Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


17. A lot of tears

Justin's p.o.v

I went back to my room and cried. I actually cried. Why did I listen to scooter. He's messed everything up now. Now I actually am single. I went on my phone and tweeted "I miss you :("  everybody thought I was some tough guy that's always happy. They are all wrong. It's really hard to make me cry but this was one of them times where I just had to. I loved her I really did. I just can't.... I looked outside at the rain. Out first kiss all came back to me. I've banged a lot of girls I guess but I've never really had a proper relationship except from Caitlin and selena. You could say I cried myself to sleep.


Isabella's p.o.v

I woke up and changed out of my shorts because... Well you know. I walked downstairs and saw justin on his phone I immediately turned around. "Isabella wait" he said getting off his chair. I just ran back up the stairs, pushing jess out the way. "Dude" she said. I shouted "sorry" running into my room. I tried to close the door but Justin's foot caught it. I said "take your foot away please" he said "not until you hear me out" "we'll that's not going to happen" I said pushing him out the door. 


Knowing he can pick locks I moved the bed side table in front of the door. I was so bored so I went on my phone and went through my music. Every single song was Justin's. I rolled my eyes. I turned on 'I'm sexy and I know it' then was just dancing around my room. Then beauty and a best came on do I turned it off then put on selena gomez 'come and get it' knowing it would irritate him. I smirked and danced. Then i put on 'love will remember.' I made a Instagram video of me miming the lyrics 'you said you loved me, I said I loved you back. What happened to that? What happened to that.' When the song was finished I sat against the wall which was also Justin's. 


I smiled at the comments then realised justin wrote "please forgive me" I rolled my eyes. Then I heard crying. I put my ear to the wall and listened. He was crying. I whispered sadly "oh justin" I wanted to say sorry but I have nothing to apologise for. I was starving so I went downstairs and went to the cupboard, I got some cereal then started to eat it. I watched as Justin walked to the sofa and layed down. His eyes were all red and puffy. I do feel guilty for making him cry. I sat at the counter eating. Justin kept sniffling while watching TV. 


When I was finished I put my bowl in the sink and I checked the time. It was 6am on MONDAY! "Shit" I whispered. Justin looked at me then back at the TV. I jogged up the stairs and shouted "JESS WE HAVE SCHOOL!" She shouted back "SHIT! I FORGOT!" I ran to me room and put on my white skinny jeans a my t-shirt that had purple flowers on. I also put on my purple converse and a Toronto maple leaves snapback. So I like hockey, deal with it. I slightly curled my hair and put on some mascara and lipgloss. Not a lot because I seriously was tired.


I looked presentable I guess. I met with jess on the stairs. She was wearing shorts and a boob tube. She also had a bow in her hair. We had our bags and we walked to the door. Jess said "bye Justin" he said "bye" I just walked out. We got in Jessica's car and drove to school. I said "tonight do you wanna go clubbing?" She said "yea okay. A girls night out" she laughed and so did I. We got to school and I got completely bombarded by my school. I looked at Jessica. Loads of people were asking for autographs and photos.


I have a couple autographs and took some photos. "What was that about?" I asked. She just shrugged. We got to class and everybody was staring  at me, including the teacher. I just sat there awkwardly and waved. Somebody said "OMG SHE WAVED AT ME" and somebody else said "NO SHE WAVED AT ME!" They all got in a fight about who I waved at. I looked the the teacher hoping I could leave. She pointed at me and jess and said we can go to the library to read. We nodded and went down.


Soon enough it was lunch time. Jess went off to the cheerleaders, as usual and I sat on my own. I started eating and the most popular girl in the school came with her crew of boys. They say in front of me. (They're not famous in this) ariana grande and her crew 'the janoskians' were now sitting with me. This Is odd. Ariana said "hi Isabella" she smiled. I said "hi" then Jai, arianas boyfriend, said "we saw you sitting on your own and we thought we should sit with you" he smiled at me. I smiled back and said "thanks" luke, Jai's twin brother sat next to me and had his arm around me. This is kinda weird right. 


Jess was sending me a questioning look. I moved his arm from around me and he said "sorry I didn't mean t-" "it's okay" I said cutting him off. We all just talked and ate and they are actually really nice. Ariana said "tomorrow if u want we could hang out after school?" I replied with "okay, that sounds fun" we all exchanged numbers then the bell went. Me and jess went to our class and they went to theirs. Jess said "why did luke put his arm around you? Your dating Justin." I looked at her then said "we kinda had a argument" 


Before she could answer I went Into the classroom only to get mobbed again. I finally got to my seat only to be told by the teacher I can go home for the rest of the day but jess had to stay. Great, me and Justin, home alone. I went to my locker, grabbed the things I needed and started to walk outside. It's like a 25 minute drive so it's probably a 30 minute walk. There's only one thing to do but I'm not doing it. So I sucked it up and started to walk.


I finally got home. I opened the door and basically collapsed on my back on the hard wood floor. I stood up and Justin was still watching TV. He had obviously been crying. I sat on the single sofa cross legged. I got my books out and my home work. I started it considering I'm going out tonight. I felt eyes on me so I looked up at him. He was looking at me with sad eyes then said "I thought you had school.why are you here?" I looked at him then carried. On with my homework."I kept getting mobbed so they let me go home early." I said still looking at my books.


Then he said "oh. Il leave you alone to study then." There was a tiny of sadness. "You don't have to go." I said. He said "okay" then sat back down. It was quite but he broke the silence and said "I have a concert tonight, you can come if you want?" "Thanks" Crap, I'm going out clubbing. Oh well sorry Justin. I soon finished my homework and went into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of pop corn. I through the popcorn in the air, attempting to catch it but failing. I tried again and got it in. I did a little happy dance which caused justin to laugh. 


I laughed and through one at him. He caught it which made me clap and laugh. I walked up stairs and thought to myself. 'Remember what he did to you. He said he's single and that it was a one time thing. He said there was no feelings.' I changed into a baggy T-shirt and some shorts. I was bored so I tweeted. "Bored so I'm gonna do a live stream in 5 minutes. Ask me questions. Lol" I set everything up and said "hey so you guys sent me about 100 questions and I'm going to try to do as much as possible. Okay first question." I read the question. "Are you and Justin dating or just friends? Well me and Justin are just friends. We tried this one time thing but I didnt work out so yea. But we're good friends. Next question."


"What's your biggest fear? My biggest fear would be.... Sharks. I hate sharks. I also hate swimming in places where I can't see the bottom. So yea. Next question. What hockey team do you support? I actually support the Toronto maple leave's. Their the best team like EVER." I laughed."IM BACK" I heard jess say. I shouted back "IM DOING A LIVE STREAM COME AMD JOIN ME!" She was already at the door. Lol. She sat next to me and we were just talking. "Okay last question. If you had to pick between your friends of your boyfriend, who would you pick? Well since I don't have a boyfriend I would go with my friends especially jess here." I hugged her. "That's all I have time for so bye" I waved and stopped the live stream. She jumped up and sang "were going out clubbing." It was like 7 o'clock. 


I started to get ready. I wore a sparkly short short dress with heels and skin coloured tights. I curled my hair a lot and put red lipstick on and mascara and eyeliner. Jess came over to me wearing hot pants a small croptop with heels. We had our purses with our money. Justin was still watching TV. We walked past Justin and he looked in our direction. And I mouthed sorry he mouthed its okay. I smiled. Jess pulled me out the door. 

"Lets go get our party on" I sang. She said " This is gonna be so much fun" we laughed. We got in the car then I realised I forgot my phone. I told her to wait and i went back inside. I grabbed my phone and went to justin "I really am sorry" "it's okay. You already have plans." He came over to me and whispered "don't do anything stupid." I hugged him and walked to the door and said "I won't." I then ran, sorta, to the car. I checked my phone for any thing. I had a reminder to look into my notes. 


I looked at the notes and read "I'm guessing your reading this lol so I really need to tell you what I said was all a mistake and I'm really sorry. I swear scooter told me to say everything. He will tell you. I hope you do forgive me so we can go back to how we were. Together  :) Justin x" aww. I'll apologise tomorrow. He really loves me I guess. :). 


We got to the club and went was packed. We both went and got a drink. We did shots and I already felt drunk. Wierd right. We went to the middle of the room and was dancing. O turned around and saw Luke. "Hey Luke" I shouted. He shouted back "hey issy" we laughed and danced together. We got another drink. I got a beer and so did he. We both chugged them down. I was drunk by now. We was dancing tighter being all like a couple. I was grinding on him while he held my waist. I went to kid face and kissed him. He grabbed by but causing me to gasp which gave him the opportunity which he took. We was making out for like what 3 minutes non stop.


Then we both went outside because I was really hot. He kissed my cheek. I smiled. Out of no where paparazzi were taking pictures so like covered me with his jacket. He whispered in my ear "do you wanna come home with me?" I paused and said "I'd love to but I can't leave jess. Sorry Luke" I kissed his cheek then went off to find jess. She was dancing and I told her that we should go. She nodded and walked with me to her car. When we got home i went in the front room to see a very angry Justin. When I sat down he went upstairs. I looked at the TV. There were pictures off me and jai. The interviewer said "oh no. Looks like Justin's girlfriends been cheating on him with this mystery boy" I change the channel and stumbled up stairs. I tripped on a step and fell down the stairs.


I held my ankle in pain "OWW" I yelled. I also couldn't feel my arm. I think I fell on it jess helped me walk to sofa and she wrapped up my ankle and put my arm in a sling. She knows stuff. I took my heels off then walked up again. I looked at my wall and found In spray paint "HOW COULD YOU" I stared at it. I knocked on Justin's door and said "did you write that on my wall?" He said "maybe I did maybe I didn't." Then he slammed the door in my face making me step back. Okay then.


I walked into my room again. I felt terrible like sick terrible. I got out of what I was wearing and had a 5 minute shower. I then got out and changed into shorts and a vest. I paced the floor and went downstairs to get some food. I got a bag of crisps and went upstairs . Half way I met Justin. He looked down and said "what's on your thighs?" I said "nothing" and hobbled up stairs. I closed the door and collapsed on my bed. I are the crisps and went to sleep.


I woke up and went to my dresser. I picked up black skinny jeans with a white v-necked T-shirt. I straitened my hair. I slipped on white sparkly converse. I put on a snapback. And went downstairs. Jess was eating cereal and justin was nowhere in sight. I grabbed my book bag and went outside and sat on the swing. I didn't feel like eating. I swung back and forth. Jess came out and said lets go. We drove to school. This time I got mobbed by the school and paparazzi. I literally ran so fast with Jess. I bumped into somebody and found out it was luke. "Hey" I said. He said "hi" I said "about last night. I'm sorry but I think I still love Justin" he said "it's okay. Friends?" I hugged him and said "friends" and smiled. I went to class which was boring. this time instead if getting stared at I got disgusted stares and looks. U was drunk its not my fault.i was fed up and stood up saying "can all of you please stop staring at me. I made a mistake deal with it." They all looked away and caries on with there work and so did I. 


The entire day I just felt sick of all the stares and looks I got. I locked myself in the bathroom and cried. When I finished I went outside and I fan to lunch. I sat on my own not wanting to be disturbed. "Look at her. She's such a loner now that she's broke Justin's heart" I heard somebody mutter. Ariana and the guys all sat with me.i turned to Ariana and she hugged me while I cried into her T-shirt. I said m"I don't know what I did wrong. It's not my fault I was drunk and I just can't..." She said "just ignore them" I nodded and wiped away my tears. It was the end of lunch and I went to maths class. Somebody passed me a note that said "I hope you go die" I went to the teacher and asked if I could hi home. She hugged me and said "you can go anytime you want" I said "thank you" and I walked home.


 I ran through the door and cried. Justin came in my room and said "I hope you now know how I feel" then he walked into his room. How could he say that to me. I cried more. I cried for about an hour. I went outside Justin's door thinking about what to say. I opened the door I saw him kissing selena and his hand running up her top. I put my hand over my mouth and and gasped causing both their heads to snap in my direction. I ran out crying and locked my bedroom. I cried and cried and cried. I changed into teach suit bottoms and a tshirt and a hoody. I walked down stairs and saw jess on the sofa I sat next  to her and cried. She hugged me and said "why are you crying?"


I answered "I walked into Justin's room to apologise for being such a bitch. And he was laying on his bed nest to selena kissing her and I can't.... I just can't do this anymore. I have to try one more time and of it works il be happy for once." She was confused. "I'll be in my room if you need me" I sniffled and ran upstairs. I closed the door.Then I took my already made rope. I got a chair stood on it. Then I hung it up. 


I stood off the chair and wrote a note that said "I'm sorry I'm not perfect, I'm sorry I'm who you want me to me. I'm sorry for being myself. I'm sorry for everything iv done wrong. In sorry for ruining everybody's life. So to put everything right, il end my life. Happy?" I stood on the chair again and tightened the rope. I kicked the chair. This time it would work. Everything went black.


I woke up. In a hospital. My eyes adjusted to the light Jessica was crying hiding my hand and so was Justin. "Why are you crying?" I said. Jessica's head shot up and she hugged me. She cried into my shoulder and said "I love you so much. Without you I'm nothing." She let go of the hug and said "why would you try and kill yourself?" I looked at justin then back at her. "The world wouldn't care if I died. I'm only one person" Justin said "but to one person you may be the world." I looked down. 


"I thought I died, how am I here?" I asked. Jess said "well umm.. Justin went into your room and saw you so he tried to save you. I guess it worked." I looked at Justin. "You seriously saved me?" I asked. "I couldn't lose you" he replied. I sat up at hugged him tight. "I'm  really sorry for being such a bitch to you. I over reacted before. I hope you can forgive me?" "I'm really sorry for being such a dick to you. I shouldn't done or said any of what I did. I hope you can forgive me?" We both said at the same time "I forgive you!" We both laughed and smiled. I hugged him and whispered "I never stopped loving you" he looked at me then at his lap and smiled. Justin said "Im gonna go get a drink do you guys want one?" Me and jess said at the same time "hot chocolate please" and laughed.he walked out.


I said "I have the perfect prank for Justin. I'll tell him I'm pregnant" I smirked and so did she."he'll totally believe it" she said. We talked about it then Justin walked in with drinks. "Thanks" i said taking the drink from him. "The nurse said you can go when you want." Justin said. "We'll let's go now" I said, getting up. We all checked out and walked out the hospital. I put sunglasses on and my hood up.everybody was a asking questions "Isabella were all really sorry about everything we said last time. Can u forgive us?"


"Of course! Your all forgiven! I shouted and smiled. I posed with Justin. "Oh and me and justin ARE TOGETHER AGAIN!" We smiled. They took so many pictures of us. We jumped in the car and drove. I sat on Justin's lap. He was whispering sweet things in my ear.i smiled at him. I didnt even realise we were home. We ran in the house and I went into Justin's bedroom and hid under his bed. I saw his feet walk across the landing then he turned to me. His shoes were right next to me.


He walked back out. Then I ran into his bathroom and took all my clothes off and layed in his bed but I pull the covers all over me so you could only see my head and neck. He walked in and I said "come lay with me" he said "no" I said "really, cause under this I'm not wearing anything" I smirked and his eyes widened and he walked over to me and took off his shirts and jeans too. He layed next to me. 


His hands travelled down my body. He put both his hands on my breasts and was massaging them. After that, things happened ;) WAIT! Did he put a condom on? He was on top of me dripping sweat over me. "Justin" I panted. "Did you use a condom?" His eyes widened. "No" I sat up. "WHAT!" "I'm kidding I'm kidding" "good" I said placing my hand to my chest. He gave me the condom. "Do you want to drink it?" I took it and swallowed it all. "Tasty" I said laughing. Now I could tell him I'm pregnant and gel believe me ;)


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