Best friends brother

Do you have a crush on you best friends brother? If so you know exactly how I feel if not then you have no idea what I'm feeling.should I tell him? How would he react? Will it ruin mine and my best friends friendship? What should I do?


22. A break up and a make up

Isabella's p.o.v

I put my hand over my mouth and gasped. I could feel my eyes getting watery. My boyfriend was kissing selena gomez, both of them shirtless. I closed the door and turned around crying. "Isabella wait" Just yelled. "Fuck off" I shouted. I was crying so much. "Babe please wait." He said. "Fuck off you cunt and dont call me babe." I yelled. "Please" he said grabbing my wrist making me jerk around to face him. "You promised me and looked me in the eyes and said you wouldn't do anything on tour. YOU BROKE THAT FUCKING PROMISE! THAT ONE PROMISE REALLY MEANT ALOT TO ME AND YOU BROKE IT! I'm flying back to Canada and never talking to you again!" I yelled. He looked at me with sadness in his eyes. I shook my head and got in the cab.


I called Jason and said "Ju-Justin cheated on me!" I stuttered because of the crying. "That fucking bastard." He said. "I'm coming home." I said. He said "okay i'll tell Jess" "thanks J" I said and hung up. When I got to the hotel room I packed everything and went directly to the air port. I had got 20 missed calls from justin and 30 messages. He thinks that will seriously work?


I got in the plane and just sat there. And to think, prom was coming up in a week and I was going to ask him. Well I won't now of course. I had bought a gorgeous dress and everything. I looked down. I can never forgive him for this, ever. He promised me. I promised him. We had a deal and he Broke it. And to make it worse, he was with his ex. He probably just used me to make her jealous.


When we got to Canada I put my hoody up and walked from the airport to our house. I opened the door and Jason was there and hugged me. I cried into his chest. Not only did he break his promise but he broke my heart. He hugged me tight and whispered "everything will be alright" "oh Isabella" jess said walking to me and enveloping me in a hug. I cried into her shoulder. "I'm going to bed" I said. "Jason can you come me" I asked looking at him. He said "let me get something first." I nodded then walked up and sat on my bed.


A few minutes later Jason came up with tissues and ice cream. I smiled and wiped my tears with the tissues. I started to eat the ice cream with my spoon and Jason was eating some as well. A couple tears fell down my cheeks which made Jason wipe them away. I smiled and kissed his cheek.


We finished the ice cream and said "I'm going to go to sleep now." He said "i'll leave then" I quickly said "NO! Stay with me." I looked at him and he nodded and layed next to me. I wrapped my arms around the side of his waist. And whispered "I love you Jason" he whispers back "I love you to Isabella." I smiled. And went to sleep, Jason by my side.


I woke up and Jason was still next to me. Peacefully asleep. I smiled and pecked his lips. He woke up immediately and looked at me. I giggled. "Did you just kiss me?" "Well pecked" I said shrugging. He smiled with his eyes looking down. I looked at Him and kissed his cheek then stood up only to be pulled back down again. "Jasonnnnnn" I said. He said "isabellaaaaaa" I giggled and sat on his lap. I wrapped my legs around him and my arms around his neck. 


I kissed him up and down his neck making him moan. I smirked and he bit his lip which for me is a major turn on. I kissed him. Our lips moving perfectly in sync. His tongue ran across my bottom lip asking for entrance which I gladly accepted. Our tongues explored each others mouth. I slightly tugged on his hair which made a moan escape his mouth. His hand travelled down my body and he squeezed my butt. I remained kissing then his hand travelled up my tshirt. I slapped his hand away and said "Dont push it Mccan" I winked at him and kissed him one last time then left.


"Justin you broke her heart." I heard jess say. "I know but I really need to say sorry to her" I heard Justin's voice say. I quietly walked back to where Jason was. He said "I knew you'd come back for more." He was biting his lip and eyeing me up. "No, Justin's downstairs." I whispered. His eyes widened and they were full of hatred. "I'm gonna go kill that cunt  for making you cry." Hatred clearly in his voice. "Jason dont even touch him. Okay" I said looking into his eyes pleadingly. He finally said "okay" and kissed my Forehead. I walked downstairs, Jason behind me.


Justin's eyes shot up to me and ran up to me and hugged me. I didnt hug back. "Please forgive me issy" he said tightening his arms around me. "I'd rather die"  i said through gritted teeth,looking into his eyes. "Please isa-" I put my hand to his face signalling him to stop. "I can never forgive you. You broke my heart and that's just something I can't forgive you for." He held my hands "please Isabella" I shook my head. I took my hands away from him and turned around. I walked back up to my bedroom with Jason.


I layed on my bed and sighed loudly. Jason layed next to me and fiddled with my hair. I looked at him. "Do to you want me to stay?" Jason said looking into my eyes. "You can go if you want" I said. He smiled and stood up. I hugged him then walked downstairs with him. I couldn't see Justin anywhere. Thank god. I walked to the door with Jason. He stepped outside, I leaned on the door frame. He hugged me then walked to his car "I ALREADY MISS YOU" I yelled which made him look back smiling. I laughed and watched his car drive down the street. I turned around and saw Justin watching from the landing. He looked so hurt. Then he turned around and walked off. He broke my heart might as well break his.


I fiddled with my fingers then walked upstairs. Their were a big bunch of roses on my bed. I smiled then walked over to them. I picked them up then found a little card. It said " I will love you till the last rose dies. Justin x" I looked at the roses and there was a fake rose right in the middle. I smile and playfully rolled my eyes. I laughed then put the flowers on my bed side table. I stood the little card up in front of it. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. I went outside my room and said "thanks for the roses" then walked down stairs. I got some ice cream and went back to bed. I'm not sad
But trust me, I'm hungry. And still kinda sad. After eating the ice cream I was bored so I started reading one of my books.


I started reading 50 shades of grey and OMG. It was amazing. I was about 20 pages in and it was already amazing. I literally couldn't put this book down and I had only just started reading. I looked out the window and there were two birds next to each other on the tree branch. I smiled but it quickly disappeared. I sighed again. The sun was still shining. I carried on reading this fascinating book.


I read for about 3hours And bam. "Finished" I had finished a book in the time of 3 hours. That deserves and applause right? I hadn't even realised it was 1 o'clock. I went down stairs and made lunch. I had a sandwich with a packet of crisps. I also had a salad. I'm watching my shape. Lol. I grabbed a drink. I saw Justin so I ran to my room with the food. I placed the food next to the roses and started to eat. 


After I ate I seriously was so tired from reading so I basically closed the curtains. Put on my pjs and went to sleep. Yeah I know. I'm boring. By thou know, take what you can get ;).


I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I ran downstairs and saw Justin flipping them. I sat on the counter and watched. I didnt like him but stayed because I love pancakes. I waited till he was done and he gave me some. I took them to the sofa and put spongebob on. Justin sat on the other sofa and looked at me. I giggled at Patrick. He was so stupid. Justin chuckled. I rolled my eyes. 


When I was finished with the pancakes I went to Jessica's room. She wasn't in there. Probably with Ryan. Me and justin were alone. Yay! note the sarcasm. I got changed into shorts and a vest. I was walking around my room for something to entertain me but nothing. I was officially bored.

 I went into the garden and got a basket ball. I threw the ball  at the hoop and it missed. I frowned. I then tried again and missed. I tried once more and it bounced off the side. Justin walked out the door and said "Do you want me to teach you?" I said "I certainly do not want 'you' to teach me." It came out mean but what can I do. "Aw come on babe don't be like that. I'll just teach you as a friend then I won't talk to you at all." He said. I replied "whatever and DONT call me babe." He looked at me and rolled his eyes playfully. I rolled my eyes at him. "Okay so you have to hold the ball like this." He said demonstrating. "Than you have to bend your hand back and then shoot" he said doing so. He got it in.


He went behind me and I put my hands on the ball like he did. Then he put his hands on top of mine. We both did the same thing and BOOM! I got it in. "See. Told you" he said. "Try it again" he said smiling wide. I slightly smiled. He put one hand around my waist which made me slightly uncomfortable. He put another hand on top of mine and I got it in AGAIN. I smiled. Then he said "okay try one more time" he said then stepped back to watch. I tried one more time and it missed and bounced of the back board and into the swimming pool. I took my shoes off and jumped in. Justin jumped in right after me and held onto my waist.


I said "what are you doing" he said "you can't swim." I told him "Yea I can. Jason taught me" and I slightly smiled. I looked into his brown orbs. He looked into mine. Then he leant in and we kissed. Everything that had happened I had forgot about. I smiled into the kiss and so did he. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. My hands were tugging at his hair. Our tongues were roaming each others mouths. I felt water drip on my head. It. Started to rain. Really heavily. We both ran into the house laughing. "So you forgive me?" He asked. I said "Lets see how the week turns put then i'll see." 


I smiled and kissed his cheek. He smiled. Then I walked to my room. I knew it would happen. I knew I would fall in love with him some how again. But how do I explain everything that's happened to Jason? My life is fucking messed up.

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