Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


21. Missing Justin

Isabella p.o.v

I woke up and felt next to me. Nothing. "Justin, I miss you" I mumbled into his pillow. "I miss you too." I heard Justin's voice say. "JUSTIN" I bolted up. Nobody was there. I slunked back into the bed and inhaled his scent. "Isabella" I heard Justin's voice say again. I sat up and looked around. On the bedside table there was a walkie talkie. I picked it up. "Justin?" "Your awake" he said. I smiled. "I really do miss you." I said. He said "I really miss you too."


I put the walkie talkie in my T-shirt pocket then walked downstairs. "I'm about to go on stage" he said. "What time is it there?" I asked. He answered "9 o'clock. Okay I'm really sorry baby but I have to go now. Take this with you all day." I said "okay then. Have a great show. Bye juju" it was silent. Then I heard all the screams.he said "bye princess" I laughed. I made captain crunch and started eating. 


After eating my cereals I ran upstairs to get ready for school. I wore Justin's chachi Mommas which fit me perfectly. Then I wore a 'I love Justin bieber' shirt. I just wore purple supras. I put a snapback on to tie the look together. I did a waterfall braid and applied some light make up. I grabbed my bag and phone. "JESS! YOU READY FOR SCHOOL?" I yelled. She came down the stairs in hot pants and a crop top. I rolled my eyes. Typical jess. I put the walkie talkie in my pocket and we drove to school.


I went to my locker and put in the things I didn't  need. Me and jess then both walked to art class. We sat next to each other. "Alright class. Today we will be painting something we love. You must be creative and use your imagination"  our teach said. We set up our canvases and started painting. I painted me and Justin kissing. For a background I did all these infinity signs saying 'I love you' exactly like my necklace.


Right in the middle of class the walkie talkie went off and Justin said "hey it's me" he laughed. All eyes were on me. " hey Justin, I'm in class right now and-" a girl interrupted me by saying "are you talking to justin?" I nodded and he laughed. She grabbed it out my hand and ran off with it. I shout "give that back" I was running after her down the corridor. "Justin I love you so much. I'm a huge belieber" she said. He said "I love you too. Can you please give me back to Isabella" he laughed. She said "if you want" then she gave him back to me. 


I laughed. We both ran back to class. I say in my chair. There was a huge X through my painting. I gasped. "Isabella?" He said worried. "MISS! Somebody drew a huge X through my painting!" I said annoyed. She walked over to me. "CLASS! WHO DREW A GIGANTIC X THROUGH ISABELLA'S PAINTING?" She yelled. Gary stood up and said "ME! I DID IT! I just thought cause she was gone to draw on a crap painting anyway." I glared at him and gave him a disgusted look. "Detention. All this week. Now go." She said and pointed. I was trying not to cry. It really took a lot of effort for me to do that painting and he thought it was crap. She said "you can just read if you want" she told me. I said "Kay" Justin said "I bet it was amazing" I giggled "thanks juju" "iv got to go princess." 


"I wuv you" he did in a cute baby voice. " I wuv you too." I said. Than he went. I smiled. I started reading Justin's book. It was his first book, I had to read it again lol. 

Eventually class ended and he's put her painting behind her back. "You wanna see my painting?" She said excitedly. I giggled and said "show me the painting" in a funny voice. I packed my stuff into my bag. She said "3..2..1" then showed me this beautiful painting of me and Justin hugging and a perfect sunset behind us. I took it from her and looked at it. "It's perfect" I said. I hugged her "thank you so much" I said. She said "you are my best friend" she smiled. "I have to put this in the car. I don't want it getting ruined I said. I took it to the car and closed the door. I felt arms wrap around my waist.


I turned around and Jason was there. "Hey Jay" I said tapping his nose with my finger." Hey belle" he said back tapping my nose. I giggled. I walked with him back into the school. We went to lunch. Ariana ran up to me "we missed you. We were really worried about you." She said. "Yea we all were thinking if you were okay or not" luke said. "Thanks guys. This is mine and jess' best friend, Jason, and Jason these are my friends Ariana, Jai,Luke,Beau,Daniel and James." I smiled.


We all went to the table we usually sat at. I started eating. I was sitting on Jason's lap. His head was resting on my shoulder. We was just all talking about life and stuff. They all really got along. I ate my last chip then got up. The bell went and we all hugged. We went to our classes. Me, jess and Jason walked to math. Here's an hour of hell.


I sat on my own and jess and Jason sat together. I was doing the assignment when we heard a scream from a girl. Jason was gone. "Where's Jason" I mouthed to jess." She said back "he went to the bathroom, 15 minutes ago" a wave of worriedness flashed through me. I ran out the room and down the corridor. Jason and Harry was fighting. I yelled "TEACHER!" The entire class came pouring out the classrooms. Loads videoed. Harry punched him and it made him fall to the ground. "JASON" I yelled. I ran over to humans put his head in my lap. "FUCK OFF HARRY" I shouted to him. 


"Oh no I'm really scared of a girl" he said pretending to shake. Lucky I took karate for 3 years. I kicked him and twisted his arm back. I then pushed him into a locker. I held him by his tshirt and got in his face and whispered "I said fuck off" then let go. I went to Jason and walked with him outside the big doors. I looked behind me and Harry was shuffling on the floor, looking a t me in horror. Jess ran out behind me. Jason said "that was awesome" I smirked "lucky I took karate for 3 years" I laughed and opened the car. I sat in the back with Jason while jess drives. I put the painting on my lap. 


I looked at Jason and said "why were you and Harry fighting?"  He looked at me then said "he called you a sluty whore." I said "I'm use to it." He looked at me "you are one tough gun Isabella Roberts" I laughed. "Thank you" we got he them i made him sit on the kitchen counter. I got the first aid kit and cleaned the blood that was dripping from his nose and lip.i cleaned his face and then said."good as new" and laughed. I said "do you wanna help us study?" I looked got Jason. " he said okay and began to do our work.


We did our homework for about an hour. "I have to go now guys." Jason said. "Okay bye jay." Me and jess said at the same time. I kissed his cheek and so did jess. Then he walked out. I said " my brain is going to explode. I can't do anymore work." I whined. Jess said "me too. I'm done" she threw her bag on the ground. Then walked away. I got the painting and hung it up in Justin's bedroom.

(A month later)

Me and Justin was always talking and facetiming everyday. I really did miss him but I was really crying about it and everything. I would watch his concerts via live streams and things like that. I was bored in his bedroom so I walked around the house. It was huge like a mansion. I haven't been everywhere before so I walked into a room. It was the music room. It had a piano right in the middle. I walked over to it and sat down, am I really gonna do this.


There was a song I wrote when I was like 13. It was about Justin. I started singing:

You are my star
You are my something
Wherever you are
You will still be my king
But I want you too see
How much you really mean to me
And I hope that one day
I will make my dream a reality.

Cause your not just my idol
Your more like a friend
Who I don't really talk too but...
Think about, night and end.
Had a dream once about the day I met you.
It was a sunny day when I went to the venue...

And so I lined up in the meet and greet queue...
I waited so patiently for my turn to meet you...
I looked around and everyone was smiling...
And being happy cause they're idol.

I was next
This was happening
I was crying and my heart started pounding
The guard looked at me…
He was a little bit frightening…
He said I don't bite
And we both started laughing.

He took my hand and led me in you were more beautiful then I had seen,in photos
You are flawless
You have me the smile of comfort...

Then you pulled me in,by my waist
And said "it's nice to see you today"
"How are you"
"Are you okay"
I said "your the reason I smile everyday"

You whispered in my ear
And held me tight
You told me "everything will be alright"
"If you believe in yourself"
"And never say never"
"You can achieve whatever"

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing...
My poster had fallen from the ceiling.
I picked it up, put it there.
I looked at your smile and your lovely hair.
I lay back down,closed my eyes
Wanting to return and fantasize.
But it was just a dream
Nothing was real
I guess I'll just sit hear and have to deal.
With the fact that I'll never meet my idol...
As much as I want you to hold me tight.
And tell me 'everything will be alright'

So listen Justin
Make it true
I just really want to meet you...
Please make it true
Justin I love you

I shut the piano and ticked the chair back in. That song really meant a lot to me. But I'm kids living one of my dreams. And that makes me really happy. I laughs dot myself. I opened one of he huge doors and jess was standing there. "That's song was really good she said. "Thanks. I wrote it when I was like 13" I said back. "When you was a little bieber fan" she said and we both laughed.


"You hang up first" "no you hang up first" "no you" "no you" we was having a fight on the phone because we didnt want to hang up. "You hang up" "no you" "why don't I hang up" I heard scooter say then he hung up the phone. "Rude" I said laughing. "JASON" 
I yelled. He popped his head in the room. "I'm bored what do you wanna do?" I said. He replied "Jess is with Ryan so do you wanna..... Go Outside in the swimming pool?" I said "you know I can't swim." He replied "I can teach you" he smiled at me. I said "okay then. I'll go get changed." I said. I then turned away and walked up the stairs.


I grabbed a bikini and slipped into it. I put my hair in a messy bun an jogged down stairs. Jason's jaw dropped and was checking me out. I laughed and walked out to the pool and stood with my hands on my waist. "So how are we gonna do this?" I asked. He said "well il just teach you the basics and you should catch on from there" he smiled and laughed. I slowly got into the water till the point my feet were slightly off the ground. He held onto my waist and layed me on the water."okay, kick your feet and use your arms" Jason said.


We practiced for about half an hour then I finally got the hang of it."lets have a race. One to the end first wins" he said. I answered "your on mccan" and laughed. "3..2..1..GO" we both swam as fast as possible but made a tie. "I clearly won that" I said. "Nu uh. I won that." He said. "I won" I said sticking my tongue out and trying to fun in the water but failed. He coughs me and spun me around so I was facing him. I looked into his eyes. He looked into mine. He leant in and we kissed. I quickly pulled back. "Belle I'm sorry I didn't mean-" "it's okay Jason. Just don't tell Justin" I said quietly. We both ran inside.


"Im really sorry, it was just in the moment and I-" "JASON! It's okay." I said. "It's not though. I basically just made you cheat." He said sadly. "Jason. You don't tell Justin and I won't so he will never, and I mean EVER, find out" I said hugging him. He hugged back. Now do you just wanna watch movies?" I asked. He said "I have to home now but il talk later." I said "okay then" he nodded and left. I shook my head and though 'boys'. I walks duo stairs. I picks duo my tickets. In a month il be flying out to See Justin perform.


"I can't wait, it'll be so fun" I whispered to myself. I was so excited to see him. I squealed to myself. It was 2pm so I just went downstairs. Jess walked through the door humming. She sat next to me and we watched movies literally all day. 


"I'm so tired" I said as i sat up from my laying position. She said "me too. Wanna call it a night?" I nodded and walked to Justin's room and collapsed onto his bed. I instantly fell asleep, dreaming about what Justin will do when I get there. I smiled through my sleep. 

(A month later)

I pulled my suit cases through the airport. Then I dropped my bags off and waited in line for like EVER. Then I finally boarded the plane. I was sitting on the isle seat and two little girls were sitting next to me. One of them said "hey, Arnt you Isabella, Justin's girlfriend?" "Yea I am." I said smiling at them. The other one said "your our idol. Can we please get your autograph and a photo?" I said "yeah okay" the. I took lots of funny pictures with them and have them and autograph. "Thank you so much" they both chorused. I smiled and giggled.


This past month me and Justin haven't really talked that much. Only to say good morning and goodnight. I guess he's just busy. Through the entire flight me and the girls were talking and laughing, it was really fun. "Everybody fasten their seat lets. The plane is now landing." I heard the captain say then we landed. I stood up and bumped into somebody. "Sorry" I said. They said "it's okay" I looked up and there was a hot boy standing in front of me. He smiled. I smiled back then we all got off the plane.


I collected my bags and got into a cab. Five short minutes later I was at my 5 star hotel. I went to my room and unpacked my bags. I got out a bieber outfit to blend in and I got ready. I called another cab and went to the venue. I was going to surprise Justin before his show. I tapped on scooters shoulder and he turned around. "Isabella. What are you doing here he said hugging me. "I came to surprise justin. Do you know where he is?" I asked. He replied "In his dressing room" and pointed to a room. I nodded and walked over too it. Here we go

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