Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


10. The second accident

Isabella's P.O.V


"justin" I laughed as he span me around. "Yes princess isabella?" Jesus, this boy will be the death of me. He was now carrying me bridal style."take me to mine and Jessica's room. NOW"

justin replied with " why does Isabella wish to be taken to her room?" "Maybe cause Isabella's soaking wet and must get changed. Move" "your wish is my command" then he ran down the hall to jess' room.


i was dying of laughter with justin. He put me down in the door way. "You can leave now" "we'll I wasn't gonna stay and watch you change." I giggled and shut the door. I slid my back down the door. Oh justin, the things you do to me. I realised I hadn't got my stuff yet. I swore under my breath. Walked out the hall and shouted. "JESSICA YOU HAVE TO DRIVE ME HOME TO GET MY STUFF!"  It was silent for about a minute. "UM ISABELLA, ME AND RYAN ARE BUSY, MAYBE LATER! SORRY." Well okay then. "IL WALK THEN" It was about a 25 minute walk. 


Justins head popped into the room. " I can drive you if you want?" I said " it's okay, i can walk" . He replied "it's the least I can do"  "um... Okay then" "if you want you can borrow my baseball jacket? If you want?" He's so sweet. "Thanks, are you sure?" "Yea of course" he passed me his baseball jacket then we went down stairs. His jacket was a little big but it smelt like him. I sat in his fisker karma. He started driving and I put the radio on. ALAYLM came on. 


He asked " do u want me to turn it off?" He looked at me, then back at the road. "No, keep it on." I smiled. "As long as you love me we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke" I sang. "As long as you love me, il be your platinum, il be your silver, il be your gold." He sang. Together we sang "as long as you lalalalala la lalalalala la lalala love me, as long as you lalalalala la lalalalala la lalalala love me." His angelic voice sing with my terrible one :( "your a really good singer. Better then me" 


" are you kidding me. My singings sounds like a cat being killed or something worse. Point is I sound terrible." He looked really shocked. "No seriously you have a really good voice. You should come on stage with me" he smiled. I replied "NO WAY!! I would like freeze on stage. I have huge stage fright." And I looked down embarrassed. He looked at me and lifted my chin up. "Don't lower your head princess, your crown is falling"


My eyes wandered onto his eyes. My head shot to the road. "JUSTIN THE ROAD!" I shouted. He turned to the road. His eyes widened to the truck heading our way. A very scared justin say with his hands on the wheel frozen.



i thought I'd leave u on a Cliff hanger ;) comment if your enjoying my story.

peace, love and unicorns x

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