was of him grinding on her with the song 'grind with me' in the background.


I squeezed my eyes tight and shook my head. My Justin wouldn't do this, the Justin I love would never do this, he would never try to hurt me on purpose. But this was not my Justin. "Are you okay?" Jason's sweet voice said, running his fingers up my arm, sending shivers down my spine. I nodded, opening my eyes. "Why don't you go on vine and see if any cheer you up?" He suggested. I nodded.


I scrolled through my phone and finally found vine. I clicked on the 'comedy' section. I scrolled through until one caught my eye. It was captioned 'when you get a good grade on a test vs getting a bad grade.' The teenage boys name was Matthew Espinosa. I laughed once the vine had ended and then looped again. I heard Jason chuckle slightly, knowing he had heard it. I clicked on his profile and watched each vine.


Both me and Jason erupted into laughter. And it was also a plus that he was 100% hot. I went on his Instagram, Twitter and followed him. I tweeted him "@TheMatthewEspinosa your hilarious! I don't understand how I've survived without you" I smiled. Moments later he retweeted and replied "oh my god! I love you so much Isabella thank you! That means so much to me" I chuckled as I thumbed out another tweet "@TheMatthewEspinosa your so adorable. I love you too"


"You're already in love with him aren't you?" Jason asked,smirking. I slowly nodded giggling. "Oh Miss Roberts, what am I gonna do with you?" He asked, shaking his head. "Thank you, for everything you've done for me" I said putting my hand over his. "Your a great friend" I continued. "So are you" he said rubbing my hand. "You didn't deserve anything that happened to you" he murmured. "I appreciate that" I replied.

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