Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


15. The boys fight back ;)

Isabella's p.o.v

I woke up. I saw justin next to me then I remembered what happened. I smiled to myself. I was still wearing his T-shirt. I walked out of his room and went up to mine. I got changed and went back into Justin's room. I left a little note next to him. I grabbed my bag and slid my feet into my supras. I went outside and locked the door. I walked to the supermarket down the road. I walked in and was looking through the isle's. somebody poked my back so I turned around and looked down. There was a little girl who said "please can I have your autograph? And a picture would be nice" she smiled. "Okay sweety, what's your name?" "Kayla" I wrote down ' Dear Kayla. Always follow your dreams and never say never. Love Isabella x' she read it and smiled wide. I then took her phone and was taking funny photos of us. She hugged me and said "thank you so much" i laughed at her cuteness. Then she started to skip away.


 I was looking through the magazine when I spotted ones of me and justin on the cover. It read "go to page 3 and 4 to read more about Justin's new girlfriend" I was kind of scared about turning but I did. There was two whole pages filled with me and justin. I read a little paragraph."looks like the biebs has thrown out miss gomez and replaced her with some new girl. We spotted the two coming out of the hospital, biebers arm around her. We shouted some things which got justin quite angry.


"As a result, bieber punched a paparazzi. Woah, we didnt see that coming." There was a photo of us together then a photo of justin punching the pap. Then I read, "we think this girl just wants the Biebs for his money. He had no idea what he left selena for. We found out she's had 12 boyfriends before the Biebs. Somebody's a little sneaky." They had a couple pictures of me with guys iv never even met. My eyes widened, what if justin see's. I read another little paragraph. "We found out she slept over Justin's house. I wonder what went on behind closed doors? ;)" holy hell, this is bad. Afraid, I read another paragraph" this sneaky fox also sung with justin last night. Some beliebers complained that she sounded worse then somebody standing on a cats tail. Others said they came to watch there idol perform but she ruined it. some said ' I don't want my idol to date some piece of trash like her." Somebody else said " she's a complete fat bitch." I felt my heart break in two. 


I was standing there looking at the pages when a girl who walked passed me muttered "bitch" then she pushed me and I fell and bashed my head on the magazine rack. I bought the magazine. Stupid right, well I can just show justin end year of explaining it. I began to walk home. Tears brimming at my eyes, wanting to fall out, I couldn't help myself. They all slowly came out. I was officially crying. When I got home, I ran past justin who was currently watching T.V. And up to my room. I locked the door and slid my back down the door. Justin came knocking on the door saying. "I saw that youv dated 12 guys before me. Why didnt you tell me?" I cried "because it's not true. And I found out your beliebers think I'm a fat ugly bitch who can't sing. And I ruined your concert." It was silent. "What are you talking about" justin said clearly confused. 


I unlocked the door and gave him the magazine, he read everything and he had sadness and sorrow in his eyes. " I'm sorry Isabella." I said "it's okay. Your my boyfriend, I don't want to fight with you. Oh and I also got called a bitch and got pushed over, just saying." I smiled and hugged him. "I love you" I whispered into his shoulder. He said " I love you too" I sensed him smiling. "So what you wanna do all day?" He asked me, I replied "movie day" and did a little dance which made just giggle. His giggle is so cute. "Il make popcorn. You find a movie." I went into the kitchen and grabbed some popcorn. I put it in the micro wave. After the amount of tim I took it out. Perfect. I walked into the living room and the conjuring home menu was on the screen. I stared at justin and was shaking my head and he grabbed my hand, pulling me down. "I'll protect you" he said into my ear. 


The movie had only starts And I was already scared. I dug my head into Justin's jumper. I wrapped his arms around me. Then started watching the movie again and justing kissed my forehead tellingly everything gonna be alright. I bent over to pick up my drink, but it wasn't there. "Um justin?" He turned to me and said "yea?" 

I: where's my drink

J: did you move it

I: no.

J: now I'm freaked out.we stared at each other then there was loud banging on the door. I whispered , don't answer it. He hot up and went to the door anyway. He looked through the eye hole. There was nobody there. It was about 3:30 now. He opened the door. And nobody was there. It started to rain. I stepped out side. "Come out" I told justin. He walked next to me. "I want to have our first kiss" "we'v already kissed like all the time." "I know but we never had a perfect first kiss. So please can we have it now?" He nodded and I smiled. He leaned in, I leaned in then BOOM! Sparks flew between us, this time it was perfect. He big my lip, asking for entrance which I clearly accepted. His tongue explored my mouth.i jumped and wrapped my arms around him. And old women walked passed and shouted " get a room" me and justin broke the kiss. We went back inside. Ryan and jess were watching TV. I joined them but justin said "why don't we leave the girls to relax." Them they walked away. All the lights went off. Then the Michael Myers theme tune came on. I started saying "I'm to scared to cry." To people in masks came out of nowhere and one ran to me. And I screamed "HOLY FUCK! IM GONNA DIE IM GONNA DIE!" Then the two people ran outside and the lights and everything came on. Ryan and justin came down the stairs crying of laughter. "Oh ma god did yo user your faces" justin said almost falling down laughing. "Wait, if that was you two, who's that?" I said pointing to the two men standing at the end of our front room. Ryan and Justin looked at each other "I don't know." 


We ran up stairs, scared. We all ran into my room right at the top of the house, then I locked the trap door. Nobody could get in or out. L"who the fuck are they?" I said. Justin said "I promise I have no idea. "Well I have four bottles of water in her and. Little but of food so." I through them all a bottle. "Don't drown It, we don't know how long were gonna be in here. Justin moved to my window and tried to unlock it. But nothing. He grabbed a empty photo frame and smashed the window. I got all my scarfs and tied them together,extremely tight. "I'll go first" I said. Justin said "no I'm going first so when you come down if the people are there we can run together" we tied the scarf onto my bed. 


Justin started sliding down. I was kinda scared. Then i started to slide down but one of the scarfs came loose and I fell but luckily justin caught me. "Thanks baby" I said kissing him we retired eh scarfs. Jessica made it to the floor. Then Ryan. We all called the. Police and ran to a shop and waited there. "Ah FUCK" I said. "What" jess said. "We have school tomorrow" I said. Justin said "nooo, I can't go a whole day without you." He hugged me from behind, resting his head on my shoulder. He started kissing my neck. "Should we tell me?" Ryan said. Justin said "okay well them two people were chaz and Nolan. My eyes widened. "You bastards" u said not to loud. I walked out side and began to go home. "aw baby, don't be mad at me" justin said, making a pouty face. "If anything blame Ryan, he came up  with it." I laughed. "Your forgiven" when we got back justin picked the lock to my bedroom. "Just in case I need it" he winked.


I sent justin a disgusted glare. He put his hands up in surrender. "Wait! I now have a gigantic whole in my window." I said. Justin said " I call a repair guy tomorrow. You can stay with me tonight." He shrugged. "Well I don't know about you guys but I'm starving. Ima order a pizza." I ordered our pizza. About five minutes later we were literally devouring this pizza. We finished our pizza which was delicious. Ryan said "I'm sooo bored" he dragged the 'so' for affect. "Same" I said. Justin said " idea! Lets play truth or dare" he smirked. "Okay. I'll go first" justin said.  "Truth or dare" "I Choose.... Dare" he said. I smirked. "I dare you to... Dress up as a girl and sing my milk shake brings all the boys to the yard." I was proud of my dare. He shook his head saying no repeatedly. I said "you Choose dare." I smirked. He said "fine, but this means I get a lot of kisses." I giggled. Then I went with him to decide what to wear.


I picked him out a purple skirt with a bieber t shirt. Ironic right. I smirked "you look beautiful" I said .  "Not near as beautiful as you" he said kissing my cheek. We ran down stairs. He started singing. I started recording on my phone. He sung " my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and their like its better then yours. I can teach you but il have to charge. CAN I STOP?!" I nodded. He sighed in relief."it doesn't matter anyway cause I'm sending this to the entire school. woops sent" I said. He said "I am going to kill u" I quickly said "I'm kidding I'm kidding" I showed him me deleting the video. I smiled. "MY TURN. I choose dare."


Justin grinned at me, I got worried. " I dare you to give me a lap dance" my eyes widened. "Okay" I said proud. He was completely shocked and said "really?" "Yea" I sat him down on a chair and tied him to it. He bit his lip. I started my lap dance, to be honest I think I was doing really good. When I was done I untied him. He whispered in my ear, "your great baby" jess said "lets not play truth or dare, I have a much better game. Lets go Ryan. They went up to jess' bedroom. I felt a shiver run down my spine. "I'm gonna call it a night." 


Sorry it's just a filler so nothing really happened. 

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