Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


14. A concert and a after party ;)

Justin's p.o.v

Ryan was currently poking me in the back of my head. I turned around and asked "what". He whispered back. "Prank time" he smirked. "Idea?" "Tomorrow, we make all the lights go out.
Then we play scary music and scare them" he smirked, I smirked. "Now go before she wakes up." I whispered, gesturing to Isabella.i watched him hobble out.on the way, tripping over. I swore under my breath. Isabella shouted "ROBBER" I realised she was still asleep. She rolled over and said "justin, don't go, you can't leave me." Trust me, I'd never leave her. "NOOOO" she jolted up. She was all sweaty. I said "you okay?" She replied "yea, just had a nightmare. I'm kinda hungry." "Then food is what we shall get." 


I picked her up bridal style and kissed her. I ran downstairs and placed her on the counter. "What does my princess wish to eat?" She put her finger to her chin pretending to think. "Umm" then she leaned in and shouted "PANCAKES" I walked to the cupboard and grabbed all the stuff I needed. After making the mix, I poured it in the pan and started cooking it. Isabella was swinging her legs on the side humming. I grabbed the handle and flipped it perfectly. I made ten pancakes. Five for Isabella and five for me. "So what do you want on your pancakes" "CHOCOLATE SAUCE!"


After topping the pancakes, I passed the plate. I watched her nervously, afraid of her reaction. "Sorry if there not good." She took a bite. "Oh my god justin" "are they really that bad?" "No, there the best pancakes, iv ever had in my life." "Thanks baby" I pecked her lips.we both ate in silence. Not an awkward silence, a relaxing silence. My phone broke that silence. "Aye scooter what you need?" "Okay be there soon" I put my phone away. "What did he need?" "Well tonight I'm doing a concert. Wanna come?" "Id be honoured to" "well we have to get ready now, in having a soundcheck." "Okay" she ran up stairs to her room. I ran to my room and put on:

Just because I'm swaggy ;)

Isabella's p.o.v

I was getting ready for Justin's soundcheck. I wore this: ( ignore the bag )

I didnt really want to draw any attention to myself so I thought I would blend in :) justin came out looking adorable as ever. We got in the car and drove to the soundcheck. There was a couple girls here already. I let justin go in while I slipped in with all the girls. After about 10 minutes they began to let us go in. I was back row centre. There was these two girls next to me crying. "Are you okay?" I asked already knowing there answer. "We justin really love him. But we have like the worst seats. I can barely see him" they said still crying. "Come with me" I said. I walked them down to the front row centre. They screamed and said " THANK YOU SO MUCH" they hugged me and I said. "That's not it." I pulled out two concert tickets, meet and greets to Justin's show later and backstage passes. They screamed even louder " OH MY GOD THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!" They hugged me so much I could barely breath. 


I laughed then began to watch Justin perform. I screamed "Justin I love you" and made my hands in a heart. He blew me a kiss. There was a little girl next to me. I told her to put her hands out. She did so and I have her a meet and greet and tickets to Justin's concert. She was repeatedly saying. OMG. I laughed so much. Justin said. "Okay, we're having a little technical  difficulties. So what do you want to do?" We all screamed. " DO THE DOUGIE" he laughed and said "I haven't done the dougie in ages but anything for my beliebers." We all sung teach me how to dougie then he started doing the dougie like a pro. I laughed. I walked to the side of the stage and watched from there. In about 10 minutes the sound check will be over and we start to get ready for the concert. 


I was massaging justin while he was putting his shoes on. I whispered in his ear "your gonna be great." I hugged him from behind and kissed him on his cheek. "I have to get into my wings. " "you'll always be my angel" I said kissing him. He then ran on stage and got into his wings. I went out side and saw a big bunch of beliebers. I walked up to a couple of them and said "do you guys have tickets?" They said "no, some girls took them while we were waiting in line." They started to cry. I whispered "I can get you in, come with me." I took there hands and led them backstage. " okay, if Justin's gonna believe that you guys are my friends, I'm gonna need to change your outfits a little okay?" They nodded. I whipped the 'I <3 jb' off there cheeks and arms. And I took some necklaces and bracelets off. "I'm puttin your stuff on the table okay. When you meet him later, you can't cry and scream. Then he'll believe. Now lets go." They all followed me into the stadium. I went to the security and said they were my friends. They sat front row dead centre. I said after the concert to crown backstage. I put the passes on them so it all looked real. I ran backstage and watched justin.


He started singing one less lonely girl. I saw the group walking around and looking for a one less lonely girl. Iv wanted to be the one less lonely girl since I found out about it but I guess being his girlfriend was way better. Scooter came up to me and was pulling me so I asked "what are you doing?" "Your the one less lonely girl?" He smiled. I smile wide. The dancer pulled me on stage and that's when I froze. I have the biggest stage fright EVER. Justin came and hugged me from behind. Which calmed me down completely. I sat down on the music thrown. And his dancers placed the crown on me.justin gave me the roses. He sat down next to me and sang the chorus. Then he stood up, took my hand and I stood up then he walked behind me and swayed with me, singing in my ear. Then he carried on doing the dance were he moved from side to side. I wanted to do it considering i wouldn't get the chance to again.* did exactly what justin was doing. Then he waved his arm in air, I copied singing the lyrics with him.


There was so many screams. One of the dances have me me of the head pieces justin wears. "Hey guys" I said and waved. "So justin, care to explain why I'm wearing a microphone?" I laughed. Justin said "welllll" dragging out the L. "I thought we could sing together." My stage fright had completely disappeared. "What song?" As long as you love me started to play.I tilted my head to the side. Me and justin were lifted on a platform thing. He stared into my eyes and I stared into his and we began to sing. as usual I killed the rap. The crowd went wild. "Give it up for my amazing girlfriend Isabella"


I shouted " I love you beliebers" and made my hands in a heart. Every body was now doing this. I laughed and I skipped off stage. Justin said "yea, that's my girlfriend" and laughed. *an hour later" I met up with them 5 girls and I walked over to justin and said "these are my friends, there fans and wanted to say hi" some of them hugged him and asked for a photo. I smiled to myself. Then I ran outside to the rest who were still waiting. It was freezing. I went in a closet and found some blankets and took them outside. I have them out so everybody was warm. The I found a coffee machine. I bought as many hot chocolates as I could then put them all in trays. I passed them out and some people were sharing. I asked them "should I go get justin?" They all screamed. "I'll take that as a yes" I ran inside and kisses him. "Baby come with me"


I led him outside."I brought you here so you could talk to you beliebers, they can ask some questions and stuff." I said popping the word stuff. He said "who has a question?" Almost everybody put their hands up. He pointed to a girl who said "where's selena?" I felt him tense up. I held his hand to calm him down,which worked. "Well, me and selena broke up and now I'm dating my very beautiful girlfriend, Isabella." He kisses my cheek. Everybody aww'ed. justin pointed to a boy who said " seriously, you were dating one of the hottest girls in the world but you have her up for this piece of trash who looks like somebody drove on her face." I looked down. Justin said "if you were my belieber, you would support me on my music, not who I date." I kissed him on the cheek. 


"Oh and I'm the one who actually brought him out to meet you guys so let that sink in" I winked laughing."One more question." He pointed to a girl "what's the best thing about being famous?" "Seeing all the real beliebers of course. Okay I'm really sorry but I have to go now." A little girl, about the age of 8 or 9 said "pretty please can I get a picture and an autograph?" "Of course sweety" he took the photo and gave her his autograph.he also kissed her on the cheek. She said "oh my bieber" me and justin laughed.


We were now at home having a make out session. We've been like this for ten minutes. I was laying on his king sized bed with him on top of me. I mine and his tongue was exploring each others mouth. His hands were traveling all over my body. He started to unzip my hoodie while I was biting on his lip. I was moaning his name. His hands were sliding up my tshirt. He was feeling for my bra, then he unhooked it. I was leaving a trail of kisses down his neck, slightly nibbling on his skin. He slid my vest off my head. Just as the straps to my bra was about to fall down, Justin said "are you sure you want to do this?" I thought for a moment then looked him in the eyes. "I'm ready" holy jesus I sound like spongebob.


He kissed me passionately. "But let me warn you, it's my first time" I said, kinda embarrassed. "It is? It's my third time" justin said. My heart dropped. I'm surprised I didn't see it coming. He pulled my bra down. Lets just say, I was glad the walls were thick ;) if you know what I mean.


"You... Was... Amazing. How the hell was that your first time?" Justin threw the condom in the bin. "It just was" I shrugged. "Is any thing sore?" I said "well not re-" I stood up and felt the pain rush up through my legs. I fell on the floor. "Oww" Justin picked me up. "I'll take that as a yes. Il go run you a bath." "Aw thanks baby" I was currently wearing Justin's t shirt, my panties and a bra. "Jesus you look sexy in my t shirt." I layed on the bed. "One day I want to have a family" justin said. "I wanna have a boy first then a girl so my son can protect my daughter." "Id like that too".


The bath was run and Justin got in, then I got in. He was naked but I was wearing his tshirt. "Your uncomfortable to be naked around me aren't you?" "I guess" "there's nothing to be uncomfortable about" he said. He started splashing my top so it was see through. I rolled my eyes.i was inbetween Justin's legs. His hands were massaging me. I wasn't sore at all now. Only happy. I was happy I lost my virginity to the one boy I'm in love with. That night I fell deep into my sleep. Happiness taking over me. :)

How'd you like the chapter. It's probably boring I know but it's just a filler. So nothing happens. But just wait. Thanks for the likes favs and reads. They motivate me.

Peace, love and unicorns x


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