my songs and poems

these are songs and poems i write dont know if they r good or not so comment what u think BTW IM BAD WITH GRAMMAR


6. miracle worker

Ay oh ohh ahhh 
Miracle worker in the sky why do you tend to hide when all I do is cry you take lives you heal souls you know every girl and every boy you have a plan you have a road I just need to follow, I need to find the one I left behind at the end of the night all I do all I do is fuck it up cause shit galore hold on to the one who got away 

No regrets in my mind you seem better off with out me ohhhh don’t say goodbye don’t say hello walk on by don’t notice me move on let me go just disappear from my life, ohhh I understand that we said forever but I know that they were just empty promises I wish we hadn’t moved so fast maybe then I wouldn’t have all these scars

I’m so confused I don’t know what to do I want to move on but something is holding me back maybe it’s the fact that you didn’t talk about it or maybe its that I worked out why I was jealous all your friends could be models then there was me I was stupid I was dumb I thought  I was your number one but turns out I wasn’t your only one.

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