Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


4. Everything feels so perfect

Y/N's P.O.V

So me and jess decided to have a girly night considering justin was out with Ryan. Jess' phone began to ring. "Who is it?" Jess put her hand on the phone making sure whoever it was couldn't hear. "Justin" I suddenly felt slightly happier. She hung up. "what did he want?" She replied 
J: he said he's at some club and he needs me to pick him up. He also says Ryan's staying over. So much for a girls night. Sorry Y/N.

Y/N: it's okay. I bet he's well drunk.J: he didnt sound drunk on the phone but I dunno :/ so do you wanna come or stay here?

Y/N: il stay here. I'm kinda tired to moveeee

Jess muttered in a joking way "lazy". "You did not call me lazy did you?" I said in a funny voice causing Jessica to laugh. "Oh yes I did" she replied in the same voice causing me to laugh so much I fell off the bed. "Okay u better leave now." "Yea" she walked out the door then shouted 
"DONT MISS ME TO MUCH!" I shouted back " I'LL TRY!" Then she was gone! I sat there soon regretting my decision not going. I was bored as hell. I got changed into my pj's which were my purple shorts and T-shirt. Nothing fancy. I went on Instagram and checked my account.nothing new. I say on jess' twisty chair and slowly twisted on it, not wanting to drop my iPhone 5. I smiled at the amount of sweet comments I got on a selfie. *1 hour later which felt like a year* "were back" a very drunk justin and Ryan stumbled through the door, being held up by Jessica. "a little help" she gestured to the to boys close I falling to the floor. I ran over and began lifting up justin with all my strength. The stank if alcohol. The stupid things boys do. " ima take justin up to his room." "NO FUNNY BUSINESS" she shouted. "Jesus jess, I'm not desperate" I laughed and so did she. When I got to Justin's room and dropped him in his bed slowly. Just as I was about to leave he grabbed my arm and said well...slurred "stayyy withhh meeee" I stared at him "i can't" "pleaseeeeee stayyyyy" he said sadly. " maybe later" he happily said "yay." I giggled then walked down stairs to get some water, Jessica was sitting at the table.
J: so how was justin?
Y/n: he kept asking me to stay with him
J: so why aren't you with him?
Y/n: I need to ask you. If me and justin did date, would it be awkward for us to still be friends? Like would it ruin our friendship?
J: nothing would ever ruin our friendship. We're more like sisters :) 
I smiles and hugged her. "I'ma call it a night" " okay bye" she walked away to her room. I poured a glass of water, about to take a sip when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and I saw Justin's head leaning on my shoulder. "what's taking so long. I wanna cuddle." "Justin, what about selena, I couldn't do that to her." "Who gives a fuck about selena. She's nothing to me. We always fight. I don't even think she loves me." He looked down when he whispered that last part. He may be drunk but I could still see the hurt/sadness in his eyes. "Justin..." I hugged him, he hugged back. I just thought he needed a friend. I whispered in his ear "life has its own course. You just have to go with it" after a long while, I quietly said into his shirt " I don't want to let go" I think he heard me because he tightened his grip on me. Everything feels so perfect. It fit right into place



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