Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


23. Our fake baby xD

Isabella's p.o.v 

I woke up kinda happy. If Justin doesn't mess up this week i'll have a date to the prom and a boyfriend and a confused best friend. I sat up and went to Justin's room. I stood next to his bed. "Beyonce?" He said. "Beyonce I missed you and your sexy ass." I smiled. "Beyonce will you flash for me?" He said. I slightly laughed. "So you think this is funny beyonce." He said. He grabbed my hand and kissed it. I smiled to myself. He stood up and pushed me against the wall. He was a centre metre Away from my face. "I love you Isabella" then he opened his eyes and kissed me. I pushed his chest and laughed "maybe another time juju" he laughed and followed me with his hands around my waist.


"Don't push your luck dude" I said taking his hands from my waist. He pouted and said "not cool Isabella" I started to do jumping jacks. "What are you doing?" He asked me. "Trying to get fitter. I'm getting fat." I said looking at my body and continuing. He put his hands on my shoulders making me stop. He said "your not fat. Your perfect Isabella Roberts." He kissed my cheek. I smiled. "I have an interview with Oprah today, you wanna come watch?" He asked. I said "might as well." I  went upstairs. I put on a floral sun dress and my white converse.


I curled my hair and tied a little hair around the back of my head.(like Ariana grande's hair) I applied all the normal make up and what not. I looked near to perfect I guess. I twirled and looked into the mirror. Justin came behind me and put his arms around my waist. "You look gorgeous" he said kissing my cheek. "Thanks bieber" I said kissing his cheek. We walked downstairs and I hugged him. He hugged back. Obviously. We walked to the car. For once there wasn't any paparazzi. I smiled. Justin sat down and so did I. Justin intertwined our fingers and started driving. 


We finally got to the show and I sat in the front row. I watched as everything was getting set up. Justin sat down and waved to me. "3..2..1.. ROLLING!" Then they started. "So Justin how are you?" Oprah said. "I'm good. I'm happy. My life's really great right now." He said smiling. I smiled wide. "So how's your love life?" She asked. "Well were both sorting things out. I know I made a huge mistake I just hope she can forgive me even though I don't deserve it." He said looking at me. I looked into his eyes.


"If she's watching this, what do you want to tell her?" She asked. He answered "I just want her to know I love her so much and I'll never stop loving her. Without her I'm nothing. She's the one thing in life that really makes me happy and I just don't want her to leave me because she means alot to me. And I just love her so much." He looked a little sad. I forgive him. I'll always love him. I ran onto the set in front of him and he stood up and I kissed him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. Everybody aww'ed. after separating I said "I forgive you" and smiled. He sat me on his lap and continued the interview.


"I guess that wraps it up. Thank you for coming justin" Oprah said finishing the interview. "Well thanks for inviting me." Justin said smiling. He kissed my cheek. I smiled. Then we stood up and said good bye to everyone. We sat  in his car. I looked at him smiling "thanks for what you said back there."I said kissing his cheek."Well every word of it was true." He said intertwining our hands. He started driving then said "you'll always be my princess." He smiled and so did I. I Said "you'll always be my prince."


It went silent then he said "I don't deserve you." I looked at him. "What are you talking about?" "I don't deserve you. I keep messing up and you keep forgiving me. I don't deserve you Isabella. Your perfect." He said looking at me then back at the road. I said "you could mess up a thousand times and I'd still love you. I don't care. Through everything that happens, I will always be there with you, side by side." I looked at him and he said angrily "you just don't get it" then he turned into our driveway. I got out "I don't get what" I loudly said. He looked at me ridiculously. "Your so fucking perfect and I'm acting like a fucking dick head and you still take me back? WHY DO YOU DO IT?" "I TAKE YOU BACK BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE YOU AND I DONT CARE HOW MANY MISTAKES YOU MAKE I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!" I screamed at him.


 He was taken back by what I had said. His eyes had softened and he took a step towards me. "Isabella I-" "just forget it" u said clearly annoyed. I walked inside and went to my room. "Babe" he said. I sighed "what?" "Please don't be annoyed with me" he made a pouty face. "I'm not I'm just... Never mind." I layed down on my bed with him next to me. He layed next to me "Tell me" he said looking into my eyes, something he always did. "Just drop it okay. Please" I pleaded looking into his eyes. He said "okay baby, I'll stop talking" he put his hands up in surrender. I giggled. "Your giggle is so cute" he said pecking my nose. I replied "thanks" he smiled at me. I smiled at him.


He leant further in and we kissed. I just gave him the chance to stuck his tongue in my mouth and he took that chance. We started making out. I loved him so much. Nothing could ever change that.
Justin's hand wondered to my shirt. He unbuttoned it. Then his hands wondered to my shorts. I bit his lip and he smirked. He unzipped them. I was about to take his jeans off when I noticed a very hurt Jason standing at the door. He dropped a rose and ran out the door. "JASON!" I yelled jumping off the bed and buttoning everything back up. 


"JASON WAIT" I yelled again. "What!" He said angry/hurt. "I'm sorry I didn't mean t-" "Save it! I came over to give you these but I guess you won't want them." He angrily said throwing two pieces of paper at me. I picked the up. They were prom tickets. "Jason" I said sadly looking at the tickets. "Just forget it" he said sadly. He walked out the door. I hid the tickets so Justin wouldn't see them. Justin came down with the rose in his hand. He gave it to me and said "what did he want?" Not in a rude way. "Nothing, he just came to visit me." I lied. He said "okay well should we continue what we was doing?" I said "no, the moments kinda gone" I shrugged and he chuckled. "Well what do you wanna do?" "Lets go to the cinema." I said excitedly.


He said "okie dokie. I'll be getting changed. Wanna come?" I looked at him in a away that basically says no. He chuckled and walked upstairs, I walked up stairs too but went in my room. I looked through all my clothes and still couldn't find anything I wanted to wear. I picked a hot pink boob tube 
With tight skinny jeans.i wore a black jumper on top. I straitened my hair and put it in a ponytail. I put a little make up on then some ear rings. I looked at the necklace and whispered "this relationship will be the death of me" I slipped on some pink ballet flats.


I walked downstairs and Justin was leaning of the door frame playing on his phone. I giggled and his eyes wandered on to me. i Smiled and he smiled too. I walked out the door and to his car. He got it and I kissed him on the cheek. He started driving and before we knew it we were at the Cinema. "Can I please pick the movie?" He said really excitedly. I said "sure. So what we gonna see?" I asked. He answered "the purge" he took my hand and dragged me to the ticket line. He was so happy and I was like scared. "Justin? How long's the movie." I asked. He didnt answer. I was on my phone. "Justin?"  I said again.


I looked up and saw that he was looking at two girls who were wearing shorts that showed part of there butt, they were also wearing just a tiny boob tube that just covered there boobs up and also wearing a lot of make up with there hair in a side pony tail. Justin started biting his lip. I sighed a little. He bought the tickets, still looking at them. I slightly sighed but I doubt he noticed. He smirked and I was standing there like 'dude what the fuck.' One of them came over to us and wrote down there number on his hand. She bit her lip and he smirked while biting his lip. He was checking her out. Do I even exist?


We walked into the cinema and it was totally packed. Here comes the claustrophobia. We took our seats and looky looky. Both the girls were sitting on the right side of Justin. I just ignored them. They were whispering things in his ear
And he was whispering them in there ear as well. I just watched the movie that he so desperately wanted to see and he doesn't even know I'm here? Well that's nice isnt it. He got up and said "I gotta go the toilet. Be back in a minute." He left down the isle and one if the girls left as well. This isn't gonna end good is it.


(20 minutes later) Justin's needed to pee for a very long time. He finally came back with a huge smirk plastered all over his face. He looked at me and stopped smirking. I looked at him, hurt in my eyes and I shook my head and just watched the rest of the movie. The entire time Justin was just staring at me. When it was finally done I got up and just walked out the cinema Justin behind. He hasn't even said sorry. I got in the car with my arms crossed. I just couldn't deal with this now. The car ride home was silent. I wasn't in the mood to breaks up AGAIN so I just left it.


I opened the door "so how was the movie?" Jess asked. I said "why don't you ask him" I pointed to Justin. "What did you do now?" She asked justin. He said "I don't really wanna say it jess." He looked in my eyes but I just walked away. To my room. So first he mess's up, then I forgive him, he mess's up again, I forgive him, but he basically made me sit through a movie while he was making love with a slut?


I can't really say anything to that. I looked at the necklace. I took it off  and held it. I unzipped my jumper and walked downstairs. Justin was sitting on the counter just staring into space. I gave him the necklace back. He looked so heartbroken, sad  and shocked mixed into one. I needed him to know how much pain I felt. I sat on the couch and dialled the all too familiar number. "Jason? Yes" I said. Jason said "what?" "Yes I'll go to prom with you" I giggled and looked at justin for a second. He looked like somebody had stabbed him in his heart. Now he knows what it feels like.


"YOU WILL?!? But what about Justin?" He said really excitedly. "What about him. He hurt me yet again. Broken up or not your my best friend. You'll always come first." I said. Justin literally looked so hurt and heartbroken. "Okay so prom. I'll pick you up at 8:30" he said happily. I smiled and said "I'll be waiting." "I got to go now. I'll talk to you tomorrow at school. Bye" "bye jas" I can't wait till prom. Even though we're at college we still have prom. Lol. It's in a couple days so I should just chill since I have my dress already. Justin stood up and walked to his room. I chuckled. Break my heart, I break yours. I walked to my room and went to my wardrobe. I put the dress on and looked at myself in the mirror. I seriously felt perfect in it. 


I whispered "perfect" I sighed. I wish Justin was the one who was taking me. "You look gorgeous." Justin said. I turned around and said "what do you want?" He replied "nothing. I just wanted to see you." I just sighed. Again. "I love you Isabella." "I love you too Justin. There's no fucking point to fight over it. I'm use to being hurt by now." "So you won't go to prom with Jason?" He asked. "Well you never asked me and he did so I'm going with him. He's my best friend." "We'll I'm your boyfriend" he said. I shrugged. I unzipped the dress and said "Help please" he came over to me and slipped the dress off my shoulders. I took the dress off and put a T-shirt and baggy pants on. "Sorry." I said. "For what?" "For not being perfect. For not being beautiful. For not being sexy. For 
Being me."I looked at the ground. He lifted my chin up. "Never think that. Your perfect. Your beautiful. Your sexy. I love you for being you." He smiled. I moved back and said "Well Goodnight" 


"Night baby. I love you" he said. He kissed my cheek. I just closed the door on him and layed in bed. I hate that I love him. Tommorow will be a very wierd day. But, I love a little weirdness. I mean who doesn't right? I tried to get to sleep but couldn't.  I sighed. I got up and walked to Justin's room. He was laying in bed on his phone. I layed next to him not talking. I just layed there with my back to him. His arm wrapped around my waist. He kissed my neck. His hands were traveling down my body. I held his hand and brought it back up. I whispered "if your planning on keeping that hand I suggest not doing that again." He chuckled and said "girls" I rolled my eyes and went to sleep.


I woke up and Justin was gone. I went downstairs and grabbed my phone. Justin was eating captain crunch. He looked up and smile at me. I sat on the counter in front of him after he  moved his cereal. I leaned down and kissed him. He kissed back and held my cheeks with his hands. We broke apart and I didnt know what to do. Suddenly he hugged me. I hugged back and he said "I'm seriously sorry. She was tempting me. Please forgive me? I promise never to make a mistake again." "You know, you break a lot of your promises." I said. "But I forgive you." His face lit up and he smiled wide and said "thank you" I just shrugged and sat on his lap. He loved me. "I need to get ready for school." I said standing up. "Okay babe" he said.


I walked to my room and picked out my outfit. I wore neon pink shorts and a neon netted hot pink crop top to match the shorts. I put on white converse and straitened my hair. I did the normal make up and walked out. I waited for Jess. She walked down the stairs wearing exactly what I was wearing. I said "OMG" and laughed. Justin came over and put his arm around us both. "My two favourite girls." We laughed and walked outside. I waved good bye to him and kissed his cheek. We walked to school and everything was normal. I was at my locker and started to put everything away. "Hey Isabella" "hey Jason" I said hugging him. "Is Ryan taking you to the prom?" I asked. "Yepp. Are you going with justin?" She said back. "He didnt ask me and Jason did so I'm going with him." 


She nodded and Jason smiled awkwardly. "I got a limo to take us. Gotta ride in swag" he said shrugging and laughing slightly. I smiled. "I wonder who'll be prom queen?" I asked. Jason said "probably you." I playfully rolled my eyes "yea right" we all walked to class together. Jason sat next to me. We sat at the desk and the teacher was rambling on about coupes and baby's and stuff. I started to pay attention. "So for the rest of the week we will be proving how hard it is to deal with a baby when not having safe sex." Me and Jason exchanged confused looks. "So can you come up with your partner one by one."


We stood up worried. We both walked to the teacher slowly. She gave us a REAL BABY! "You will have to spend a lot of time with your partner. Then you'll see how tough it is." I held the baby girl firmly. "She's beautiful" I said looking at her. "Yeah she is" he said stroking her cheek. She giggled. We both laughed. "What are we gonna name her?" He asked. I thought and then said "Olivia?" He said "I love that name. Olivia it is." I laughed and smiled. "You and your partner will be going to classes together and will have to be around each other after school. Enjoy your week" then the bell went. I stood up holding Olivia and she started to cry. "What do we do?" I asked. "Pass her to me" he said I passed her over.


He rocked her back and forth and sang to her a lullaby. She stopped crying and smiled. She giggled again. Jason gave her back and I kissed her forehead. I held her as we walked to lunch. "Jason, can you get my food for me?" I asked. "Yeah sure" he replied walking to the line. Ariana came and said "I didnt know you had a baby. Who's the dad?" I laughed and said "it's the schools. And me and Jason are looking after her. It was a class assignment." She nodded "ohh" Jason came back with my food. I started eating while holding Olivia. I have her a little bit and she ate it and closed her eyes. She smiled and peacefully went to sleep.


The rest of the day went by really fast. "We can hang out at my place and look after our baby." I said stoking her cheek. He said "okay." We got into his car and drove home. We got out I gave my keys to Jason so he could open the door for me. We walked in and he closed the door. Justin came down and said "hey.. Whos cute little baby is that?" I said "well me and Jason. Well you know." I laughed. Justin said "what?" I said "I'm kidding. It's the schools. We're looking after her for a school assignment." He nodded. Jason took her off me and I gave Justin a hug. "If you want tonight you guys can look after her and tomorrow I will." Jason said. I replied "aw thanks Jason and hugged him making sure not to touch Olivia.


He gave me olivia and said "il be by tomorrow. Bye" "bye" me And Justin said. He left and I looked at Justin. He smiled wide. "I finally get a child." I laughed. Justin came over to her. He took her from me and held her. "I want to have a baby" I said. Justin's head shot over to me. "What?" "I said I want to have a baby." I paused. "With you" I finished. He looked very surprised. "I want to have a baby too but were too young." He said stroking my cheek. I said "I know but I love you enough I could be any age. I'm 19. Your 20. What's stopping us?" I looked at the baby then back at him. "I'm a popstar and you have college. We both have busy lives. How would we be able to look after a baby?" "I don't have college for that long any way. Only a week left. Justin please" I said. He said sadly "we can't. Not now but soon. I promise."


I sighed and said "Justin i love you and I really want a baby." I stroked her Arm. "I under stand that but we can't just get you pregnant and BAM! Then what. We won't have enough time for a baby. Isabella. I love you too but were just not ready." He kissed me. Olivia giggled. I broke the kiss and sighed again. "I get it. I get it. We're too young." I said. I one handed hugged him. Because of the baby. I walked away and sat on the sofa. "Olivia, can you speak?" I asked. She made a confused face. I laughed. She giggled. She said "I love you" I smiled wide. "I love you too" I said tapping her nose. Justin sat next to me. He put his arm around me. I said "should I put her to bed so we can talk?" He said "I guess. Follow me." We both stood up. I followed him to one of the locked room. 


He unlocked it and inside was a nursery room. I covered my mouth with one hand. "Oh my god. Did you do this?" "Well me and jess did it ages ago just in case one of us has a baby." He looked at me, smiled then looked down. "This is amazing. We're defiantly gonna need this one day." I layed her down and she instantly went to sleep.I looksd at her for a moment then I turned around.  Justin was gone. "Justin?" I said walking out of the room. I closed the door. I heard crying. I went to his room. He was crying. I tried to open the door but it was locked. 


"Justin baby please unlock the door." I said. He said "no" "baby please open up." "No" he said. He still cried. "Why are you crying?" I said sitting on the floor. "Because. I know how much you want to have a baby. I'm not ready. We're not ready. I just want to make you happy. But I'm not ready to take on that responsibility. I'm so sorry for letting you down but I just can't do it..." "Justin. If your not ready, your not ready. You could never ever let me down. I'm not going to rush you into anything if you don't want to. Don't ever think your letting me down because trust me, your not." Everything I said was true. I'm not going to rush him or make him do something he doesn't want to do.


"But baby, can you please open the door?" I said. I heard it unlock. He sat back down and cried. I hugged him and he cried into my chest. "Babe I just can't do this but if you want one I can do it for you." "Justin. You don't have to do anything for me" I paused and lifted his chin up with my finger and looked into his eyes. "I can never make you do something you don't want to do." The baby started crying. "Please remember that" I said standing up. I walked out the door and to the baby. I sang a lullaby which made her fall asleep again. Hopefully for good. 


It was 10:00 now. I was sitting next to Justin with my legs on his lap. The baby didnt make any noise. Which was very good. I was bored. I got up and walked outside in the garden. I found a envelope at the bottom of the garden. I walked over to it. There was a message made out of magazine snippings. It said "don't trust him. He's cheating" what? "What's that?" Justin said. "I don't know" I replied. I passed him the note. He read it and he looked confused. "Where did you get This" "down there" I said pointing. He walked down there. Then he walked back up. "I have no idea what this is?" He said. "And you think I do?" I said.


We just walked back inside. "let's just forget that happened" he said. I nodded. "I'll go check on the baby." I said. He nodded so I walked out to the room. I opened the door and she had woken up. "Hey Olivia." I said. She giggled and said "swag" I Iaughed and clapped my hands. "Good" I said. She giggled and smiled. I noticed something stank and bad. "Justin!" I kinda shouted. "Yea" he was at the door. "We have a problem. I think she needs a nappy change." He walked over to a cupboard. He pulled out a nappy  and started to change her. I just watched surprised. "How did you-" "practice" he smiled at me. I tasted my hands and chin on the side of the cot. He wrapped his arms around me and said "one day. I promise" I stood up and looked at him smiling. I pecked his lips.He smiled even more and so did I.


"I'm really tired so I'm gonna call it a night." I said yawning. He nodded and walked to bed with me. He layed down next to me. He was playing with my hair. He was so cute. I ran my fingers through his hair making him moan. I kissed him. His hand travelled up my tshirt and to my bra. He unclipped
My bra and started to pull my tshirt up. "Not with a baby in the other room." I said smirking. He pouted. I put my bra back on and my tshirt. I layed down and shut my eye lids. I peacefully went I sleep.


I woke up to crying. It was 4AM! 
I sighed loudly. "I'll go check on the baby. You stay here" Justin said getting up. He walked to the nursery and the crying stopped. I smiled. Thanks Justin. I giggled. I waited. And waited. And waited. I waited for about 30 minutes. Where is he? I got up and walked in to the baby's room. He was asleep in the baby's cot with his arms around her. He looked so peaceful and cute. He's going to be an amazing father. I went back to his room and immediately went to sleep.


I woke up and looked to my side. Justin was there with Olivia in the middle. They were so cute. I smiled. I looked at his clock and i was 30 minutes late for school. I practically fell out of bed. I stood back up and ran to my room fast. I grabbed a tshirt and jeans and just threw them on. I guess I mad them work. I grabbed my converse, ran to the bathroom and tried to wiggle my feet into my shoes while brushing my teeth. After doing this I ran downstairs and forgot that I had to bring the baby to school. I hadn't have any time to do my hair so I put it in a messy bun. I just left the baby with Justin and ran to school. My bag was hanging of my shoulder and so was my cardigan. I must look a right old mess.


I ran threw the school doors to a. Deserted hall way. No no no no no no no no no no NO!!! I can't get detention. Not in my last week. I quickly ran to my class. I swung the door open and everybody was staring at me. Jason motioned for me to sit with him. I put my cardigan in place and my bag in my hand. "Where's the baby?" He whispered. "I didnt have enough time to get her and she was sleeping with justin. You can come pick her up after school." I whispered back. He nodded and he passed me some notes. I mouthed 'thanks'. I started my work and finally got it done. I didnt really understand it so. Yeah. I walked with Jason to biology which was boring. All classes I went to all day were boring. I was so happy when the last bell rang. I could see my little family again. I smiled. Me and Jason got to my house. I ran inside.


Justin was teaching olivia how to walk. She kept falling on her butt but when she did she giggled and stood back up again. Jason said "she is literally so cute" he sat next to Justin. I never really realised how similar they look. "So are you gonna be looking after her tonight?" Justin asked. Jason said "yeah" she ran to Jason and hugged him. He smiled and hugged her back. She sat in his lap. "Can I take her now?" He asked. I said "yeah if you want." He nodded and stood up with her. "Bye. I promise to take care of her." He said kissing her cheek. I opened the door for him and he left. With our baby. 

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