Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


28. He's back

Isabella's pov 

Days later.

I yawned. I started to draw shapes on Justin's arms. "Isabella? I need to do something. I'll be gone for about an hour. Maybe two" Justin said. I looked up at him. I opened my mouth to speak but he said "oh and I promise I'm not cheating on you." I chuckled at his cuteness. I nodded and checked the time. 7:30. Slowly he got up from the sofa and grabbed his phone off the coffee table. "I'm gonna go to my mums for a bit do if I'm not here ill be there" I said standing up. He nodded and pecked my lips. We both slipped on our matching supras. 


He opened the door and walked to his car. I walked to my car and said "love you Justin" he said "Love you Isabella" I chuckled and sat inside my car. His car disappeared and I started driving to my mums house. Once I got there I took a breath and went inside. Everything was still the same. I walked around looking at all the photos of us. I sighed. There was a knock at the door. Was Justin already missing me? I laughed to myself. I opened the door and there he was. The one person I hated. The one person the ruined my life. The one person who drew me to attempting suicide. He looked up from his shoes and smiled at me. My eyes widened in horror as his name rolled of my tongue. "Bradley?" I whispered. He smiled and said "Miss me?" 


I slammed the door shut but he put his foot in the way, stopping it from closing. "Look Isabella I'm so sorry for everything I've put you through. I only did everything I did because I was worried you wouldn't love me anymore. I'm so sorry. Please Isabella." He whispered.  Slowly shook my head. "Wait. Remember when we first met. It was September first 2008. We were in Starbucks and you spilt your drink on me. You were so beautiful and I knew that ever since that day I had to make you mine. Do you remember." He said blinking back his tears. Was he really sorry or was it a trick.


I nodded slowly and said "I'm surprised you remembered that. "It was the best day of my life. I couldn't forget it" he said holding my hands. "Do you remember when we talked about getting married and having kids. We would talk for hours about how amazing and perfect our life would be. We would talk non stop about it. We would always make excuses to our parents just so we could meet up. We would always be together. We were always the perfect couple. Do you remember all of it. We would always kiss and always hang out. We would always hug and do fun things together. Do you remember when you would say you loved me?" By now tears were in his eyes.


I was 100% percent sure this wasn't a joke. I nodded and said "I remember everything." He let go of my hands and dropped onto his knees. "Please forgive Me Isabella. I love you so much."  I was silent for a few minutes. "I........Forgive you" I said caving in. The biggest smile appeared on his face. "So that means you love me again? So we can go back go how we was?" He asked. "I forgive you but I can't date you." I paused. "I have a boyfriend. I'm sorry Bradley" I finished. His smile slowly vanished and he muttered "I should've known" "I'm sorry" I repeated. "It's okay. In prison I learnt to never get your hopes up because you'll always end up disappointed." He said.


"I just want you to know I'll always love you through everything" then he gently kissed me. I froze. Slowly I kissed back. I don't know why but I felt all the emotion and passion and love. Three things that never connected with Bradley.we broke apart and he looked into my eyes smiling. Then he turned around and muttered "at least I'll die happy" which made my heart stop. He walked to his car and drove away. I closed the door and slid down the door.


I feels even more like a monster now. I'm such a bad luck charm. Everybody's life is miserable because of me. Outside I heard rain. I got my phone and called Jess "hey Jess where are you?" "I forgot to tell you didn't I. Well I moved in with Ryan and his parents so they can help with the baby." I nodded even though she couldn't see me. "Ryan stoppp" she said giggling. "I've gotta go izzy. Call you later" she said hanging up. I stood up and picked up my keys. Slowly I opened the door. It was literally pouring down.


I counted to three and ran for my car. I opened the door and got it. It was a 4 second run and I had already managed to get soaked. I sighed. I got my keys and started to drive home. The rain hit against my car loudly. I began to hear thunder which made me speed up a little. Once I finally reached my house I stopped the car. I opened the door and legged it to the house. I leaped at the door opened it with my keys. I shouted "HOME AT LAST" throwing my hands up in a victorious motion. "Justin?" I yelled. No reply. Still not back. I jumped on the sofa and switched the tv on. Then I stood up again and went to the kitchen. I grabbed some sour patch kids and some crisps.


Then I hopped back onto the sofa, cuddling my knees. The thunder got louder. I waited. And waited. Then I ate my food. Then I waited. And waited again. I was starting to get worried. I checked the time and it was 10:00 he wasn't cheating on me. He promised. Then I heard a car door close I jumped to my feet and sprinted to the door. Justin came through and he was soaking wet. I closed the door and hugged him. "Where were you?" I asked worriedly. "I got a new tattoo" he said smiling. A small smile came to my face. "Lemme see" I said excitedly. He pulled his sleeve up and there was a heart underneath his 'toaster' tattoo.


"That's so cute but what's the text in the middle. It's dark and I can't really see what it says." I said looking at him. He said "it's the date of when we first met" he said smiling wide. A gigantic smile came across my face. I hugged him and whispered "that's so sweet Justin." He wrapped his arms around my waist. "Well I wanted to show everybody how proud I am to say I'm your boyfriend." He smiled again. I blushes and hid my face in his shoulder. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. "So how have you been?" He asked pecking my cheek. 


Suddenly I got kinda nervous remembering everything that had happened. "I've been good. I didn't really do anything." I lied. I hate lying. He nodded and spun me around. "In other newssssss. IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY IN TWO WEEKS"he said laughing. I giggled and nodded. "So what you planning on doing?" He asked. "I'LL BE CHILLEN WITH MA GURLS!!" I said laughing. He made a pouty face and said "So I can't come?" I shook my head and said "no but we'll do something together all day" I smiled at him and he said "that sounds good." We stood there smiling at each-other. At the same time we both said "Why are you so perfect?" We both started laughing. 


"Come on, it's late" Justin said taking my hand and walking upstairs. "It's not that late" I said. He chuckled. He dragged me upstairs. I check my phone and it was 10:43. "I guess it is late" I muttered. We went into the bedroom and I jumped on the bed. He jumped next to me, causing me to fall off. I bashed my head on the bed side table. "ISABELLA OH MY GOD" he yelled. I held my forehead. "Shit" I muttered. "babe I'm so sorry" he said. "It's okay Justin" I said. "No it's not fucking okay. I hurt you" "but you didn't mean to so it's okay." I said holding his face and looking into his eyes. "Trust me. I'm okay" I whispered trying hard to ignore the pain. He nodded slowly and kissed my forehead. I smiled to myself. He really does worry.

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