Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


26. A new dad and an old mum

Sorry for not updating in like FOREVER. I had school and everything. I tried to do an update agesssss ago but I kept feeling it was short so here it is. Be prepare for drama ;)


Justin's pov

The next day

"Justinnnn" "yeahhhhh" "I love you" "I love you too" I said pecking her nose. "Justin. Can I ask you something?" She said sitting on my lap. I wrapped my arms around her waist. "Ask away" I rested my chin on her shoulder. "Where's your dad?" She said slowly. She was currently drawing imaginary shapes on my hand with her finger. I stiffened at her words. I stuttered "we' He's in prison" I said slowly. "I'm really sorry Justin. I didn't know." She said sadly."it's okay. I don't really see him cause I never knew what to say to him."


I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. I loved my dad but I just couldn't face him. "I'll come with you" she muttered. "What?" "I said I'll come with you. We could go now. I'll be with you every second." She said smiling. "You would do that for me?" I asked surprised. She nodded and said "I'd do anything for you." I squeezed her. "Thank you. I love you" I said into her shoulder. "I love you too. Now lets get ready" she said standing up. I nodded an made my way up to my bedroom. I smiled uncontrollably. I was gonna see my dad. For the first time in 10 years. With the girl I love. 

I put on some jeans and a white v neck. I found my vans and through them on. I looked at myself in my mirror. I'm about to do this. I'm about to see my dad again. I smiled. I felt small arms wrap them self around my waist. "You ready?" She asked. I nodded "I was born ready" and she giggled. We walked down stairs. I grabbed my keys and phone. She was wearing one of my shirts tucked into skinny jeans. She looked really good in it. We jumped in the car. "Thank you for doing this for me. Normally a girl would think 'how has Justin Bieber got a dad in prison. He's so perfect' but I'm not perfect. You know that right?" "Justin I don't expect you to be perfect, I expect you to be human." She said stoking my cheek.


I smiled. We got to the prison in about half an hour. I got out the car and so did she. I was so nervous. I wasn't sure if he'd still love me because I never visited. I was shaking so much and my heart was pounding out my chest. I felt like I was about to pass out. "Hey, don't be nervous, I'll be standing next to you this entire time"
She said interwining  our hands. I smiled and whispered "thanks. I love you" she smiled and looked up at me. "I love you too" then we walked up yo the doors hand in hand. We went inside and walked to the woman at a desk. "We're here to see Jeremy Bieber" I said . She looked at me then typed in something. "Come with me" she said motioning to us. We followed her to a line. "Wait here" she said. I nodded. Whine we finally got to the front of the line they searched us and led us to another room.  We walked in and it was filled with prisoners and there family visiting. We walked over to an empty table with three chairs. I sat down, Isabella next to me. 


My palms were sweating badly. We heard a door open and close. My head turned to look. It was him. My dad. I stood up and he walked over to us. "Justin?" He whispered. I nodded and said  "hey dad" he walked. I was worried he was gonna lash out on me or something because I haven't visited. He walked closer "JUSTIN! I've missed you so much" then he did something I never thought he'd ever do. He hugged me. He hugged me so tight. "I love you too dad. I missed you so much" I hugged back. "So who's this young lady?" He asked wiping away the little tears on his cheeks. "This is Isabella. My girlfriend" she walked up next to me and shook his hand. She was smiling.


"Nice to meet you" he said in a British accent. She giggled and said poshly "nice to meet you too" and curtsied. I chuckled. She smiled and looked at me. "So do I have any grand children?" He asked. I shook my head. She said "Yes you do" he looked suprised."Jess is pregnant" I added. He nodded and said "my princess is pregnant." We nodded . She chuckled. We sat down and she sat on the seat next to me. "Well it's really nice to see you found a lovely woman to date." He said motioning to me. I nodded and said "she's perfect" I intertwined our hands. In the corner of my eye I saw Isabella blushing and looking down, slowly raising her head again. My dad said "I bet she is"

An hour later...

"It's was really nice meeting you Mr Bieber" Isabella said waving. "It was really nice meeting you too Isabella. And call me Jeremy" he replied. I smiled for about the 100th time today. She nodded and hugged him. I hugged him and said "I promise to come again soon." He nodded "I love you son" he said. "I love you too dad" I replied. "Oh Jess I'll meet you at the car I just need to talk to my dad really quickly" I said throwing her the keys. She caught them and nodded. Then She walked out. I said " I'm planning on proposing to Isabella" he said "That's amazing. I'm really happy you've found a girlfrie- wife" he corrected himself. I chuckled and said "we'll my princess awaits. Bye dad" "bye son" I hugged him one last time and left. I saw Isabella on her phone leaning against the car.


A wave of fear filled her face causing her to drop her phone. I ran over to the car and saw her crying on the seat. "Why are you crying?" I asks splicing my hand on her arm. "Drive me to the hospital" she said continuing to cry. I nodded and jumped into the car. I sped down the roads, finally making my way to the hospital. She jumped out the car and ran through the doors. Me following. "Isabella tall me why we're at the hospital?" I worriedly asked, running down a corridor. "My mum, she was in a car accident." She said crying and dragging me through the hospital. 


I felt horror run down my body. She can't go through what I went through, losing a mum. I picked up my pace, running hand in hand with her. "Where's Taylor Roberts?!" She yelled at the receptionist. "Please wait a moment." She said continuing to talk with the women next to us. "Fucking tell us where she is" I said slamming my hands in the desk. "Room 206. floor 3" she mumbled. "Bitch" I muttered under my breath. She net me a death glare which I gladly returned. Isabella grabbed my hand and we ran to the elevator. We went up and darted to room 206. We found it and went in. Isabella covered her mouth.


Her mum was laying on the bed with cuts and bruises everywhere. There was also a lot of blood. She gasped and tears came streaming down her cheeks. My heart actually hurt seeing her like this. I wrapped my arms around her and she cried into my chest. She let go and slowly stood next to her mother. 


"W-will she be okay?" Isabella asked. The doctor said "she should be alright but we don't know. It depends on the next couple of days." He said. She slowly nodded. I walked next to her wrapped my arms around her petite body. She sniffled then more tears poured from her eyes. "She can't die Justin, she's the only family I have left" she whispered into my chest. 


"She won't die Isabella. You can't give up" I whispered onto her hair. She said "I guess your right." She slowly moved away from me. She wiped her years and sat down. I sat next to her. I held her hand and she held her mothers hand. I can't let her feel the pain I felt. I took out my phone and went on to twitter. "Please pray for Isabellas mum right now. She's really ill. Thank you x" I tweeted. She looked and smiled weakly. "Thanks" she squeezed my hand reassuringly.

*hours later* 

Isabella keeps crying and then stopping then crying again. I hate knowing how much this hurts her and there's nothing I can do about it.  I placed her on my lap and wrapped my arms around her tightly. She stopped crying. I loosened my grip a little bit. "You do love me right?" "Of course I love you. Without you I'm nothing. Literally nothing." I replied along with my hair. "Promise me you'll never leave me" she whispered "like everybody else." "I promise you I'm never leaving. We'll be together forever. Trust me" I hope she doesn't think to much of what I just said. I still have to plan how I'm going to propose.


I felt another wet patch fall onto my arm. "I don't want you to got through what I went through" I whispered deep into her jumper. I tightened my grip onto her again. I felt a single tear fall down my cheek. She moved her hand in a way so that I could rest my chin on her shoulder. "Nobody should go through what you went through" she whispered. I dug my head into her shoulder, slightly smiling. I enjoyed this silence. "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" both mine and Isabella's heads shot up. "MUM!?!" She cried. "NURSE!!" WE NEED A NURSE!!" I screamed running out the door. A nurse ran through the door followed by 4 others. 


"WE NEED OXYGEN!!" One of them yelled. They placed a mask over mouth. I walked behind a crying Isabella, wrapping my arms around her waist. "Please exit the room for a  couple moments." One of the nurses said. "No" she said. " I can't leave my mum" she said. "Miss please you need to exit the room now" he repeated. She walked out and slid her back down the wall. She buried her head In her knees. I say opposite her.  "She can't die. She's my mum" she whisper/cried. "She won't" "Justin stop acting like everything wrwill turn out perfect." She said moving onto her knees in front of me.


"I'm just trying to help you" I whispered. "By lying to me?" I stayed silent. She scoffed and shook her head slightly. "My point exactly" she said moving back again. "I know how you feel. I'v been through it. I don't want you to feel any inch of pain I felt." I whispered. She stayed silent this time. She grabbed her hair and ran her fingers through it. Then she sighed. "Look Justin. I'm sorry I'm being a complete fucking bitch but I just-" "Isabella,Justin" Jess yelled. She attempted to run up to Isabella and hugged her. Behind her was Jason. "We saw your tweet and thought we should come" Jason said. I hated him but I have to let that go. For now.


"Thanks guys" she said hugging them both. I stood there awkwardly. "So how is she?" Jess asked. " well it didn't look great before we were ordered to leave" Isabella said leaning against me. I wrapped my arms around her again and silently whispered "I'm sorry" I prayed that the others didn't hear it and luckily they didn't. She turned around and pecked my lips and slightly whispered "forgiven" my heart was smiling but face showed no emotion. I kissed her cheek. We all waited. And waited. And waited. Finally somebody walked out the room. Removing their mask to speak. All our heads shot up in hope for good news. "We tried so hard" she said pausing. "It want hard enough." We looked at Isabella. She had the same expression I had when my mum died. She turned around and I pulled her into my chest. 


"Isabella" Jason whispered. She turned her back to me and layed on the floor. I sent Jess a confused look. Suddenly she screamed at the top of our lungs causing us all to jump. She punched her fists on the ground. I watched in sadness. "IT'S ALL MY FAULT" she screamed in the ground. I wrapped my arms around her and helped her to sit up right. "No it's not" I said. She struggled to get out my grip. She stood up, me after here. "DON'T YOU FUCKING GET IT!!" She yelled. Pacing and crying. "Get what?" I said. "IT'S ALL MY FAULT!! I ASKED MY MUM TO COME OVER SO YOU, ME AND HER COULD TALK!! IF I HADN'T SHE WOULDN'T BE DEAD" she screamed. "You didn't know I would happen" I said.


I grabbed her wrists, looked into her eyes and said "this isn't you're fault. It could've happened to anyone" she slowly began to cry. Understandable. I need to be here for her like I wish somebody was for me. I let go of her and gave her a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. Jess held her hand and said "let's get you cleaned up. Isabella looked back at me knowing how awkward I'd feel. She sadly looked away and walked down the hall, disappearing seconds later. Jason looked at me and I looked at him. "So" he said. "Soo" I said rocking on my heels. "How's it dating Isabella?" He asked. "Great. She's amazing" I said. "Okay. Why do you hate me?" He said. "I don't hate you. I just don't like you." I replied. "Why?" He said. I looked at him and said "your taking Isabella away from me." He looked at me weirdly. "I'm not taking her away from you. We're just friends" he said.


"Yeah. Sure" "I'm not lying. I'm not like that." "Whateve-" "Justin?" I turned my head to see selena standing there. "Selena!" I said. "Leave me alone" I said. "Come on Justin. I'm just here visiting my mum. She got a new job here." "Your mums not a nurse" "ah fuck it. I'm here to see you okay" she said sighing. "Well I'm getting drinks" Jason said. She walked in front of me. "Oh Justin. Your still perfect." She said running her fingers through my hair. I took her hand off me. "I miss you Justin. Please take me back" she said. She made a pouty face. She caressed my cheek with her small hand. She went on her tiptoes and kissed me. 


"That's fucking it you bitch" Isabella said. I pushed selena off me. She turned around to face Isabella. Isabella ran up to selena and jumped on her, pushing her to the ground. I moved out the way. Jason came back with drinks he passed Jess one and gave me two. I'm guessing one for Isabella too. "Thanks" I said passing him a fiver for the drink. We watched the girls fighting. Isabella was pulling Selena a hair, causing her extensions to fall out. "Girls girls stop" "I'm done with this piece of shit" Isabella said punching selena. "Woah. Come on Isabella she isn't worth our time" I said. Isabella stood up and walked up to me, fixing her hair.










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