Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


12. Me and Isabella are dating

Justin's P.O.V


 A minute ago I was driving with Isabella then now I'm in a hospital bed fighting for my life. My eyes are glued shut. I keep trying to pry them open or even try to move but it's like I'm in shut down mode. I felt as if I had flew out of my body and up. A man in a robe walked me to a field and said "go and see your angel" I was confused until I looked down and saw I was walking on clouds. I could see the world under me. I saw a hospital, Ryan was there so was Jessica and SELENA. Why was she here? Last of all, I saw Isabella on the floor. She was still in my baseball jacket. I looked up and walked through the grass and flowers. 


I saw a woman reading a book at a table. I must be in heaven, wait! That means I'm...... Dead? That man must of been Jesus. So this is what heaven looks like? The woman put her book down, revealing her face. "MUM?" I ran up to her crying and I hugged her. "I missed you so has Jessica" "iv missed you and Jessica too justin. Soo much. But iv always been watching you." I sat down opposite her. "Iv watched where youv been and what you were doing and who you were with."  " you have? That's amazing. I can't wait to catch up and talk with you and stay in this beautiful place. But I don't think this is my time" I looked down. "I can't do that to Jessica and my friends and selena and..... Isabella. They all mean so much to me."


"I couldn't ask for you to stay with me but let me ask you something. Do you like Isabella? Iv seen the way you act around her. Not like how you act around selena. Your much happier with Isabella. Tell me, when your with Isabella, how do you feel?" "Well, she's always really fun and happy. I guess I feel normal like I don't feel famous or anything.

She never asks for anything unlike selena. She's either after money or a gift or something worth a million dollars. But Isabella's smile is worth a million dollars!" My mum softly spoke. " I guess your in love with Isabella then" she smiled. " now do you wanna stay with me, Or?" She smirked. 


"I'm gonna go down to my princess Isabella, sorry mum :( il probably be back soon with the amount of luck I'm having" "justin, don't be silly. Now il take you back down." She grabbed my hand and pulled me along and whispered "goodbye" she hugged me, then I met the Jesus again.


Isabella's p.o.v 


"YOU CAN'T GIVE UP!! PLEASE TRY IT ONE MORE TIME!!!" The doctors were using them chest shocking thing and justin didn't have a pulse and the line machine was strait. Me,selena and Jessica were all trying to get them to try again. Jessica was screaming like it was her who was dying. I walked around selena and I held Jessica as she fell to the floor "he can't die Isabella. If he dies il be all alone. " she was crying a river right now. " you will NEVER be alone. Il always be there for you. And so will Ryan" 


i went outside the Room to find Ryan lying on the floor staring up at the ceiling. " I can't lose him" Ryan said. " he's my best friend, I just-" he started crying. I hugged him. 


i: Justin's a fighter. He wouldn't leave you or jess or selena. He loves you guys way too much to leave. You just have to believe in him.


R: He likes you too you know.


i: no he doesn't. He loves selena. They are dating. Duh


r: he told me that he would get to know you and i said if he likes you to forget selena. I've  known him for like EVER. I see the way he looks at you. And how fun you are together. Trust me,he likes you Isabella. 


I slightly smiled at them last 4 words 'he likes you Isabella'. "Ryan, Isabella come in here" Jessica's voice rang. We stood up and walked in. Justin was sitting up, he looked so tired and beaten. He had stitches on his arm, cut on his cheek and he just looked so bad, it was heartbreaking.


"Are you okay?" Selena asked. "Yea, just a little tired" she replied with "understandable" and she smiled a little bit. Jessica asked, worried "does anything hurt?" "Not really but my arm kinda hurts" we all just say there awkwardly. Justin started talking "so Isabella, did you get hurt?" All eyes were on me. " well a piece of glass got stuck in my arm but they treated it in the ambulance on the way here. " I shrugged. "You were in the ambulance with me?" "We'll I wasn't gonna let you go to a hospital alone, if that's what your saying?" "Thanks isabella" justin said. I smiled and replied "no problem" 


Ryan said "why don't we let selena and justin talk alone" Selena said "thanks" we left the room and started talking. Ryan's whispered "this isn't gonna end good" Jessica said "prepare for the shouting in 5.....4.....3.....2......1....." We heard shouting coming from inside Justin's room. I said

"Okay I'm going to go get some drinks so does anybody want one?" "No thanks me and jess arnt thirsty." He winked at her and whispered something in her ear. "Okay il get one for justin and me you think selena will want one?" They shook there heads. Okay then. I walked down the corridor and found a coffee machine. I got a hot chocolate for me and one for justin too. When I was back at the room, nobody was there. I walked in to fun justin on his own. "Where is everybody?" I was confused. "We'll selena left and Ryan and jess went to get some food. So it's just you and me." 


I smiled knowing it was just us. "Can we talk about something?"
"Yea anything justin"

J: well I think I died but then came back to life or something.

I: yea I think you did because for about two minutes you didn't have a pulse and wasn't breathing.

J: really? Well when I was dead I saw my mum and we talked. And she said I could stay with her.

I: seriously. But why aren't you with her then?

J: I came back for you....and all the others as well.

I: you took the chance to stay with your mum for me.... And all the others?


J: yea, you all mean so much to me and I couldn't do that to you guys.


I: that is so sweet justin


J: oh and you remember when we were In the car, and my eyes were closed. Yea, I heard everything you said. 


I: oh, you heard everything?


J: yea. So did you really mean everything you said? You love me?

I: well kinda but I knew you loved selena so I never told you.


J: well I'm glad you feel like that


I: what do yo-
He kissed me. He actually kissed me. The love of my life was kissing me. I immediately kisses back. His lips were so soft and plump. His tongue ran across my bottom lip asking for entrance which I happily excepted. Mine and his tongue were fighting for dominance. Clearly he one. We both stopped and broke apart. "So can I ask you  one very important thing?" "Of course you can" "well I was wondering, would you like to be my girlfriend?" My heart stopped them 7 words just changed my entire life. " YES!! YES!!! A MILLION TIMES YES!" I kissed him passionately but before I could continue, I opened my eyes and saw a very tearful selena standing at the door. She ran out of the room crying. I ran after her.


"SELENA WAIT UP" "leave me alone"  she ran into a elevator but before I could run in the doors shut . "Great" I turned around and walked back into the room. "Oh I forgot, I got you a hot chocolate" I passed him his hot chocolate "thanks" I say next in the
Chair next to him. "Jesus these chairs are so uncomfortable" justin said " come lay with me" he smiled and so did I. He scooted over a little but enough for me to be able to lay down. I'm quite small.  After five minutes of laying down. 


Ryan and Jessica came barging through the door laughing there butts off. Then they saw us and stopped. Jessica asked "what's going on?" Ryan had his arm around jess. I whispered into justin chest sleepily. "Do you wanna tell them?" "Okay. Well me and Isabella are dating" to hear him say that we were dating just made me smile.


I wanted to give you a cute chapter so here you go. Please comment if your enjoying. 

Peace, love and unicorns x


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