Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


11. "Selena gomez"

Isabella's P.O.V

"JUSTIN" I screamed "MOVE THE CAR" he snapped out of his daze and turned the car. I was so scared so I grabbed his hand. He drove us off the side if the road and the car fell and was rolling down the hill. Glass was every where and I was crying so much, holding onto justin with my life. The was a huge piece of glass in my arm and I lost all feeling around it. We stopped rolling. I whispered "justin" my voice cracking. "Isabella. I'm so sorry. I should of just moved the car." He was crying. "It's all my fault. If I just walked, none of this would've happened." I was crying.


I tried to move but I felt so much pain. I tightened my grip on Justin's hand. "Justin. Justin??" His eyes were sealed shut. "Justin, you can't leave me." I felt pain, not just in my arm, in my heart. "I-I love you" I was scared to say them three words my entire life. Afraid he wouldn't say them back. "Please if you can hear me, give me a sign. Please justin." I waited. I felt him sqeeze my hand. I slowly wiped my tears." Justin stay with me okay. You can't leave me. Please,if you can, open your eyes. Please try." I blinked back my tears.


I stared at his eyes very patiently. Very slowly his eyes flickered open. "I-I'm scared" he whispered. "So am I justin, so am I"  then I remembered I brought my phone. I dialled 999!!! "Hello what is your emergency?" We'll me and my friend were in a car accident. We need a ambulance right away. Please, my friend, he's really hurt and I'm not sure if he's okay. Please just get here fast." "Where are you?" "We fell off  Edison road and that's all I know!!! Please just get here" "we're on our way." I hung up.


"Please justin, help will be here soon, you just have to hold on." I held tight on his hand. I tried to somehow open my door. I tried and tried but nothing. It was locked. I moved my hand to Justin's pocket trying to find his keys. After finding then I unlocked the door but I wouldn't open. I leaned all my weight on it when it fell open leaving a small gap. I carried on pushing. Soon enough the door swung completely open. I undid Justin's belt, making him fall against MRI held onto him not wanting him to fall out the gap. Very slowly, I unbuckled my belt.


I fell out the door with justin on top of me. I screamed in pain. A man in his forties and a women in her thirties came over and said "were so sorry, we were in the moving truck." The man said "I'm so sorry we hurt you and your boyfriend" "he's not my boyfriend" I said. They picked justin up and off if me and placed him next to me. "I already called the ambulance so there on there way" I told them. The man gave justin his can't as a pillow. The car was slightly above us on a tilt. I looked up. The car itself moved a little bit. I pulled justin and myself out of the way before the car rolled down the hill, falling into the river. The woman passed me a bottle of water. A small girl came, about the age of 10.


"Mummy and daddy, what's taking so long?" She noticed me and said softly " are you okay? We're really sorry what we did to you and your friend" The sirens of the ambulance pierced through my ears. Lights were flashing in time with them. They lifted Justin up on a gurney. " miss, are you okay?" "Yes but I have a pain in my arm." "You'll have to ride in a different van." "No, I'm not leaving justin, I would rather die." "Okay, I guess we could treat you on the way to the hospital." I sighed in relief. I stepped into the van.


I thought, wow, I could've died twice in one day. But this just proved to me justin cared more then I thought he did. I dialled the all to familiar number.  "Jessica? Me and justin were in a car crash. I'm fine but justin got hurt, bad!! Can you and Ryan come down to the hospital? " yea of course!!! We're on our way, be there in 10!!!" I say there next to justin. He looked so broken yet still perfect.the paramedic bandaged me up and I couldn't feel a thing. I couldn't help thinking that it should me instead if justin. I noticed I was still in Justin's baseball jacket. I buried my face into it. Inhaling his sent. I wish he will be okay. We got to the hospital and they told me to wait outside. Slowly I dropped to the floor,my head in my knees. "Isabella" i looked up to see a very sad Jessica in tears and a very upset Ryan.


I jumped and hugged her "owe" I said in pain. "What??" I showed my arm. "What happened. A bit of glass fell into my arm. It's nothing." I said covering it back up. "Where's justin?" Ryan said worriedly. I pointed to the operation room In front of me. "I brought you some of my clothes to get changed into." She handed me a bag of clothes. "Thanks, il go get changed in the bathroom." I made my way down the long corridor and found a public bathroom, I walked in and went into one of the cubicles and got changed into the trousers and vest I was given. I kept the baseball jacket on though. Hospitals are cold. I walked back and bumped into somebody running. "Sorry" I said not realising who I bumped into. "Selena gomez" I whispered not wanting to create a scene.


She was wearing a hoody and jeans. "Get out of my way. I'm in a hurry." "Your here to see justin aren't you. Il take you to his room!" I grabbed her hand and ran. "How do you know justin? Wait isn't that his jacket? Why the hell are you wearing his jacket?" I answered her questions with "he's my best friends brother. Yes this is his jacket. And I'm wearing it cause I was soaking wet and he lent it to me so I would be warmer." We got to his room and she hugged Ryan and jess. 


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