Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


31. Airport disasters

Isabella's pov

I looked back down at my phone and saw a dm pop up. "I still can't thank you enough. I love you Isabella Roberts" from Matthew Espinosa. "I love you Matthew Espinosa." I replied. "Not to sound weird or anything but can I please get your phone number? To stay in contact away from twitter?" "As long as I can get yours" "2246 972801 ;)" I playfully rolled my eyes even though he couldn't see me. "7469 214853" (fake numbers)


I went on to contacts and added him as "Matthew<3" a FaceTime call was sent through as I quickly clicked 'accept.' "Oh my god! It's really you" he said hiding his face. He was currently shirtless from what I could see. I giggled and said "I guess it Is" "I was just making sure you didn't give me a fake number" he said, chuckling to himself. "I would never do that, especially to you" I said smiling once again. 


I notice his cheeks began to turn a light shade of red. "I just need to ask, how old are you?" I asked. "I'm seventeen" he replied, putting his phone on something to stand it up. I saw him pull his trousers up slightly. "Should I put my shirt on or?" He asked. "No, it's okay." I replied, enjoying the view. He smirked know that was staring.


I looked out the car and realised we were at the airport. "I'm really sorry but I have to go. I'm flying to London England to be on a tv show" but I said London England with a British accent. He looked disappointed but smiled anyway "what show?" "Celebrity Big Brother" I replied. "I'll try to find a link for it" I smiled widely at him.


"Okay I gotta go, bye" I waved making a kissy face. "But we'll talk on the plane, I promise" he waved and said "bye" then he hung up. I breathed out. "Your setting yourself up for disaster" Jason said while parking the car. "What time is it?" I asked. He checked his watch then said "7:00" "show we have 40 minutes?" He nodded. I smirked, biting my lip. This was the last time I would try to do this.


We Both undone our seat belts. I got off of my seat and climbed on top of Jason's lap, straddling him. "What are you doi-" I interrupted him by crashing my lips to his. He didn't waste no time and kissed back. I bit onto his bottom lip and pulled it slightly. He left a trail of kissed from my jaw down to my hoodie zip, pulling it down with his teeth. I pulled  my arms out causing it to fall in the foot space. His hand went down my back and into the back of my sweatpants, having a firm grip on my ass.


I bit onto his earlobe and ran my fingers through his hair. His hands went past my butt and to my thighs. I froze and so did he. "Isabella. Why? How Could you do this to yourself?" He asked, pain evident in his voice. "You wouldn't understand" I murmured. "Isabella, I'm your best friend, of course I'd understand" he said, caressing my cheeks. His arms snaked around my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck.


Our lips connected one last time. It was slow but passionate. "This is the last time. No friends with benefits" Jason said. I nodded. "We better get you on that plane" he said, slightly smiling. His  hand reached down to grab my hoodie and then wrapped it around my shoulders, then me putting my arms through the sleeves. 


"I love you Jason Mccan. As a friend" "I love you too Isabella Roberts. As a friend" our arms wrapped around each other again. "Best friends" we both whispered in the other persons ear. "Let's go" he said grabbing onto my hand. With the free one I grabbed my handbag in the other seat. He opened the door and a couple in there 20's-30's walked past and looked at us in disgust.


We watched as they got inside there car, muttering. I got out first and then pulled him out. We walked around the car to the boot and opened it. I grabbed the medium sized case and Jason grabbed the larger case that matched. We began rolling to the entrance of the airport. We went inside and noticed that it was close to empty. 


We walked to the counter and I said "excuse me? I'm flying to England for a tv show called celebrity big brother." She looked up from her desk and said "Isabella Roberts?" I nodded. "Come with me. They sent over a plane only for you." She continued. Jason's eyes were as wide as mine. "Will you be flying with Isabella?" She asked Jason and he shook his head. "Do you want too?" She asked. I looks at Jason nodding repeatedly.


"But I don't have any money or anything. I only have my phone." He said, pulling his phone out of his pocket. "That reminds me. Emma said to tell you that right by the airport, there's a Cash converter. Tell them your name and they should give you a couple thousand and anymore you'll need." My eyes widened.


"Please come Jason! PLEASEEEEE" I pleaded. He looked at me for a second before breaking into a smile and nodding. I jumped and wrapped my arms around his neck as his wrapped around my waist. I smiled wide. "Wait, aren't you dating Justin Bieber?" The woman asked. I tensed up. "Were going through some issues right now" I replied. "Does that mean you too are?" "No. We're just best friends" I said, pulling away.


She nodded. "So you have 40 minutes to eat and look around but you need to meet me back here 10 minutes before 7, ok? Oh and if you were wondering, my name's Helen" "Ok" we nodded. "Let's go" Jason said grabbing my hand and pulling me through the airport, my suitcases dragging along behind. "Slow down" I laughed, ignoring the stares. "Hell nah" he replied. Moments later we found ourselves in McDonalds.


"Can I have a happy meal, and a large portion on chips? With strawberry milkshake?" I asked, the woman and the counter nodded and wrote it down. "Can I have a Big Mac With coke?" "Diet or plain?" "Diet" Jason replied. "I'll find us a seat." I said, giving him the money. He was about to give it back but I shook my head, walking away. I scanned the tables and noticed an empty one with two chairs. "Score" I muttered under my breath.


Immediately I sat down on the chair closest to me but a guy sat down opposite. "I'm sorry" he said, standing up. "You can have it" "thank you" I replied, smiling. He dropped a piece of paper down before walking off. I bent down and swiped the paper up with my index finger and middle finger. It was a phone number. 


"Who was that?" Jason asked, sitting in front of me. "I don't know" I replied, putting the number into my pocket. I began to eat as my thoughts kept directing back to Justin. Jason could sense this.
"Do you still love him?" 
I diverted my attention to him, drawing my eyes from the floor. A moment of silenced filled the air until I replied with "I don't think i do" He sighed.


I twirled the straw with my fingers as I dipped in one of my chips. He chuckled "Still the same" the corners of my lips went up, causing a faint smile. "Out of curiosity, why did you just randomly stop talking to me? It was like you cut me out of your life" he said grabbing my hand hand from
across the table. "Justin was kind of threatened by you. He thought if I continued to see you, I'd leave him." I said, looking down at the table.

"That's such a stupid reason" Jason said. I nodded "I know" 

We continued eating in silence. I looked at my iphone for the time. "Do you wanna look around? We have some time" I asked. He nodded standing up. I stood up after him. We grabbed the suitcases and began to walk around the airport. As we we're walking past the toilets, I heard moaning and could tell Jason heard it to. Chuckles escaped Jason's lips as the moans had now turned into screaming.


Plenty of heads had turned to the direction of the toilets. Many began muttering things about how teenagers don't think about their actions and children were asking parents what was happening. Jason's hand wrapped around my waist. I laid my head on his shoulder, both of us continuing to roll the suitcases. "Can I get a book for the plane?" I asked as I pointed over to a WHSmiths. He nodded.


We changed direction and walked over. I looked around until I saw John Greens books. I dragged Jason over and looked. I took "Looking for Alaska" and "The fault in our stars." We bought them. As we were walking out of the store a girl about the age of 14 walked up us. "Your Justin's girlfriend, right?" She asked. "Ex-Girlfriend" I corrected. "You bitch. You should go die. Nobody would miss you anyway" she spat. "I love your trainers." I said smiling.


Jason pulled me to the side as I waved to the girl and said "I'm sorry but I have to go." "How did you just ignore what she said?" He asked. I sighed, chuckling. "They try to get a reaction out of me. If I had shown her that what she said had hurt me I'd be giving her the satisfaction she doesn't deserve. But if I show that I don't care, that gives no satisfaction whatsoever" (an-sorry if that's confusing)


He shook his head, looked down at his feet and chuckled. "You are one complicated girl" he said. "Aren't we all?" I replied. He nodded. I smiled at him even though I didn't really have a reason.

"I love you Jason"

"I love you too Isabella"

His free hand intertwined with mine. I looked down at them smiling.
"Your playing with his feelings. He pretends it doesn't matter but it's breaking him.Your leading him on."
My mind told me."Jason, I think it's Time we talk about our relationship" I said turning to face him. He nodded and nervously looked to the ground, trying to avoid my eyes.


"How do you feel about me?" I asked when he finally looked into my eyes. He fixed his hair before saying "it's complicated but I know that if you need time, I'll wait" I took it in even though it didn't answer my question. I looked into his eyes and whispered "Do you love me? Yes or no?" A pained expression crossed over his face. He sighed before saying "I don't think I do" but his eyes and his lips weren't telling me the same thing.


I decided to ignore it. I nodded before awkwardly turning away. We continued walking in silence until we had walked up to Claire's. "How much longer do we have?" I asked. He checked then said "15 minutes" I began walking into the store. Jason was the only boy in the entire shop so a couple eyes were on him. I picked up a pair of black nerd glasses and asked Jason "Do I look cute?"


The awkwardness had now left us as he broke into yet another smile. He nodded and said "You look like a dork" "But I'm your dork" I said winking then let out a chuckle. He gently pulled the glasses from my face then put them on his own. "Do I look cute?" He asked. "You look adorable Like a baby unicorn" I replied messing up his hair.


I let out a loud laugh causing more teenage girls to stare at us. He took them off and grabbed a second pair. "What are you do-" I began. "Im buying us matching glasses" "I thought you didn't have any money?" I replied smirking. "Fuck" he muttered.


"You can pay me back in hugs" I said, pulling out my purse. We walked up to the counter and put the glasses down. She scanned them and said "That'll be $24" I gave her the money. "Would you like a bag?" She asked. I shook my head as I picked up a pair of glasses and tearing off the tag. Jason did the same.


We both put them on smiling.  I noticed the girl behind the register laugh, look down and shake her head. Jason grabbed my hand and pulled me put the store. "I think we should head back now" I said. He nodded as we began to walk hand-in-hand to where We were meeting Helen.


"Your right on time?," she said surprised. "And may I say, them glasses really suit the both of you" she added. We both chuckled. "Come on, let's get you to your plane" Helen said, ushering us to follow her. Which we did,gladly.


As we were walking, I heard a scream "ISABELLA! ISABELLA WHERE ARE YOU" Justin said scanning this part of the airport. I began quickening my pace and Jason picked up from this. "Can we go a little faster" I whispered. She nodded as we all began to run slightly. 


The fact that there was only a couple hundred people. Jason was pulling me slightly. The screams continued but then stopped. Did he see me? "Isabella" I heard a panting voice say. I reached for my hand. I turned around a"What do you want"
"We need to talk"
"There's nothing to talk about"
"Please, just 5 minutes"
He begged, desperation evident in his voice.


I look at our hands as I pulled mine away. I let go of the suitcase and gave it to Jason. We walked over to the window where you could see all the planes going up the runway. "Five minutes. Start" I mumbled but loud enough for him to hear. 

"Don't go"


"Please, please stay with me. I am so in love with you. Please don't go"


"I know you hate me but It was a mistake. I would never purposely try to hurt you. I love you. Do not get on this plane"

"Your making this a lot harder then it had to be"

"Hey, hey. I know you love me. I know you do"

"I have to get on the plane"

"No, you don't"

"Yes, I do"

"No, you don't"

"They're waiting for me, Justin. I can't do this right now, I'm sorry."

"Isabella, please"

"I'm sorry" 

I stood up and walked backwards slowly then turned around, leaving him there speechless. "Are you okay?" Jason asked, wrapping his hands around my waist. I wiped my slightly teary eyes. "I'm okay" I said wrapping my arms around his neck. This must be killing Justin.


"He's looking" Jason muttered. I nodded, pulling away. I kissed Jason cheek and dragged one of my suitcases. "BY THE WAY I LOVE YOUR GLASSES" I chuckled but then stopped. No Isabella. Just don't. He broke your heart. More then once. As they say;

"A boy who doesn't fight for you, doesn't deserve you "

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