Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


16. I guess in the end he did find a way to mess up

Isabella's p.o.v

Justin said " never gave me any kisses!" He made a pouty face that i couldn't resist. I kissed him. The i began go run away. He was hot on my heels so i moved to the side and put my foot out, tripping him in the process. Little did i know he would pull me with him. I jumped up and ran again. I felt two arms wrap around my waist and lifting me off the ground. He twirled me around. I was laughing so much .


He said "you know your my princess right?" I nodded. "You know your my night in shining armour, right?" He nodded. I said "and ryans the horse" he was cracking up. "I dont know about you but im taking a shower before i go asleep" i said. He whispered "can i come?" I thought about it then said "sure" he seemed very surprised. His eyes  popped out his head basically. He stuttered "really?" I nodded. Then i strutted into his room, i unzipped my trousers and placed them on his bed. Then I slipped off my tshirt. I turned around to see him in his boxers. "Okay, your keeping your pants on. And NO funny business" i pointed at him, showing him i was serious. He smirked "dont blame me. Im a nineteen year old boy with hormones" i rolled my eyes.


I stepped in the shower, justin behind me, then i let the hot water fall against my body. I arched my neck. Justin ran his fingers through my hair,letting the shampoo clean my hair making me feel more fresh. Justin ran shower gel, all up and down my body making sure to not have any funny business. After he was done, i turned around and poured shampoo  on my hands and ran my fingers through his hair,slightly tugging at the ends, making him moan. I began to massage his back. He moaned even more. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I kissed his cheek and said "i love you" he immediately replied with "i love you too"


We Got out the shower then He turned around and pecked my nose. "Where should i put my underwear?" I said. He said "give them to me. I was confused at first. Then he lunged at me. He kisses me and unhooked my bra. Then then he dropped my panties, not breaking the kiss once? I pulled my pants off my legs, then justin broke the kiss, not looking at me, cause he knows how insecure i am lol. 


He walked off with my underwear. I grabbed one of his tshirts and made a dash for my bedroom. I got some underwear and shorts. I grabbed a brush and a hairdryer. I walked to justins room and found him shirtless on his bed. He was listening to music on his phone. He looked up at me and smiled. I walked past his bed and into his bathroom. I plugged in my hair dryer and began to brush my hair. (5 minutes later) finally my hair was dry. I put it up in a messy bun. I unplugged my hairdryer and placed in on the side. I walked back into his room and jumped on the bed, causing him to fall off. 


" thanks" he said,getting up off the floor. I said back " your welcome" i smirked laughing. He sat next to me and put his arm around me. I turned on my phone and logged onto Instagram. I took a picture of me and justin and captioned : with my boo 😘 @justinbieber x" i posted about 5 photos of us doing funny poses. Justin took a photo and said : with the love of my life 😘 x" i commented "i love you juju x" i like that nick name juju, it rolls right off the tongue. 😋 Justin said "juju, i like it" he smiled at me. I smiled back laughing. I kissed his cheek. I wrapped my legs around him from the side. His hand traveled down my leg. I checked the comments on my photos. 


On one of them it said "holy lord, your literally awesome at photoshop" i laughed. Justin said "whats funny?" I said "somebody thought the photos were photoshop." He laughed and said, make a video then." I clicked on the video button then said "guess who im with?" Justin said "JUSTIN BIEBER" I laughed. "My gorgeous boyfriend." I kissed his cheek. I said "think its still photo shop?" Then i laughed and posted the video. Immediately i got comments saying "HOLY FUCK" i giggled. I realised I had got over 100k more followers, in the last couple days. Holy shizz. 


I turned my phone off and said "im tired, im going to sleep now baby" I kissed him one more time then fell deep into my slumber.



I woke up and stretched my arms and yawned. I realised justin was still peacefully asleep. I heard him mumble "leave her alone. No stop it. Your hurting her. Dude, why are you wearing a princess costume?" I was trying so hard not to laugh. " holy lord there coming. NOOOOO! RYAN YOU ARE NOT A HORSE, STOP BITING ME!" I was literally biting my fist trying not to laugh. " COWSSSSSSS" I grabbed the nearest pillow and bit into it. "Please dont hurt her" he whispered " I love her, more then she will ever know" I saw a tear escape his eye. I pretended to be asleep exactly when he woke up.


I felt his hot breath against my cheek. He said "you'll never know how much i love you." Major aww moment right? I felt something wet drip on my cheek. Was he crying? Aww such a cutie <3 I was so tempted to kiss him right now but i couldn't.  He planted a very gentle/soft kiss against my cheek. Then he said "one day, were gonna have a family. Kids running about, driving us crazy, but we love them any way. Then we'll have to send them off to there first day of school. Then we send them off to high school, then college. They'll grow up in front of us. And we'll be together, side by side, throughout all of it" I sensed him smiling. "I just hope I don't mess it up" I was fighting the urge to smile but I couldn't. 


Justin wrapped his arms around me tightly. He nuzzles his head into the back of my neck and whispered "I love you" I literally melted at this entire scene. I fluttered my eyes open and whispered "I love you too." I smiled. And I felt him smile into my neck. I turned around and kissed him. Obviously he kissed back smiling. His hands were traveling all over my body. We pulled away. I snuggled into him. I was about to fall asleep when Justin's phone rang.he sighed angrily and picked it up. "Hello?" He said angrily. "SCOOTER!?! What the fuck! Why did u call me?" There was a pause "Yea okay! I'll come in 10! Bye" he hung up and practically ripped his hair out.


He said "I have to go Down to the studio then I have to record some stuff and then a music video for as long as you love me. Then i have an interview with ellen.Do you wanna come and watch?" I replied "I'd be honoured" then he got up and walked to his bathroom and shut the door. I smiled to myself and said "how on earth was I lucky enough to have a perfect boyfriend." "THANK YOU" he shouted through the door. He wasn't supposed to hear lol. I put on one of Justin's T-shirts cause I wasn't wearing anything else. I ran to my room. Then I washed my hair because I was too lazy to shower •~• yea I know that's not good.


I grabbed some purple shorts and a tight purple belly top. To look good for my boyfriend ;) then I wore my purple vans to match. I walked into my bathroom then I was about to dry my hair when I realised I left my hair dryer in Justin's room. I wandered downstairs and into his room. He was looking out the window which gave me a perfect opportunity to grab it without him seeing my out fit. I slowly made my way over then I grabbed it and ran out his room. When I got back to my room, I quickly dried my hair then curled it.


Just as I was about to apply  my make up when Justin's arms wrapped his arms around me with his eyes closed. He said "don't you dare put any make up on. Your perfect without it" I said "trust me I'm not perfect you know " he said "liar" I just laughed then I said " now get out" I shooed him away then he said "one kiss please?" I then l said "okay" then I kissed hip passionately then pushed him away and out the door.  Just because I wanted to I took his word and didnt put make up on. I walked downstairs and justin was totally checking me out. He bit his lip. I said "like what you see?" He nodded his head.


I smirked at him. He stuttered "w-we sh-should go" I walked in front of him. Smirking to myself. I bent over to get into his car. He got in speechless. Then, started driving with one hand, holding my hand with the other one. I felt like teasing him. I started kissing his neck, making sure to suck. A few times I nibbled on his soft skin. I heard a moan escape his mouth, I smiled knowing what I was doing. I left a trail of kisses up his neck when he pulled over. I said as innocently as possible "why did you stop the car?" He looked at me sexually frustrated.


"Why do you think?" He said gesturing to the big bulge in his pants. I stared at it and giggled knowing that I caused it. I unbuckled my seat belt and said "get in the back" he went along with what I said and sat in the back. I sat on the floor and began to unzip his pants. He said "wh-what are you doing?" A tint of worry In his voice. I said "do you want that to go away?" I gestured to his bulge. He slowly nodded so I said "then trust me" I pulled his jeans then his pants. His eyes widened and so did I. A huge grin forming on my face. I leaned my head in, holding the 'thang' at the base. I started bobbing my head back and forth. I. Slight nibbles at the skin. My tongue was twirling all around it. Justin was moaning uncontrollably. I smirked and pushed his 'jerry' in my mouth even more. 


He moaned one last time then all his juices filled in my mouth. I swallowed. "Baby, you taste so good" I said smirking. I pulled his pants up and his jeans. Then I moved back into the passenger seat. Justin was speechless in the back. He stuttered "that was amazing." "Anything for my boyfriend" I winked. he got in the front seat then started driving again. I smiled out the window. "I love you. You do know that right?" I said. He said "well I obviously know that now" I laughed. I muttered "nobody can know about this okay?" He nodded. 10 or 15 minutes later we got to the studio and scooter said "Justin. Where the hell have you been?" Justin looked at me then said "traffic" scooter said "whatever. Now get in the recording booth you two!" Wait what! 'You TWO' "what do you mean 'you two'?" I said kinda worried. "Didnt justin tell you? You two are recording a duet." Okay then. 


"What song?" Justin passed me some sheets and said "I sing the blue, you sing the pink, and we sing the purple together." Then he smiled. I began to read them then realised it was my favourite song be him. We walked into the booth and The track started to play. I started singing.


 "It feels like we've  been out at sea. So back and forth that's how it seems, woah, so when I wanna talk you say to me. That if its meant to be it will be. So crazy in this thing we call love, and now that we got it we just can't give up. I'm reaching out for you. Got me out here in the water and I'm. 


We sang "I'm over board. And I need your love, pull me up. I can't swim on ma own, it's to much. Feels like I'm drowning without your love, so throw your self out to me, my life saver (life, saver, oh, lifesaver, my lifesaver, life saver, oh a oh"


Justin sang "I never understood you when you said,oh, you wanted me to meet you half way oh. I felt like I was doing ma part, kept thinking you were coming up shore. Funny how things change but now I see oh. So crazy I'm this thing we call love. Now that we got it we just can't give up. I'm reaching out for ya. Got me out here in the water and I.


We sang " I'm overboard, and I need your love, pull me up, I can't swim on my own, it's to much. (Its to much) Feels like I'm drowning without your love (without your love) so throw your self out to me. My lifesaver. Oh."


I sang "it's supposed to be some give and take I know. But your only taking then not giving any more. So what do I do (what do I do) caus i still love you (I still love you baby) and your the only one who can save me" 

I stopped singing and a tear escaped my eye. I literally sung my heart out on the last chorus. When we finished I wiped my tear away and walked out the booth, justin following. He whispered in my ear so only I could here "you okay?" I just nodded. "So how did we do? I asked. Scooter said "youth guys did perfect. This will be the new 2013 version that will be on the new album." I said "what new album?" Justin said "I have a-" scooter shook his head at justin signalling him to shut up. "Never mind" he said.


We got in the car and drove to the set of his music video. Me walked and we went over to scooter who ha got here. He told justin what to do. Then this man came out, I'm guessing he was the dad in the music video which means, there's another girl. My guess was right, a girl came out. It can't be her "Sydney?" I said. "What Are you here?" i said through gritted teeth. She was my bully all through middle school and high school. "Well. I auditioned and got the part" she said smiling and pretending to be all innocent. They   Began filming. Justin was awesome at acting. Like seriously. The man and justin was having a conversation but this entire time I was staring at that evil girl. She looked at me and smirked. Oh god no, that's not good. (Skip a couple scenes) okay justin and Sydney are now in a room doing stuff. I felt so sick watching my boyfriend kissing the girl I hate most. 


I told scooter "I feel sick, I'm gonna go home. Tell justin when he's done" I walked outside and started to walk but I didnt want to go home so I went to the park across the road. I say on the swings and gently went back and forth. What was she doing back? Why was she smirking at me. What might happen when I'm not there? I shook the thoughts away not wanting to know.

Justin's p.o.v

We had just finished recording. Man, Sydney was an amazing kisser but Isabella is better. I wonder where she is. I went over to scooter. "Do you know where Isabella is?" I said. He said "she didnt feel well so she walked home." I nodded then said "well I'll go pick her up then go to my interview." He nodded then u walked away. I went to my car and drove home. I went inside and shouted "ISABELLA" no response "ISABELLA" still nothing. I knocked on Jessica's room. Then walked in. I asked "have you seen Isabella?" She shook her head and said "no" "okay I Have NO idea wear she is?" We all called her. "Voicemail" we all said. "Ryan, you and jess look around town and il just look." I said. Then I ran outside looking. We're not going to find her are we? I saw a girl slightly going Back and forth. I ran over and shouted 


"ISABELLA!! We looked everywhere for you!" Then I grabbed her and held her tight. "I have no idea what I'd do without you." I cried into her shoulder. "Why did you leave?" I asked crying. She said close to tears "because it was so heartbreaking watching the person you hate the most, the one who ruined your life kiss your boyfriend, the one you'd die for" she started crying. I asked "why do you hate Sydney so much?" She looked down then answered "if only you knew". Then  she started walking to my car. If only I knew what? I asked "if only I knew wh-" she said "just drop the subject.


I didnt speak after that. It was a very awkward car ride. I texted jess that we found isabella. When we got to Ellen she jumped out all happy like nothing had happened. I got out and told her to go sit in the front row. I went back stage to see scooter. He said "you have to say that your not dating anybody and it was a friend and you were doing a one time thing. You cannot say your dating." "But Isabella. She'll be heartbroken" I said. "You have to" I said "whatever" then I walked away.

Isabella's p.o.v

I was in the front row and was waiting. About five minutes later, Ellen came on stage and introduced Justin. He sated doing the moonwalk on stage. I laughed and smiled. They sat down and started to talk.

E: so Justin, how are you?

J: I'm good. Everything's good. 

E: Well that's good. So you've been all over the news recently. Tell me about that.

He looked at me for a second.

J: well, she's my friend, and we were trying a one time thing but there wasn't anything there really, no feelings or emotions. It didnt feel right if you know what I mean. So we just stopped. So were just friends, So yea. I'm single and happy. I only love every single one of my beliebers.

Then they went to commercial break. Justin slowly walked to me, a tint of sadness in his eyes.

"Just friends" JUST FUCKING FRIENDS! A tear escaped my eye as I stared at him and I ran out of the Ellen set. I ran home. I have never felt so sad and angry at the same time. I thought he really loved me. I guess I was wrong. I ran to my room and slammed the door. That is the last time I'm ever 
Being in love. After what happened before.


I walked to the bathroom and started running a bath. IM DONE! I paced my floors. I tried before but failed. This is my time. Finally it was done. Justin was banging on my door and was shouting "PLEASE LET ME EXPLAIN!" I said firmly "leave me alone" then I walked into the bathroom, leaving my clothes on and sat in. I could still hear justin through the door begging "please open up." I ignored him. I layed under water. i knew it would work this time considering I can't breath under water. 


Everything started to go black when I heard justin scream "ISABELLA" then lifted me out of the water. I coughed up water then pushed him away. I yelled "why did you do that!?!" Clearly annoyed. He looked at me with a 'are you serious' expression. "You r my girlfriend, do you seriously think I'd  let you attempt to KILL YOURSELF!" I responded angrily "I thought we were 'JUST FRIENDS'" I stood up and walked into my room, grabbing clothes on the way to the door. I gestured to it and said "get out" he said. "Everything I said was scripted. Scooter told me to say all that trust me please." He begged me, tears cascading down his cheeks. 


He went on both knees and begged one last time "please" his hands together. I just walked the other direction to my newly fixe window. It started raining. Mine and Justin's first real kiss was in the rain.i started drawing on the window. I slight looked behind me. Justin stood up and walked out but before he left he turned around and said "I just wanted to let you know I tried" he then closed the door. I slid down the wall. 


Everything's going to be really awkward from now on. I changed into the clothes and dried my hair. I put it up in a messy bun. I went over to my little box. I was wondering if I need to open it. I unlocked it with my key. I took out the little blade and made a slight cut across my thigh. I did this 3-5 times. I then whipped the blood off with a tissue and layed down. I soon fell asleep. I guess in the end he did find a way to mess up. 

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