Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


19. Jason

Isabella's p.o.v 

I woke up and but pretended I was asleep, a habit. I heard Justin and Jess talking. "You really love her don't you?" Jess said. Justin caressed my cheek with his thumb then said " I do." I smiled slightly "But I keep messing up. I'm surprised she still wants to be with me. In time she'll probably break up with me soon enough." He said  sadly. "She loves you a lot. Trust me. She would never break up with you. Ever. No matter how much you mess up. Which you do a lot." She laughed. It was silent. "I feel bad enough you don't have to rub it in" he said upset. "I bet her life was much better without me in it."


Jess sighed then said "trust me that's not true. You saved her life. More then once. Even before you met." She can't tell him. He knew I cut and stuff but she can't tell him. He said "What do you mean" no,no,no,no,no. "Well when we were like 12 she um" JESS DONT TELL HIM! "She told me TAHT if she ever met you that she would tell you how much she loved you. Then she told me when I die to make sure you tell him for me that he saved me." Please stop thee Jess you can't tell him. "Then that night she overdosed on pills and hung herself. When we found out there were cuts all over her legs."


JESS! Holy crap she had to tell him didnt she. "And the next day the doctors told us she had also taken drugs." Fuck my life right now. I prayed The Lord nothing would change in mine and Justin's relationship now that he knew this. "She told me 'it's hard and that's why i did it.' I asked her what she meant,she said 'the hate I get for loving Justin. It really hurts. But it hurts more that he only see's me as a fan. That's why I wanted to die' Justin don't you get it. With ought you, she wouldn't be here today. You saved her" there was a long silent pause. 


"I never knew that. I saved her" he said. "Thanks jess for telling me" he said to her. She said "I thought you should know." Then the door shut and Justin layed back down. I wish I could kiss that girl right now. I turned around and yawned. He said "Morning princess" I said "morning prince" i smiled and so did he. I pecked his lips. He said "I love you" and I said "I love you too" he then picked me up bridal style then ran downstairs. I laughed. He placed me on the counter. "Who was in our room this morning. I heard the door close" I yawned. He tensed up then said,"I just went into the bathroom" I hugged him and whispered "your my lifesaver" then I jumped from the counter and walked to the sofa. He was frozen in the kitchen.


I turned the TV on. "Pop star Justin bieber has hit the headlines. Apparently he's beaten up his girlfriend. Isabella was exiting the hospital yesterday with marks around her necks. The Biebs had strangled her and that's why she was in hospital" I turned the TV off and looked at Justin who was sitting next to me. He had a few tears at the brim of his eyes making them sparkle. "They've gone to fucking far" I said angrily throwing my hoody on and my sunglasses and shoes. I walked outside. The paps shouted "how do you feel after justin strangle you?" I shouted "FUCK ALL OF YOU! He didn't do anything! I actually tried to kill myself! SO YEA! YOU ALL DUCKING KNOW NOW SO LEAVE ME AND MY BOYFRIEND ALONE!" I slammed the door and sat on the sofa. Just said "why'd you do that?"


"I had to tell them the truth. I couldn't let you get hated for this" I said truthfully. He hugged me tight "thank you so much" "your my boyfriend. I'd die for you" I said which made him tense up. "Never and I mean ever do that." He said calmly. "So what do you wanna do?" He asked. "Lets just hang out." I said. He nodded. "LETS GO TO THE BEACH!" I shouted. Jess
Yelled "COMING" me and justin looked at each other confused. She ran down the stairs wearing shorts and a crop top. "We'll go get changed" I said running up stairs, Justin behind me.


I put a purple bikini on with purple shortsw and a white crop top. I got sunglasses and snapback. I planned on wearing my shorts all day. I didnt want my scars to show. I packed my towel and sun cream and stuff I might need. I walked out and Justin was downstairs with Jess. "Ready" I said. He screamed "LEGGO" we all ran to the car. "Ryan's gonna meet us there" jess said.


We finally got to the beach which was jam packed with people. Justin held my hand and hid his face trying not to get noticed. A girl walked up to us and said to Justin. "Can I please get a picture?" She handed me the camera. I took a picture and she whispered to me "bitch" I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Lets find a place to sit." I said. We found Ryan and sat with him. "Hey" he said."we all said "hey ry" and laughed. I sat next to Justin on the sand and took my crop top off. He was checking me out. I whispered to hi Mao only he could hear "take a picture, it'l last longer" and I winked. He smirked.


Justin said "lets go in the ocean" and got up. So did everybody else. I sat down still. Ryan and jess ran into the ocean. "Arnt you coming?" Justin said. I said "I can't swim." He said "il hold you the entire time, I promise." He held his hand out which I gladly held on to to help me up. We ran into the ocean. He had his arms around my waist. "Why didnt you take your shorts off?" Justin asked. "Because I didnt want to" I laughed. We walked further out into the ocean. I couldn't touch the ground but Justin held onto me the entire time. I felt something on my foot bite me. "Justin. Something just bit me." I said worried. "What?!?" He said kinda freaking out. "Something bit me and it really hurts." He swam back to shore and layed me on the sand. He looked at my foot. "It's bleeding" he said. My eyes widened. 


He helped me walk back to our spot and wrapped a sock around my foot. "Thanks" I said kissing his cheek. "You go back to Ryan and Jess, il go get some smoothies." I said. "I'm coming with you." He said. I said back "I can walk Justin I'm okay. Now go to Jess and Ryan." He put his hands up in surrender then walked away. I went to the little smoothie shack thing and sat on a stool. "Excuse me"
I said. The boy turned around. "JASON" I shouted. I hugged him. "ISABELLA" he shouted back. He hugged me back. He was my best friend and Jessica's all through middle school and high school but he moved away. He was the one who always stuck up for me and Jess. "what are you doing here I thought you moved away?" I asked. 


He replied "I did but I moved back last week. My sisters not here so I have to cover for her." He smiled at me and I smiled back. "I really missed you J" I said. "I really missed you too belle" he always use to call me belle after the princess. I felt arms wrap around my waist. "Hey princess" Justin said pecking my cheek. "Hey juju. Jason this is my boyfriend Justin. Justin this was my best friend Jason. He was also Jessica's." Jason was speechless "your Justin bieber." He laughed and so did Justin. "JASON" we heard somebody scream. "JESSICA" jess came running and hugged Jason "I missed you so much." She said "I missed you too" he said.


Justin was currently kissing my neck. "I'm so happy you here Jason. How long are you staying here for?" I asked. He said "I'm staying and not leaving. We get to be best friends again like we was before" he smiled wide. "What college are you going to?" Jess asked. Jason replied "college of 
Toronto" (fake college lol) "that's where we go" I said excited.we all laughed. Justin wasn't really talking. "Here's my number" Jason said giving me and jess his number. "Call me" he said winking. We laughed. "We'll see you around Jason. Bye." Me and Jess said hugging him. "Where's Ryan?" I said. 


Jess said "He had to go home" we all walks back to our spot. I sat on my towel and asked "justin baby, can you pwetty pwease put sun cream on my back?" He turned his  head around to look at me. "Sure baby" he said kissing my cheek. He squirted some on his hands and massaged it into my back. I arched my back in pleasure. He massaged my shoulders. He stopped and I kissed him. "Thanks juju" I smiled. I layed down and so did Justin. 


We held each others hands while we tanned. I tanned on my back for like, half an hour then I tanned on my front for half an hour. "I'm thirsty. Do you guys want smoothies?" I said. "Yes please. Can I have a mango?" Justin said. Jess yelled "MANGO" I said "three mangos" then I went over to the smoothie shack. "Jason please can I have three mangos?" He said "anything for a princess" I laughed. "So when did you and Justin start dating" he asked. "About a month again." I said. He gave me the smoothies and I said "thanks j" I smiled and hugged him. I hobbled back to Justin and gave them there smoothies.


"These taste so nice" jess said. "I know it's like sucking heaven through a straw." They both looked at me. "What? It's true" I laughed . "Do you wanna go now it's getting dark." Jess said. Justin said "why don't you go home. Me and Isabella are gonna stay here" he held my hand. She said "okay then" then drove back. I held onto his hand and we walked through the sand. "How much do you love me?" Justin said. "What type of question is that?" I said. "I just want to hear you say it." He said. I smiled . "I love you more then there are stars in the sky." I said. He looked up "that's a lot of love" he said smiling. 


"How much do you love me?" I said, I stopped walking to look at him in the eyes. He said "close your eyes" I followed his directions. "What do you see?" "Nothing" I said. He replied "that's me without you" he whispered into my neck. I felt him tie something around my neck. I opened my eyes and looked at it. It was a necklace with an infinity sign on it that said 'I love you'. "Justin, this is perfect but why did you get me this?" I said holding it tight in my hand. He said "well now you'll know I always love you and il always be with you" he smiled. "I'm never going to take this off" I said gazing into his eyes. The sunset was perfect. And so was the boy right next to me.


He leant down, I went on my tip toes and we kissed. There was so much passion and feeling into the one kiss.its like he didn't want to stop. We eventually broke apart. A tear slipped from his eye and fell down his cheek. "What's wrong?" I said worriedly looking into kiss eyes. He looked away from me. "Looks at me and tell me what's wrong." I said seriously. He looked at me sadly and said "I'm going on tour for a year" he said another tear joined the other one. "And I'm leaving tomorrow" "what! That means were gonna have to brea-" "No" he cried and begged. "Don't say it. I don't want to admit it"


 I looked away from him crying. "Well then what are we going to do." I cried. "There's only one other thing. A long distance relationship" he said in tears. "If it keeps us together I'll do anything" I said still crying. I hugged him "I'm really going to miss you" I said crying. "I'm really going to miss you" he said crying into my shoulder. I cried into him. I love him so much. I don't want him to leave. "I promise you I will never do anything while your gone" I said laughing and wiping my tears. "An I promise not to do anything on tour EVER" we laughed and wiped away our tears. 


At the same time we both said "I love you" we both smiled and walked hand in hand to his car. I held onto his hand while he drove home. "Does jess know?" I asked. He nodded then said "I told her last week. I didnt want to upset you when everything had happened." I nodded then got out the car with him. I checked the time and it was 1:40am "justin it's almost 2 in the morning." I whisper shouted. "I'm starving can we order a pizza?" He said laughing. I calmed down and said "calling" and laughed.


We are the pizza bed. I noticed the packed bags in the corner of his room. I tensed up then eased down. We finished the pizza then turned off the lights. I tried to find his face and kissed him. I giggled. Then snuggled into his chest. I mumbled "I love you" then fell deep into slumber…


I woke up and remembered Justin's leaving. He wasn't next to me anymore and his bags were gone. Don't tell me he's left. I ran down stairs and he was sitting at the counter, bags at the door, eating captain crunch. He looked at me. He got up and hugged me. "Get dressed" he said. I pecked him then ran to my room. I wore purple skinny jeans. I then wore a my world tour T-shirt and tucked it in my jeans. I wore converse. I straitened my hair. I put mascara on then ran downstairs. He was leaning against the door. "Lets go" I sad sadly. I walked next to him, dragging one of his suitcases. I was trying not to cry.


We got to the airport. We were walking and in hand then I said "my dad once told me 'if saying good bye is too hard, say hello'" Justin looked at me and smiled. "He's a wise man." I smiled. I hugged him so tight and put my legs in the air. His hands wrapped around my waist and I cried into his shoulder. We were standing in the middle of an airport crying and hugging. I held his face in my hands and kissed him. He kissed back. "Flight 207 to Arizona will be leaving in 15 minutes" we broke apart "that's my flight he said" it was silent then I put my hand out and said "hey, my names isabella. Nice to meet you" he went along with it and said "hi, my names Justin, it's nice to meet you too." We were smiling through tears. I hugged him one last time then he boarded the plane.


I couldn't do it I ran through the gates and the guards picked me up. I kicked them and got free. I ran onto the plane and ran through the isle of people trying to find Justin. I finally found him and he stood up and kissed me passionately. Everybody aww'ed. I smiled into the kiss. The security then picked me up. I shouted in front of everybody "I LOVE YOU" he shouted back "I LOVE YOU TOO" then they escorted me off the plane. I was in tears right now. 


I drove home in Justin's car. It still smelt of him. I broke down in tears when we got home. When I opened the door I collapsed on the hard wood floor crying. Jess came to me and picked me up. "It's okay izzy" she said stroking my cheek. "He'll be back before you know it." She said. "But still, I can't live with out him. Literally." I said still crying. It was silent. All you could hear was my cries. "I love him so much." I screamed. I got a text

J:how are you baby girl? x

I: crying :( I already miss you x

J: don't cry. I miss you so much too. Just think about it. We're saying goodbye today but hello tomorrow :) x

I: :) xx I love you <3 xx

J: I love you too xx :) <3 xx promise to call you when I land x

I: :D xx

J: I gotta go now baby girl :( bye xx

I: bye juju x

At least I got to talk with him. I wiped my tears away and walked up stairs to his room. I couldn't even fee the pain in my foot anymore. That pain was now In my heart. I went into his room. Looked the the necklace "I will always love you Justin." I whispered. I went through his draw and got a t shirt and baggy pants. I put them on and layed in his bed. It was like 3:10pm. I shut the curtains and layed in his bed with my phone on his bed in front of me.


I waited about 3 hours then the phone rang. "Isabella" He said "Justin. I miss you so much." He said "i miss you so much too. I promise we'll be together soon. Somehow" I could tell he smiled through the phone. "I love you so much" I said. "I love you too." I smiled. "I'm sorry but I gotta go. I promise to call you tomorrow" he said. "Okay. I love you so much" "I love you too. Bye" he said then hung up. ViaVoice made me happier.


I fell asleep in his bed hugging his pillow because it smelt like him. He'll probably forget me when he comes back. NO stop thinking about that sort of stuff. I just can't wait for him to come back to me and be able to hold him in my arms. I really do love him. I held onto the necklace tightly. And kissed it. Forever will forever be ours :)

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