Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


13. Thank you for everything

Isabella's p.o.v

"Aww you two are gonna be such a cute couple" Jessica said all lovey dovey. "Well she is my princess" justin said kissing the top of my head. "And he is my prince" I said kissing him on the cheek. We smiled at each other, crazily in love. "Me and jess thought about leaving and coming back tomorrow so you two can have some alone time." Ryan said. Aww sweet. "That's sweet but you don't hav-" I said before Ryan shouted "RUN" then him and jess legged it out the door. "I guess we're alone" justin said. I replied "I guess we are. We smiled at each other. I saw his lips just there and I went for it.

I leaned in and he met me half way. Sparks flew in between this kiss. My lips were burning from passion I was putting in. Our lips moved ensync with each others perfectly. Everything was so perfect. His arms wrapped around my waist, making sure not to hurt his arm. My arms wrapped around his neck. His hands travelled to my butt. He squeezed it causing me to gasp, giving him the chance to stick his tongue in my mouth, which he gladly took. My hands were tugging at the ends of his hair.

As Justin's hand was sliding up my top, somebody cleared their throat. I broke away from justin, embarrassed, I was blushing so much, I'm sure my face was redder then a tomato. There was a women around the age of 19,20 maybe 21 standing at the door. She was wearing one of them nurse dresses but it was shorter then her knees. Somebody's dressed to empress. She also had blonde long hair. "Sorry to interrupt. But, I'm here to check on mr bieber." She said in the most girlyiest tone. I moved to the seat rolling my eyes. 


She moved to the side, standing right in front of me."bitch" I muttered under my breath. "Excuse me?" "Nothing" she bent over justin checking his pulse and  making her boobs visible to Justin's eyes. I was contemplating whether or not to kill her, but because I'm nice, I let it go. Then she whispered something in his ear. Then she winked at him and walked out. "What did she whisper to you?" I asked, clearly confused. "She just said I could leave tomorrow." He smiled. But 
his tone didnt make me believe it. "We'll why did she wink at you?" "Desperate" he said, taking a sip of his hot chocolate. I giggled. "Your giggle is so cute" he said pecking my nose. "Now come and lay with me again" he said cutely. I made my way to the bed and layed down on the soft bed. My back was to justin. I started to fall asleep when I felt strong arms wrap around my waist. I smiled to myself before falling asleep.


I woke up with my angelic boyfriend laying next to me. I I pecked his lips, hoping not to wake him. His eyes fluttered open revealing his gorgeous orbs. "Morning baby" he said in a sexy morning voice. "Morning" I said pecking his lips. "Promise me you'll always love me" "what?" "I said promise me you'll always love me" I wanted to make sure. He replied "of course i'll always love you." "Pinky promise?" "Pinky promise" he said smiling. I put out my pinky and he intertwineded them together. There was a knock on the door. "COME IN" justin shouted. In came jess and Ryan. "Aye. I brought you both clothes" jess said Tossing us a bag. "I'm getting changed In the ladies bathroom" "I'm getting changed in the men's bathroom" 

We went and got changed and met back at his room. "So, I get to leave today. Il go check out. Be back in a few" after about 5 minutes he came back and shouted "LEGGO" justin put his arm around my shoulder. As soon as we exited the hospital, we got bombarded by paparazzi asking questions." Are you okay?" "Where's selena?" "Who's this little munchkin?" "Is she selena's replacement?" "DONT TALK TO MY GIRLFRIEND LIKE THAT!" 


I felt quite like crying but I didnt want to. I swear I was getting blinded by lights. I dug my head into Justin's side, protecting myself from the flashes. Then that one thing threw me over the edge. "She probably wants you for your money!" Justin shouted "THATS THE LAST STRAW!" He punched the pap.everybody was quite and jess and Ryan were pushing people in order for us to get to the car. One of the paps said "i bet shes a sluty whore" I started to cry. Justin looked really angry but also really upset. He pushed his way passed all the paps and got into the car, me laying my head on his lap. I was crying now. O closed my eyes.Justin ran his thumb across my cheeks trying to calm me down.


"Ignore them, they try to get to you, you can't let them know they have." I felt something wet land on my cheek. I opened my eyes and saw that a couple tears had trickled down his cheek. "Why are you crying?" I said, wiping away his tears with my thumb. "I hate seeing you upset. It's like I feel your pain" he said, another tear cascading down his cheek, landing on my cheek. I sat up on his lap, leaning my head on his shoulder. "We'll get through it together. When were together, anythings possible." I smiled, so did he. "That's the smile I know and love" I told him, kissing his cheek but he tricked me and turned his head, making me kiss his lips. I broke away, not noticing we were home. The paps were waiting for us and they were still taking pictures.


I opened the door. I stepped out, justin behind me. He put his hands over my ears, stopping me from hearing.then we ran into the house. "Thanks justin" "it's okay, I don't like it when your upset" aww, he is literally so cute. "Wait, I still need my stuff from my house" I face palmed. "This time I'm gonna walk." I said. "I'll come with you." Justin said grabbing a hoodie and sunglasses. I borrowed some sunglasses from jess.


Before I opened the door, justin put his hand in front of me stopping me. "Ignore them. Il take care of it, I promise" I nodded then opened the door with my head down. I started walking,justin next to me. The paps obviously followed. I whispered to justin "I don't want them to know where my parents live" he said "wait a sec" he put a finger up, signalling me me to wait. He said "if I get a couple pictures can you guys please leave us alone?" They were all saying yes at once. They got a couple of pictures of justin on his own, then they got some of me and justin together. One of them said "thanks, that's all we need. Goodnight" then they all left. "Thank god that's over" I said. Justin said "some of them are mean and others can be nice. I try not to get them mixed up."


We finally got to my house, then justin asked "do you want me to come in and help you?" "I'd like that. I can introduce you to my mum" "what about your dad" "he's normally at work" I knocked on the door. My mum answered and said "oh my god! Your justin bieber" she shook his hand clearly happy. "What are you doing here?" I answered "Justin's my boyfriend" she was silent. "Well justin it's really nice to meet you. Finally, one of Isabella's boyfriends who is polite and has manners" she smiled. "Well me and justin are here to collect my things" I said quickly, holding onto Justin's hand and running upstairs.


"I want to get this done quickly before my dad gets home." Justin stayed quiet not wanting to know why. I quickly threw all my clothes into two suitcases while justin was packing loads of other stuff into boxes."thanks" I said. "For what" "for everything" I smiled.after about 10 minutes we were done and began walking back. I was pulling along two suite cases while holding a box. Justin was carrying two boxes. I seriously don't have that much stuff. We finally got back after what felt like an hours walk. Lol. " wait, where am I gonna like sleep and put all my stuff? I can't just live in Jessica's room." Justin took in what I Said then he pointed up. "What about the loft. It's like a room I guess, it's not old or anything. Il take you up." He grabbed my hand and led me up to the room upstairs. 


The walls were a beautiful shade if purple. There was a bed that was about perfect size and a light cream carpet. There was also a white wardrobe and a white bookcase . Next to the bed was a cute little bed side table. I smiled "it's perfect and the walls are my favourite colour. PURPLE!" "Purples my favourite colour too." Justin said. "No way" he nodded "it's true" I giggled. I started to unpack my stuff. I put all my clothes In the wardrobe. And I put some of my stuff on the bookcase. There was a big window opposite my bed. I hugged justin. 


"You know when I thanked you earlier?"  "Yea" he said looking out the window. "I thanked you for literally everything. Your music helped me through Soooo much. You know when my mum said about having one of my boyfriends  that's polite with manners?" He nodded. I walked up next to him.
" The boyfriend I had before you... Would uh beat me up and stuff. He would tell me I'm worthless and treat me like I'm nothing. my entire life was falling down untill i couldn't take it anymore so i started to cut.your music helped me through everything. And it made me feel like someday I could meet somebody that actually loves me. And that somebody is you." I felt a tear slide down my cheek.


"I had no idea what you went through." He said holding my hand. I looked down. "Nobody did" we watched the sunset."this is just so beautiful" "not as beautiful as the girl standing next to me." I blushed at his comment. "Aww ish ishabella bwushing?" He said in the cutest tone ever." No" I said looking away slightly. I noticed a few raindrops hitting the window. In amount of minutes,there was so much rain, it was like a flood. "I better get to bed" justin said kissing my cheek. "Good night beautiful" "goodnight handsome"


I got changed into my pjs and layed into my bed. I was bored as hell. I opened my journal and began to write " Justin's my boyfriend. The crush iv had for like EVER is now my gorgeous boyfriend. When ever I'm with him, my heart beats so fast, it feels like it's gonna burst out my chest. I just love him so much, it's hard to know he'll never feel exactly the same way. I just want him to know how much I love him." I was to lazy to write so I went on my phone. I wrote a new chapter on my fanfiction. I smiled at the comments. Cuties lol.


I layed there, staring at the ceiling, thoughts zooming in my head. my thoughts were interrupted by thunder and lightning. I've always hated thunder and lightning, ever since I was a kid. I hid under my covers scared. When I was little, my windows always had trees out side so when lightning came, they looked like faces. I could just imagine them now, all laughing at me. By now I was so scared. I quietly jumped out of bed and went down to jess' room. I peaked my head in. Asleep with Ryan, of course. I stood at Justin's door, contemplating weather or not to look. I slowly opened his door. He was laying in bed in his phone smiling. He hasn't noticed me. I said quietly "why you smiling?" "My beliebers are hilarious" he said with his eyes wondering of his phone onto me. I was currently in shorts and a vest. I had Justin's baseball jacket in my hands.


His eyes were all over me. I swear he's checking me out. He finally said "so why are you here?" He smirked. "Can't I visit my boyfriend in the middle of the night? Well I got scared of the lightning and thunder so I was wandering if I could sleep in hear cause jess is asleep with Ryan." "Of course my little princess can sleep with me." He said smiling. I slid in next to him. "I know it sound babyish lol" I said. "It's not babyish. I get scared sometimes too but I'll tell you one thing." "What?" He whispered in my ear, il always protect you" I smiled. A habit I picked up. I Felt his hand slide up my shirt, feeling for my bra. I slapped his hand away. "Can't blame a guy for trying aye?" He smirked. I bit my lip sexually. He pulled me closer and the last three words I heard was "I love you"



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